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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Unbeatable1293Unbeatable1293 Posts: 156
    How about the others
  • Daroun53Daroun53 Posts: 27

  • MaskedCAPMaskedCAP Posts: 12
    * Captain America (end game)
    * Class mystic
    * bio:
    the super-soldier has proven himself worthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjölnir, command over lightning, , Cap is a born leader of humans, heroes, and gods, all the while continuing to do what he believes is right — saving the world one clandestine mission at a time.
    * Tags
    #Defensive: Utility
    #Size: M
    * Signature ability: Unbreakable will
    While Heavy Attack Charging
    cap activates charge for the next 5 second(s), reducing all damage by 50%, plus +1% for each Safeguard
    Once this ability finishes, it goes into cooldown and cannot be reactivated for 20 seconds.
    Unbreakable will will also trigger when cap is Stunned.
    Unbreakable will will also trigger when the Opponent would deal 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Basic Attack, or 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Special Attack Hit. This trigger ignores the ability cooldown.
    * Abilities
    ** Safeguard
    Captain America’s vibranium shield can store up to 10 charges. He will not generate any new charge while at this limit.
    50% Chance when Blocking to gain +1Safeguard. This chance increases to 100% on a Well Timed Block.
    100% Chance when Stunned or when cap stun the opponent to gain +1 Safeguard.
    Safeguard falls off over time, falling off faster the longer its been since it last increased.
    100% chance to Nullify Unstoppable Buffs when striking the Opponent.
    +30% chance to cause Opponent’s attacks to Glance. Glancing Hits cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy. This chance increases by 100% against Mystic and cosmic Champions.
    10 charges makes his attacks unblockable
    Entering this Safeguard has a 100% chance to Purify a Debuff by consumin
    ** Fractured shield
    Each Safeguard increases Perfect Block chance by 5%. Perfect Blocks reduce incoming damage to 0.
    While the Shield is intact, cap can block Heavy and Unblockable Attacks and gains X Block Proficiency.
    Blocking a Heavy or Unblockable Attack reduces Shield Safeguard to 0, however all hits of the incoming Attack can be blocked.
    When reaching 0 Safeguard the Shield is Fractured, entering cooldown for 8 seconds. This cooldown increases by 300% each time Fracture occurs. When cooldown ends, the Shield is repaired at 7 Safeguard.
    On Fracture
    vibranium shards from the vibranium shield burst onto the Opponent, inflicting a Stun Debuff for 1.9 seconds.
    ** lightning clouds
    Special Attack 1: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing 233.55 - 884.25 Energy damage over 8 seconds.
    Special Attack 2: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing 242.2 - 917 Energy damage over 8.5 seconds, 100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 488.7 - 1854.9 Direct Damage over 4 seconds
    Special Attack 3: 100% chance to Shock your opponent, dealing X Energy Damage over 5 seconds.
    This Special Attack can only inflict up to maximum of 20% of the opponent’s max Health as damage
    unblockable for 5 seconds
    After any Special Attack, Captain America consumes all Safeguard.
    ** Stun
    Stun prevents Champions from being able to move for several seconds. When a Champion is Stunned, it leaves them vulnerable to attack.
    All Attacks: Striking an opponent that has been Shocked has a 30% chance to Stun them for 1 seconds.
    ** Shock Resistance
    Passive: 70% Shock and stun Resistance.

  • Black Knight

    Achmed the Arabian Wizard



  • Amenhotep



    Tabula Rasa

  • ShaaneneganShaanenegan Posts: 112

    Asbestos Man




    Asbestos Man has a 30% chance to poison the Opponent with his basic attacks and 100% with Heavy hit.
    These poison Debuffs deal 1333 damage over 12 seconds. Max Stacks :5
    Poison reduces health gain by 30% while it's active.

    The chance to apply poison decreases by 3% per stack of poison on the opponent. Max reduction: 6%

    If Asbestos Man is poisoned, he takes 0 damage for the duration of the poison & gains 3% of missing power per second until he reaches 2 bars of power. After filling two bars of power, he gains a inactive regen gaining 1% of missing health per debuff on the opponent or himself after activating his next special attack. Max heal :5% of missing health.


    10% chance to poison the Opponent for 666 damage over 2 seconds. This chance & its duration increases by a flat 10% for each poison on either Champion. Max : 30% & 2.4seconds.


    If the opponent & Asbestos Man has 10 poison debuffs in total, Asbestos man becomes toxic for 6 seconds placing passive toxins instead of poison with same damage.

