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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • The wonderful one


    Colossus horsemen of apocalypse (war)

  • Sentry horseman of death

    Old king Thor


    Victor mancha
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    A Great Halloween Champion 🎃

    Punisher (Frankencastle)
    Class: Science

    Signature Ability: Undead Vengeance
    Whenever Punisher would be knocked out he gains an indestructible charge reducing all damage to 0 for 10 seconds, in addition Punisher also gains a burst of regeneration healing x amount of health for 10 seconds (Regeneration potency increases with sig level)

    Adrenaline Charges: whenever striking the opponent or being struck, Punisher gains a 70% chance to gain 1 Adrenaline charge. In addition Punisher Gains 5 Adrenaline charges for every 5 hits on his combo meter. Max Cap: 20

    5 Adrenaline Charges: gain true accuracy ignoring evade, armor, and autoblock while at or above 5 charges

    10 Adrenaline Charges: special attacks become Unblockable while at or above 10 charges

    15 Adrenaline Charges: instantly stack 5 permanet passive Fury buffs each increasing attack by x% while at or above 15 charges. Punisher Gains an additional passive fury each time he armor breaks the opponet while at or above 15 charges. All Passive Fury buffs are removed whenever Punisher drops below 15 charges.

    20 Adrenaline Charges: gain a passive power gain buff while at 20 Charges

    Regeneration: whenever the opponet lands a critical hit, Punisher takes 65% less damage and instantly regenerates x amount of health.

    Medium attacks: 50% Chance to inflict armor break reducing opponents armor rating by x% for 8 seconds

    Heavy attacks: Cannot be interrupted, in addition if Punisher has 5 or more Adrenaline charges he gains an Unstoppable buff for 2 seconds after concluding his heavy attack (Unstoppable buffs do not stack)

    Unstoppable: Whenever punisher goes Unstoppable, 100% chance to shrug off all debuffs

    Special attacks: if Punisher has 5 or more Adrenaline Charges,Consume 5 Adrenaline charges. If below 5 charges, consume all remaining Charges. For each Charge consumed the attacks gain x amount of Burst damage

    Special 1
    Animation: Punisher knocks his opponent back before blasting them with a shotgun

    100% Chance to Inflict Petrify, reducing opponent power gain rate (including defensive power rate) for 10 Seconds

    Shotgun hit gains a 100% chance to inflict critical bleed dealing x amount of damage for 8 seconds

    Special 2
    Animation: Punisher pulls out a Minigun and sprays his opponent with Gunfire.

    each hit gains a 35% chance to inflict a Bleed debuff dealing x amount of damage for 8 seconds(chance increases to 100% while at or above 10 Adrenaline Charges)

    If all hits inflict a Bleed debuff, all Bleed debuffs are removed and replaced with critical Bleed lasting 17 seconds

    If the opponent had a armor break debuff this attack inflicts armor shatter for 12 seconds

    Special 3:
    Animation: Punisher Pulls out the big guns destroying his opponent then hits them with a flashbang Grenade.

    100% Chance to inflict stun for 4.5 seconds

    Each gun hit ignores all armor and physical resistance

    Flashbang Grenade gains a 100% chance to inflict a Concussion Debuff for 12 seconds

    Unique synergies

    Punishment (Punisher/Punisher(2099)/Punisher(Frankencastle)

    Punisher/Punisher(Frankencastle): gain 5 permanent passive Physical resist buffs reducing incoming physical damage by x%

    Punisher 2099: start the fight at Full battery charge

    Monster Mash (Punisher(Frankencastle)/Man Thing/ Sasquatch)

    Man Thing: Fury/Regeneration gain +100% Potency

    Punisher(Frankencastle): all hits gain a 80% chance to be critical

    Sasquatch: Rage Max Cap increases to 20 stacks

  • StronstVngrStronstVngr Posts: 177
    The one and only champion that is not in the game currently, and I would like to see is the Cimmerian from the savage lands himself. AKA: Conan (with the appropriate strength and savagery to match the marvel character - not some watered down wanna be)

  • RecrutadorOmegaRecrutadorOmega Posts: 811 ★★★
    this is my list of some champions that would be awesome in the Marvel contest of champions:

    Impossible Man

    Lucia Von Bardas





    Molten Man


  • RecrutadorOmegaRecrutadorOmega Posts: 811 ★★★
    this is my list of some champions that would be awesome in the Marvel contest of champions:

    Spider Woman (Anya Corazon)

