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[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    My in game name is Fit-For-A-King
    I use an galaxy s10 plus. My game will not work off of wi fi when everything else works perfectly. This is a huge problem I will be leaving the game if this isn't fixed soon. Its been a month now you guys seem to have zero interest in fixing this yet you have time for cyber deals. Im a 5 year veteran ready to quit this game.
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    ZK06ZK06 Posts: 18
    edited November 2020
    In war fight slow debuff applied on thing but Yet it is becoming unstoppable. Why? Kabam please tell me why?
    And my champion dead in this fight.
    What the hell is this going on?
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    Matthew215Matthew215 Posts: 4
    In game name: MacMurda
    Device: Samsung Galaxy A20
    OS: Android 10
    Cellular or WIFI: Both (Boost Mobile cell) (Verizon WIFI)
    Game Version: 29.0.0
    Game Mode: Alliance Quest and Alliance War
    Description: Can not login using regular cell service must use WIFI. During actual game play Nick Furys decoy disappears at start of very first fight I use him. Not all the time but far too often. There are long pauses where even clock isn't running when at champ selection screen in AQ. A few times it kicked me out without starting fight and lost half my health. Recently it's been unresponsive controls using multiple characters in AQ and AW. Meaning I'm tapping the screen five times for a combo but the champ stops after 2 or 3 basic attacks and stands there and gets wrecked. Interesting that these are the only modes I ever need resources for.
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    Edward99Edward99 Posts: 13
    In-Game Name: Edward_99
    Device and Model: LG K51, LM-k500UM
    Device Operating System: 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Game doesn't work on cellular at all. Also on wifi there is lag.
    Game Version Installed: 29.0.0
    Game Mode: All events there is lag.
    Description of the Issue: Parry doesn't stick. Also frame is laggy, AI can intercept while moving forward, arena bugs out, i get glitched out of war and incursion fights and either come back with half health or just restart fight, wasp passive stun doesn't stick, defenders block special mid combo, Arena AI doesn't throw specials. Magneto unstoppable after heavy last too long against metal, can parry unstopable opponents, some champs get up faster than others after knock down i.e storm.
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    Not_a_copNot_a_cop Posts: 8
    edited November 2020
    Game ID Not-a-cop
    Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Provider = Sprint

    I, like many others, essentially cannot play on my cell network due to inability to connect and extreme load times.. no problem while on wifi. No issues with any other app or function, and its been an on going issue since this last update (with immortal hulk)

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    kgrobinskgrobins Posts: 16
    I posted my info on this thread previously. I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung S20+ thinking it may help with the connectivity issues. I have been looking at this on and off for the last few hours

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    Grimmer34Grimmer34 Posts: 6
    Unplayable with Cell Data , frustating this s***
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    StacheBoiStacheBoi Posts: 43
    Wow really no fixes on the insane load times with cellular data, wow just wow
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    LyingninjaLyingninja Posts: 182
    The LOL fight freeze bug is still not fixed......sucks so bad
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    LyingninjaLyingninja Posts: 182
    Jackd1989 said:

    ingame name - jackd1989
    Device - samsung Galaxy A40
    Android Version - 10
    Connection Method - mobile data and wifi
    Version Installed - 29.1

    After the latest update which was meant to have a bug fix for game stalling when going into fights, it still hangs for over a minute when starting a fight in Labyrinth of Legends which has been happening for quite a while now

    I'm just tired of this bug takes a heck lot of time to load each fight in LOL
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    RandomdudeRandomdude Posts: 1
    Kabam everytime thing uses his sp 1 on either side defender or attacker the game crashes same thing with doctor doom please fix this
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    ItsMeGuysItsMeGuys Posts: 7
    In game name: ItsMeGuysbtw
    Device : Galaxy Tab A
    Model: SM-T555
    Device operating system: android version 7.1.1(latest on my device)
    Game version installed: 29.1.0
    Game mode: All
    Description of issue: Crashing of game every 6 fights or something but in act 4 chapter 2 quest 6, my game is crashing after every fight.
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    Grimmer34Grimmer34 Posts: 6
    Still crashing 29.1
    Note 8
    playable with wifi only
    I'll end up leaving this sh*t
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    ElIzuElIzu Posts: 1
    ingame name - El Izu
    Device - samsung Galaxy A50
    Android Version - 10
    Connection Method - wifi
    Version Installed - 29.1

    I can´t log in when using wifi, i recently download the game again with mobile data and i can play the game that way without any problems. It seems to be a problem when using wifi on android devices. I hope this problem gets fixed soon cause i can´t play every single day with mi mobil data.
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    NonvtecNonvtec Posts: 11
    I have a samsung s8+ with android 9. Lag has been terrible lately, but today when I was trying to get in one last shadow base to reach the next milestone in the gamma event it was 10 times worse. I'm sure some of this was due to the new update and new content about to drop, but now I am short on gamma by 2 fights I could have finished if the game wasn't freezing up so much.
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    Device and Version: Moto g6 (SKU=XT1925-5, Hardware version=PVT2)
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Mobile Carrier: UK Virgin Media - But phone is unlocked on sim-only plan
    Cellular or WiFi: Only play on WiFi
    Game Version Installed: v29.1.0
    Game Mode: Various See below
    Champions Affected: All not related to specific champion
    Active Boosts: N/A

    Description of the Issues:
    Most of the below issues have happened at some point in the past, but since 29.1.0 was installed they are a LOT more frequent.