    SPECIAL 1:

    Asbestos Man places 5 poison debuffs during this attack dealing 67 damage over 25 seconds. This debuffs do not count towards the max poison stacks. If the opponent is immune to poison, The poisons are instead applied to Asbestos Man.

    SPECIAL 2:

    40% chance to Stun for 1 seconds.
    This chance is increased by 5% for each poison debuff on either champion.

    SPECIAL 3:

    Asbestos man goes highly toxic for 12 seconds & all his active poisons on the opponent are converted to passive toxin debuffs. For the next 12 seconds, all poison on the opponent are also passive toxin debuffs.

    Asbestos Man's debuff immunity extends to passive debuffs of the same kind.

    The duration of Highly Toxic increases by 0.2 to 5 seconds.

  • SazedSazed Posts: 304 ★★
    Just Galactus and Stan-Lee. I think they would make epic bosses
  • Win85Win85 Posts: 1

    Quill (Maxwell Jordan)

    Red Vulture

    Red She Hulk

    Red Lotus (paul Hark)

  • Macho Gomez





  • ABOMBABOMB Posts: 564 ★★★

    Please add this guy right here..
    He could have a new passive/ability like (heart/determination) because he has no quit in him.
  • I expect most of these have been mentioned before...
    Spider-man 2099
    Scarlett Spider
    HYDRA Bob
    OK the last two are a bit meme, but could be fun to play if done right.
  • Isman1998Isman1998 Posts: 520 ★★★

    I'm still surprised Shocker isn't in this game.
  • Doug4theWinDoug4theWin Posts: 196 ★★
    Aaron Stack, the Machine Man and Monica Rambeau. Give us a Nextwave synergy for both with Elsa Bloodstone!

  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,804 ★★★★★
    Spidey Note: Deadpool made some changes to special names... mods please don’t ban me I’ve censored them

    Concept #1: Pokimane
    All stats based on a Rank 5, Level 65 Champion

    Health: 27689
    Attack: 2780
    PI [Max Signature]: 11269

    Character Class: Mystic

    Basic Abilities: Subs, Degen, Power Gain, Nullify


    Doing certain actions give Pokimane subs:
    Light Attacks give Pokimane 10 Tier 1 subs.
    Medium Attacks give Pokimane 20 Tier 1 subs.
    Doing back-to-back mediums gives Pokimane an additional 20 Tier 1 subs.
    Heavy Attacks give Pokimane 2 Tier 1 subs for each second spent charging the Heavy, up to 10.

    Once Pokimane reaches 100 Subs, she converts them into 10 Tier 2 Subs. Upon reaching 100 Tier 2 Subs, she converts them into 10 Tier 3 Subs. When Pokimane reaches 100 Tier 3 subs, she gains +50% Combat Power Rate and Attack for the duration of the fight, and the next 5 fights. These effects can stack.

    If Pokimane has over 50 of any Tier Sub, Special Attacks nullify all buffs on the opponent.

    Being an internet celebrity, Pokimane is quite used to insults and other forms of harassment, sometimes the best way to fight fire is with fire. If Pokimane is inflicted with a Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap or Degeneration Debuff, she automatically purifies it and places a Degeneration Debuff on the opponent dealing 856.74 Degeneration Damage over 2 seconds. This ability has a 10 second cooldown, and is increased to 20 if the Debuff purified was Degeneration.

    Power Gain
    The first time in a fight that Pokimane gains a Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Sub, she gets a Power Gain Buff granting her a bar of power over 5 seconds.

    Special Attack 1: Twitch T*** - Pokimane employs her uWu powers to the fullest, dazing the opponent before coming in for a slap.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 1 Subs.
    Gain back 5% of the power consumed for each Buff nullified.
    Inflicts a Disorient Debuff on the opponent, reducing Enemy Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50% and lowers the opponent’s Block Proficiency by 50% for 12 seconds.

    Special Attack 2: Attack of the Simps - Pokimane calls on her followers and they bury the opponent under truckloads of money.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 2 Subs.
    This attack cannot be Evaded or Auto-Blocked.
    Paralyzes the opponent, stunning them for 7 seconds and reducing their Power and Regeneration rate by 80%

    Special Attack 3: Offline - Pokimane brings in the help of her fellow Offline TV members, and together they beat up the opponent.

    This attack gives Pokimane 50 Tier 3 Subs.
    This attack gains +50% Attack Rating for each other Offline TV member on the team.
    100% to inflict Buff Immunity on the opponent, lasting 10 seconds. Decreased to 50% against Science Champions.