    Silver Sable


    Llar the Sorcerer



    Valeria Richards

    The Thing (Sharon Ventura)

  • MinvisMinvis Posts: 200
    Gorr is cool
  • Vulcan
    Class Mutant

    Signature ability
    The power of Omega level Mutant- Vulcan is Immune to Bleed,poison,shock,Incinerate,Coldsnap,Frostbite.
    Vulcan has 100% chance to reverse 100% damage of opponent and Inflict debuffs like shock,incinerate,coldsnap on them.
    1. Lightning charges- Vulcan gains 5 lightning charges at the start of match. He can increase his charges by charging a Heavy attack. Lightning charges trigger shock debuff on opponent for 10 seconds per stack of Lightning charges.
    2. Heat charges- Vulcan gains 5 heat charges at the start of the match. He can increase his charges by charging a Heavy attack.
    Heat charges trigger trigger Incinerate debuff on opponent for 10 seconds per stack of Heat charges.
    3. Force charges- Vulcan gains 5 heat charges at the start of the match. He can increase his charges by charging a Heavy attack.
    Force charges increase his special attack by 50% per stack of Force charges.
    4. Manipulation- Vulcan has 100% chance to manipulate all buffs and debuffs like shock,fury,incinerate etc.
    5. Mind shielding- Mind shielding grants him takes 0 damage when this ability is active. Special 3 activates mind shielding ability for 40 seconds.
    6. Guaranteed critical- Vulcan all hits are critical for the whole match.
    7. Energy absorbtion- Vulcan is 100% resist to Energy attacks.
    8. Power gain- Vulcan gains 30% more power when he is blocking attacks.
    9. Radiation charges- Vulcan gains 5 Radiation charges at the start of The match. He can Increase his charges by charging a Heavy attack. Radiation charges grants him 1500 critical damage rating per stack of Radiation charges.
    10. Debuff Absorption- Vulcan has 100% chance to absorb all debuffs Like shock,armor break,bleed etc. and can Inflict them on opponent.
    11. Buff absorption- Vulcan has 100% chance to absorb all buffs like armor up,fury etc. and can inflict on Himself.
    12. Energy siphon- Vulcan can absorb energy attacks and can reverse on them.
    13. magic resistance- Vulcan is resist to all magical powers.
    14. Force Healing- Vulcan has 45% chance to heal himself when his health is less than 100%. He can increase his chance by activating special 2.
    15. Energy blasts- Vulcan create energy blasts in his body. After activating special 3 he can release all energy blasts on opponent.
    1.Brother Hood
    1. Cyclops New xavier school
    2. Cyclops Blue Team
    3. Havok
    4. Vulcan
    Synergy effect- All champions gain 65% resistance against physical attacks and all champions have 100% chance to revive themself by 30% of their health when they are knocked out.
    2. Enemies
    1. Old man Logan
    2. Professor X
    3. Havok
    4. Black Bolt
    5. Cyclops Blue team
    Synergy effect- All champions have 2000 critical rating.
    3. Friends
    1. Ms Marvel
    2. Wolverine
    3. Magneto
    4. Magneto(Marvel Now)
    5. Nightcrawler
    6. Vulcan
    Synergy effect- All champions generate 50% more power by blocking attacks.
    Do you like the character tell me in the comments please.
  • I would like to see some Frost giants in the game.








  • mmmpunchmmmpunch Posts: 102
    90s Ghost Rider

    Spider-man Noir,2099,Iron Spider and Scarlet Spider(Ben Riley)

    Logan (Hugh Jackman's Wolverine with the white Tank top, Jean's and dog tags!)

  • Count nefaria


    Max brashear


    Elizabeth nikos

    Ghost rider 2099
  • RecrutadorOmegaRecrutadorOmega Posts: 811 ★★★
    these are some champions that i would like to remind you that would be awesome in the marvel contest of champions:

    I have some more champions here that would be amazing in the Marvel contest of champions:

    Spider Woman

    Black Cat


    The Executioner

    Venom (Guardians of the Galaxy)


    Silver Samurai

    Tomi Shishido

  • RecrutadorOmegaRecrutadorOmega Posts: 811 ★★★

    I have some more champions here that would be amazing in the Marvel contest of champions:





    Falcon (Captain America)


    A Bomb


  • Scurvy42Scurvy42 Posts: 53
    Deadpool (Weapon XI).

    Crappy version of Deadpool in the movies that would be hella-fun in MCOC!