    Arena: When opening the match up screen to select which characters of the 3 picked face off against each opponent, the screen freezes before the opponents are drawn on screen. It stalls like that and tapping the screen will cause it to crash out.

    All game modes: In fights you can get a sudden drop in frame rate. Either about half of normal or down as low as 1 frame per second. This seems to be more likely with characters with special effects e.g. Vison Arkhus, Terrax, Sunspot, but is not exclusively limited to them.


    When playing through John Mulaney's challenge last night I had the game crash multiple times when moving through the quest map. I might get 4-5 matches and then it would crash again. Full phone reboot improved things for about 10-20 mins, but the same thing happened again.

    On bringing up the matchup screen I would get a flicker bug where the champion renders and other menu elements would flicker and I'd end up with this on screen shot...

    Again on the matchup screen you could get it locking up when loading the character graphics like this...

    In the first couple of hours of play on the 2nd Dec after quests were released I had at least 10-15 crashes. I spent more time rebooting the app and phone than I got actually doing stuff in the game.

    I ran through the first quest of the Side Quest and it hasn't picked up the Epoch shards. It only picked them up for the 2nd quest so I'm missing 250 shards.

    I have reported similar issues before but, on my device at least, these issues are happening probably 4x more often. It's become almost unplayable instead of an annoyance now.
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    Game keep closing after the latest update as of 12-2-20 every few minutes of game play I deleted an reinstalled game and still getting the same results
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    11993451199345 Posts: 504 ★★★
    1199345 said:

    Name: 1199345
    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
    OS: Android 10 OneUI 2.5
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular T-Mobile 4 bars 4G LTE (WiFi works fine)
    Game version: 29.1
    Game mode: All modes

    About a month ago, around the same time everyone's wifi issue was fixed, the game became absolutely unplayable on mobile data. It starts out with a wait of 2-6 minutes (if you're lucky) just to login, and what would usually be a 5 minute process of opening some crystals, upgrading a few champs, and making moves in AQ, turns into a 45 minute ordeal; The game freezes every other tap (doesn't matter what you're trying to do), hangs/lags, and the network connection error pops up constantly. You can either wait it out, or close/open the app and count the minutes as you wait to login again, hoping all-the-while that you don't have to go through another 45 minutes of the same ordeal.

    INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, I found that by toggling airplane mode on/off after the network server connection error icon pops up SOMETIMES gives the game a kick in the pants to move onto the next screen.

    While doing this I monitor the upstream/downstream data flow arrows right next to the full bars on my 4G LTE icon, and there definitely seems to be a connection there, as it's a visible indicator of communication and data flow.

    Also, if the game hangs BEFORE the connection error icon, I open an internet browser or twitter and flip through a few posts, and that sometimes gets things moving.

    It seems to be a data stream issue. Something keeps "dropping the call", but by doing something else online, the game seems to piggyback off a new data stream. IPv4/IPv6 connectivity issue maybe??

    Or it's just coincidence.

    All other games and apps on my phone work perfectly on mobile data.

    I've already restarted my phone/uninstalled/reinstalled the game a handful of times throughout all of this, cleared both in-game and system cache countless times, closed apps running in the background, and cleared system memory to no avail.

    I hope this post helps with troubleshooting.

    I'd like to add that it's possible that there's a definite gap in communication between the game sending a request and the server granting it.

    Sometimes the game works fine for hours, and sometimes I can only login once a day for days at a time.

    Seems to be a server side issue as opposed to a cellular network or device issue.

    Just my two cents. I hope it helps.
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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
    There's so much lag with the new update. Game keeps reloading every time. The fights keeps freezing up at intervals, etc.
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    gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 619 ★★★★
    edited December 2020

    Does anyone from kabam even read this damn thread? The connectivity issue over mobile data has been going on for nearly 2 months now, and it's getting infuriating. So many android players are going to miss out on a lot of great stuff this month because we can't even load the freaking game unless we're tethered to the life-support of WiFi.
    I'm going to post the pertinent information they require AGAIN, and just hope that they actually can be bothered to do something about it. It's funny, they say it's difficult to pin down the problem and implement a solution, yet if an exploit is discovered that plays to our advantage, they have it locked down and fixed at Skynet speed.
    -In Game name: gannicus0830
    -Device: LG G7 thinQ
    -Carrier: t mobile
    -Data plan: unlimited
    -this is the ONLY network-required app/game I'm having issues with, so it's clearly not on the carrier's end. All others load and run flawlessly.
    -I have unlimited data.
    -It does it even with full bars and full up/download speeds on LTE.

    Now, how about a freaking update, kabam?
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    ccaveman76ccaveman76 Posts: 52
    Every time I try to go to the alliance tab the game freezes. I try to enter war....the game freezes. I try to get into new AQ....the game freezes. This is some utter ****!!!! Kabam, you need to get your **** together and give us a decent game.
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