    Signature Ability - Drama Queen
    Nullifying hits deal a burst of 325.64-749.89 Energy Damage.

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Hey Boys - Unique Synergy
    Pokimane: Attack Rating is increased by 10% while the opponent has Buff Immunity.
    Emma Frost: Prowess cap is increased to 10 in Diamond Form.
    Black Widow (Deadly Origin): Widow’s Insight now caps at 70 stacks.

    Haters Gonna Hate - Unique Synergy
    Pokimane: Debuff Purification timer is reduced by 50%
    Mojo: Hater Buffs deal a burst of 567.89 Degeneration Damage upon expiry

    Friends Lvl. 3 - With Captain America
    All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating
  • TornadoDroneTornadoDrone Posts: 1
    My wishlist
    Kitty pryde
    Lady deathstrike
    Black widow (yelena belovea)
    Captain Britain
    Machine man
    Lady sif
    Silver sable
    Kraven the hunter
    Beta ray bill
    Shadow king
    Weapon H
    Superior carnage
    Black cat
    Adam warlock
    Morbius the living vampire
    Malekith the accursed
    Bor burison
    Gorr the god butcher
    Red ghost
    Valkyrie moonstar
    Modi thorson
    Rachel summers
    Nate grey
    Hope summers
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Ezekiel stane
    Omega sentinel
    Sasha hammer
    Madame masque
    Deacon frost
    Hannibal king
    The lizard
    Punisher war machine
    Madelyne Pryor
    Genesis (Tyler Dayspring)
    Cloak & dagger
    Jessica jones
    Baron helmut zemo
    Gladiator (Kallark)
    Warpath (James Proudstar)
    Lady death
    Blue marvel
    Conan the barbarian
    Sebastian Shaw
    Franklin richards
    Maximus the mad
    Black swan
    Baron blood
    Cecilia reyes
    Jack of hearts
    Toxic doxie
    David north (Agent Zero)
    Hollow (Yvette)
    The uranian
    Kevin Connor (Starbrand)
    Sun god
  • RedJasper86RedJasper86 Posts: 1



    Rat of 12 Plagues

    Gin Goh

    Skeleton Ki
  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,344 ★★★★★
    I think we all agree we need grootpool
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,804 ★★★★★
    CGR2020 said:

    1: Blade. 2: En Sabah Nur. 3: Sasquatch. 4: CGR (Cosmic Ghost Rider) 5: Doom

    we literally have all of those in game lol
  • Crazy4heroesCrazy4heroes Posts: 12
    Saw at the beginning of this thread lot of them have been added so I just skipped to the end.

    I've liked the Champions run in the comics, so maybe alongside miles and Kamala, they could add Amadeus Cho as either the Totally Awesome Hulk, or as Bruiser. We might not need to add another wasp, but maybe Viv Vision? There's also America Chavez (I probably said her name wrong), Ironheart, and Nova (the kid), and Red locust.

    Separated from those, We could add the Immortal Hulk as his newest version, shirk, black cat, Silk, Doctor Octopus with his new white suit, and maybe even Mr. Negative with his sword and blasts?
  • Crazy4heroesCrazy4heroes Posts: 12

    Saw at the beginning of this thread lot of them have been added so I just skipped to the end.

    I've liked the Champions run in the comics, so maybe alongside miles and Kamala, they could add Amadeus Cho as either the Totally Awesome Hulk, or as Bruiser. We might not need to add another wasp, but maybe Viv Vision? There's also America Chavez (I probably said her name wrong), Ironheart, and Nova (the kid), and Red locust.

    Separated from those, We could add the Immortal Hulk as his newest version, shirk, black cat, Silk, Doctor Octopus with his new white suit, and maybe even Mr. Negative with his sword and blasts?

    Also maybe some of the runaways? Arsenics Velociraptor or some time travel ability, Backtalk a Smackahands, Bruisers strength, Lucy in the sky, and most importantly; Nico Minoru!!!! She could do regular attacks with just her staff, and specials are using it, but you have to use different ending combos or rotating effects to get the one you want. If you repeat any for the fight, then get a random, probably unhelpful buff!
  • Unbeatable1293Unbeatable1293 Posts: 156
    You know what they should give every one a free 6 * crystal on Christmas. Not to be mean or anything just putting out suggestions who agrees with me.
  • Unbeatable1293Unbeatable1293 Posts: 156
    Did they already have venom on the calender
  • Unbeatable1293Unbeatable1293 Posts: 156
    Nether do I and I have to bug my brother to do the calendar so we don’t miss it cause ever science we’ve started playing the game we’ve missed it
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