    Make his unlock his Wolverine and Wraith abilities; the implanted katanas, the regeneration and teleport evade. So no bleed, regen or evade without unlock.

    His operation could be similar to Ronin in that you can swap his mode based on your standard attack choices, enabling different special attacks based on which mutant abilities you've landed on. So if you land on the cyclops icon you do his special attack, but if you land on the bolt icon you use shock similar to electro, as potential examles.

    As a "Deadpool" thing, he could try and speak but always sound like Kenny...

  • Khoon


    Chief hellhawk (ghost road)
  • Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 920 ★★★★
    I have never grinded for a 5* Hero in the arenas but if you guys were to add this bad boy. I may have to stay up night and day just to obtain him lol. I'd love for cosmic Ghost Rider to be introduced.

  • Bedlam




    Predator X

    G.W Bridge

  • Blade34Blade34 Posts: 26
    How about that Batch 23. The cross between Wolverine and the Hulk.
  • FisichellaFisichella Posts: 70
    Anya Corazon
    Power Princess (Zarda Shelton)
    Monet St. Croix
  • WhitewickWhitewick Posts: 1

    Head case

    Stark sentinel

    Sentinel X shogo lee


    Baron samedi
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,783 ★★★★★
    Ace_03 said:

    About Dracula:
    Vlad Dracula is the supreme ruler of all vampire clans and the world's most powerful vampire. Driven by an unquenchable lust for power, companionship, and blood, his centuries of undead existence have brought him into conflict with vampire hunters, other immortals, and most recently, mutants and other super-powered heroes. Dracula has a vast network of loyal servants, cultists, brides, and minions, who assist him and will attempt to resurrect him if he is slain.

    Base Stats and Abilities

    *All stats based on 5 Star, Rank 5, Level 65, and Signature Level 200

    Health: 33,330
    Attack: 2264
    Max PI:
    Without Signature:
    With Signature (200):
    Character Class: Mystic

    Basic Abilities: Bleed, Crimson aura, King of the Night, Vampire Curse.

    When nearby Bleeding Opponents

    Passive - Crimson Aura

    • Dracula activates crimson aura when there is a bleed debuff on the opponent and it doesn’t stack. While Crimson Aura is active Dracula can regenerate 666 health for the duration of the bleed. Crimson aura does not work on non-bleed opponents and it’s 66% less potent against science and mutant champions. However crimson aura is 66% more potent against cosmic and human champions. Energy based attacks from heroic science champions can deactivate this ability for 13 seconds.

    • Dracula possess 95% bleed resistance and -45% incinerate resistance.

    Passive – Sunshine

    • Dracula is unable to withstand exposure to direct sunlight. His tissue begins to instantly dry up and burn, his power is also severely weakened.

    • The first 12 hours of the day (daylight) Dracula suffers a -777.0 on all of his stats, peaking on the first 6 hours (noon) at which time it decreases by -1,554.0

    Passive – King of the Night

    • Beloved by everything related to night, Dracula’s power increases as soon as the sun sets, his power and abilities cycle, dependent on a 12 hour cycle, reaching its peak at midnight.

    The second 12 hours of the day Dracula awakens his vampirism, living up to the title of the strongest vampire to ever live, Dracula increases his stats by 666.0, peaking at the first 6 hours (midnight) at which time it increases by 1,332.0

    • 100% bleed resistance and 45% energy resistance

    Passive – Curse of Dracula

    • When Dracula is suffering from a Bleed debuff, his cursed blood poisons his opponent dealing 666 damage for 6 seconds.

    • If Dracula is able to place a bleed debuff on an opponent poisoned with his vampiric blood, he has a 100% chance to inflict “Curse of Dracula”, decreasing regeneration and power gain by 33% for 6 seconds.

    • Curse of Dracula places an open wound on the opponent, an open wound counts as a stack of bleed but it’s passive and deals no damage.

    • Attacking an opponent that is bleeding has a 40% chance to trigger an additional bleed, dealing 631.0 direct damage over 3 seconds.

    • The potency of this ability is increased by 50% against cosmic and human champions. And decreased by the same amount against heroic mutant and science champions.

    Passive - Lord of Vampires

    Being the Lord of Vampires, Dracula possess absolute control over all vampiric beings, despite being a dhamphir, Blade’s half vampiric side is still susceptible to Dracula’s power of dominance over all creatures of the night, decreasing Blade’s danger sense by 29%. During the peak of the King of Night cycle (midnight), Dracula is immune to it.

