Summoners, due to a technical issue, this week's series of Alliance Quests will be cancelled at 4pm PT. There will not be any Rewards for this series. The next series of Alliance Quests will start on April 18 at 12pm PT. We will be assessing the impact on Alliances and compensating accordingly, as well as returning Alliance Tickets.

Arena Feedback [Merged Threads]



  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 111
    edited December 2020

    Is it an improvement though?
    It's great below 15 wins, horrible after 15.
    So are we supposed to lose on purpose after 20 wins, get to 5 wins, and run our 5 and 6 stars, and reset at 15?

    This fixes nothing, new players already had to do this.

    Lost the 20th match in the T1A arena. It wasn't only the difficulty, the fights looked rigged. It was as if my inputs were triggers for the opponent to block/smack my champ. Looks like we're expected to spend more time grinding - that's what this is.
    Things are just worse now. I keep getting rigged matches/fights just before a milestone. If I won that fight I would reach the milestone, so the system makes sure I play another round of match-ups to reach that milestone. Rigs are so darned obvious. Also, the system makes you lose a series before you reach the rank rewards milestone to make you lose the multipler, so you now have to play a few more rounds to reach that. Incredibly, ridiculously, and very obviously manipulative. It's disgraceful.
  • Avenger_A1Avenger_A1 Posts: 111
    Since the last couple of days, the special button isn't registering the input randomly. I checked with my alliance members and it's the same with them (ones who responded) as well. Just happened yet again fighting the AQ boss. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
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