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What have you been doing in MCOC recently?



  • spiderknight616spiderknight616 Posts: 356 ★★
    Exploring Act 4. Just one last chapter left. GOOD GOD that Act is tedious. But at the same time not something you can skip because of the bonus mastery points. Maybe after that I'll start act 5 exploration or try to push past 6.1.
  • Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 653 ★★★
    Just got sentinel about a week ago and completed variant 3, I'm at 6.2.3 currently waiting to pull a champion counter so that I can go through the last 4 quests at once but now going to rank up tigra to r4 and use her with the black panther synergy.

  • Xva23Xva23 Posts: 335 ★★
    Hit 21k units last week, taking a break from arena. Doing aq, aw, UC eq, etc. and preparing for my abyss completion run in 2 weeks
  • Nichj99Nichj99 Posts: 192 ★★
    Arena. Don’t really have much else at the moment
  • SneakyWarriorSneakyWarrior Posts: 853 ★★★★
    I thought it would be the perfect time to start exploring variant three now that I have both guilly and warlock as 5 stars. Cheers to fun times ahead.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 4,895 ★★★★★
    The last permanent content I have done was Variant 3 last month.
  • KeniutekKeniutek Posts: 172 ★★
    Trying to login and then, not break my phone, when i finally succeed and the game crashes or freezes after few minutes.
  • MAGWMAGW Posts: 24
    Got my cav run done a couple days back, might start v4 or some cav eq.
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 327 ★★
    Ignoring the arena grind, feels amazing.
  • Aziz5253Aziz5253 Posts: 483 ★★★
    Doing only AQ and a path of EQ per day. I've significantly stepped down my time on the game, from 11+ hours in a day to barely half an hour now. Part of it is because of real life but mostly its because of the freezes and lags this game has been having 5 (+?) months now. I may sooner or later leave the game altogether based on how they improve, address or communicate for these issues.
  • MauledMauled Posts: 2,595 ★★★★★
    Im supposed to be grinding for AOL #3 I’m on 3.6k units right now but I’m going to wait for the book 2 rewards to be released to see if I’ll be able to R3 Aegon before going in
  • abqberabqber Posts: 230 ★★
    6.2 100% done at the start of the month (I had one gated path left in the Mordo quest).
    Got cav difficulty explored and also the 4* challenge done for the t5c fragments (now just 12% away from an r3 Claire).
    Did about 14 lanes in 6.4 last week. Currently doing some casual arena grinding just for milestones and uncollected exploration for some extra resources. 6.4 is on halt now as I wanna wait and see what cyber weekend deals, and book 2 rewards are gonna look like.
    Also patiently waiting for the compensation package to drop and decide if I should do an initial clear of abyss or push for exploration of 6.4 to try and get my first r3 before Christmas. Running map 2 with epic modifiers in an alliance of my own just to get some glory and buy resources as per requirements. Just finished my spreadsheet for the final few paths in 6.4 today, will probably scout out 6.3 and make a spreadsheet for that sometime later during the month.
    Cheers everyone and good luck with your grind!
  • A_NAZA_NAZ Posts: 494 ★★★
    Broke some dude’s throne today. He wasn’t best pleased but I’m not apologising for it any time soon 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Přìņče01Přìņče01 Posts: 189 ★★
    Finished act 6 completion few days ago
    Doing cavalier exploration now and off course side event
    Also some arena to get to at least 1000 units in case 1st offer of cyber weekend is worthy
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 5,877 ★★★★★
    Treading water waiting for Book 2, V6, or some major change that makes it worth pushing in the game
  • AATTAATT Posts: 254 ★★
    What have I been doing in MCOC? Waiting act 6 nerf compensation :D also, waiting cyber weekend and slowly exploring 6.2 and V1. I can't spend a single unit in revives for questing purposes
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,013 ★★★★
    Right now just alliance duties, arena, and a slow march on monthly exploration of master mode. I’m down to just 2 paths left of abyss and would like to have it 100% by year’s end. No other permanent content left.

    So basically just spinning the wheels until book 2 drops next month, and potentially another variant?!
  • Iron_Patriot_is_litIron_Patriot_is_lit Posts: 1,584 ★★★★★
    Act 5 exploration, V4 and V3, and a little bit of arenas and act 4 exploration.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,653 ★★★★★
    I’m waiting on the moon to change to make a Moon Knight in my path less obnoxious. It hasn’t changed from new moon since Sunday at least
  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,220 ★★★

    I’m waiting on the moon to change to make a Moon Knight in my path less obnoxious. It hasn’t changed from new moon since Sunday at least

    that's tough lol
  • ABOMBABOMB Posts: 564 ★★★
    Working on finally exploring act 5, im at 78%.
    Arena grinds as usual, mainly just thru the milestones then stop.
    Taking my time with EQ, still need to explore UC and complete cav.
    Have 12 gamma gauntlets that I'm going to run thru on legendary today.
    Rock on!
  • DigletGamingDigletGaming Posts: 768 ★★★
    Ive been spamming alliances and finding random alliances. Killing winter soldier almost daily. Workin on my second account
  • ive been doing my own account stuff. just some act 4
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