    Passive – Beacon of Light and Hope

    Heroic science champions have +650 critical rating and damage on energy attacks against Dracula. However while King of the Night is activated the effectiveness is reduced by 50%.

    Special 1: Impaler Prince – In life Dracula was true to this moniker, impaling his enemies with brutal ruthlessness. (Dracula plunges his sword to the ground, which is followed by a trail of spears that attack the opponent.)
    • 100% to inflict bleed, causing 1476 damage for 6 seconds.

    • Against bleed immune opponents this attack has a -250 critical rating and damage. If there is class disadvantage this decrease doubles.

    Special 2: Chaos Fang – Utilizing his blinding speed and precision, Dracula strikes with the swiftness and cunning of a wolf.

    Extremely fast straight sword lunge followed by four slashes followed by an upward slash, ending with:
    • Dracula surrounding himself with a wolf looking aura and ending with downward slash.
    • 100% chance to inflict bleed causing 7976 damage over 9 seconds.
    • Against bleed immune opponents this attack has a -350 critical rating and damage. . If there is class disadvantage this decrease doubles.

    Special 3: Darkhold Mailstorm – Being a very powerful magician Dracula has considerable control over the elements and weather, Dracula creates a storm with the powers imbued to him by the darkhold, to obliterate his opponents.

    • This attack has a 100% chance to paralyze the opponent for 6 seconds, stunning them and reducing their Power and Health gains by 66%.

    • Paralyze also counts a Stun effect, meaning it can be decreased or increased by other effects in the game, like the Limber and Stupefy Mastery.

    Signature Ability: Prince of Darkness – Being the most powerful vampire that has ever been encountered, he is at the pinnacle of all vampire clans. Once defeated, Dracula's power is such that he can resurrect himself under the proper conditions. Depending on the use of his special attacks, he can channel the Spirit of the Bat, Wolf and Mist for various effects and bonuses.

    • If Dracula would be knocked out in a fight, and if King of the Night and Curse of Dracula are active, Dracula will resurrect with 6-36% of his base health.

    • Activating special move 1 channels the Spirit of the Bat for 6 seconds, increasing bleed damage and duration by 2-20%. The spirit of the bat also gives Dracula the ability to track foes that are invisible to the naked eye through echolocation, enabling him to bypass invisibility and miss abilities.

    • Activating special move 2 channels the Spirit of the Wolf for 6 seconds, increasing attack rating by 526.0-3156.0

    Activating special move 3 channels the Spirit of the Mist for 13 seconds, increasing the chance for attacks to miss by 10-70%.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Eternal Bane
    • Dracula: Sunshine’s rating decreases are reduced by 50%.
    • Blade: Increase bleeds damage by 20%.

    Uneasy Allies
    • Dracula: Decrease effectiveness of Beacon of light and Hope by 50%.
    • Captain American WWII: Increase attack rating of special attack 2 by 2100 and increase bleed duration by 4 seconds.

    Montesi Formula
    • Dracula: Prince of Darkness resurrections heal is increased to an additional 12% of base health.
    • Dr. Strange: Life Steal heals an additional 100%.

    Night of the Full Moon
    • Dracula: King of the Night’s midnight bonus is extended to 6 hours.
    • Moon Knight: During the full moon cycle, have access to all moon cycle abilities with a 50% in ability accuracy increase and potency.

    Till Death Do Us Part
    • Dracula: During King of the Night and if Curse of Dracula is active along with Spirit of the Bat, Dracula generates 6% power per second per bleed debuff on the opponent.
    • Deadpool: Regeneration buff is accompanied by a power gain buff that increases power by 13% for 6 seconds.
    • Deadpool X-Force Power gain buff is accompanied by a regeneration buff that heals 6666.0 health for 6 seconds.

    Unholy Alliance with Red Skull, MODOK, Loki and Iron Patriot.
    • All Villains gain 20% attack.

    did you forget the pi or?
  • TedK3TedK3 Posts: 1


    Anthony stark (earth-11029)

    Kushala (ghost rider)

  • TedK3 said:


    Anthony stark (earth-11029)

    Kushala (ghost rider)


    i definitely agree with you on firestar
  • BYhenkensBYhenkens Posts: 1

    Black Death

    Brother mutant






    Orb weaver


  • UtzedhygvUtzedhygv Posts: 1


    Master zhao


    Rain boy




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