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    Salguod47Salguod47 Posts: 4
    I'm not getting the same amount of unit for the same grind. Pre change I could do 8 rounds total split between 2,3,4 and 5 star arenas and get 40 units (using some 3 star boosts). Now it has taken me 11 round to get the same amount of units. I would also be in a good position to push further in the 4 star arena for more units.
    In the new format my 3 stars will never be used and arena boost crystals will never be opened. Same will happen to 5 stars in 6 stars arena.
    Please consider switching the drop rate in the arena boosts crystals to get 90% 4 star boosts and 10% 3star boosts. Same goes for greater arena boosts 90% 6 star and 10% 5 star drop rates.
    To fix the lower unit gained problem. Put the higher unit amounts in the lower brackets and the lower amounts into the higher brackets that way people grinding all milestones still get same. People like me get what they got before.
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    BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,361 ★★★★
    Between death matches, making the 3* featured hero milestone so high and taking away quality of life in this change these new arenas are not fun. I get if you have a large 6* roster that it is easy, but honestly that is not the majority of players. Used to be I could go for 640,000 and get the 3* Featured using only 3*s, but now I've got to grind with my few 6*s (3 of them to be exact) and my decent 5* roster (not a lot of them ranked to 5/65 due to resources) along with my 4*s which need to be ranked up more (once again a resource issue). Do hope Kabam makes some serious changes. I've watched Rich the Man, Contest Champion, and ilackskillz. All of them had good points which I believe Kabam should listen to along with the majority of the community.
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    Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,043 ★★★★★

    Pauly2099 said:

    Please bring back the 4* basic arena , that was the only way to get the champs that you are targeting

    There are 4-Star Basic and Featured Champions in the Milestones of the new Arenas.
    One problem with that. 3*s used to be a 640k milestone reward. Now there 6mil.
    Tell me how that’s an upgrade.

    4* used to do 5-6mil and now it’s 9mil.
    This new change to getting new champs only helps endgame players and excluded everyone else because not everyone even have the time to grind out 6 mil or even 9 mil in an arena.
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    ClumsyNewClumsyNew Posts: 4
    CatoFong said:

    Siliyo said:

    I’d like to add, and I think others would agree, that I always thought arena would probably work better if you used one star rating champ to acquire the next. For example:

    - using your 2*s to acquire your 3*s
    - using your 3*s to acquire your 4*s
    - using your 4*s to acquire your 5*s
    - And now using your 5*s to acquire your 6*s

    I’m not sure if this was ever considered or on the table for discussion, and if so, why wasn’t it implemented?

    Because it spreads out people and makes those less competitive. Ideally is what it'd like to see is this:

    If you do lock-out then do it properly. Green arenas available to challenger, contender and proven. Yellow available to conqueror, uncollected. Orange to cavalier and red to thronebreakers.

    Then spread out the units so max available to anyone is the same.. I.e. if each arena had 170 units in milestones, total available for anyone regardless where they are in the game is 510.

    This will make grinds for each tier relevant to their progression.

    The important part though is that there should always be some milestones that are "out of reach" and this is how i play now. Some are too time consuming for me, but I should be able to get 66% of milestones in X amount of time regardless of my champs and all my champs should be relevant.

    In example above, 340 units should be obtainable in a day of grind and additional 170 are roster dependent and grind dependent.
    this may work
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    3_wounds_33_wounds_3 Posts: 11
    Terrible. No use for 2* champs anymore. I'm throne breaker with around 32 6* champions, I can't do both arenas there for I can't get a steady flow of units... I'm poor, lost my job during COVID ill pay for offers if I have money but you've just made it unplayable for me
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    ExWeaponExWeapon Posts: 27
    3 arenas are simply not enough. 6* basic needs to be nerfed and a 4* basic or 3* featured has to be added.
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    DanWarlock2020DanWarlock2020 Posts: 3
    This new arenas is almolst impossible to get a new champion 3 stars if you dont have a a insane number of 6 star champs.
    If you think the time you have to wait to recover a 6 star champ....you dont have time to get 6.5 million points in 3 days.
    I think that 2.5 millions is a reasenable number to get a new 3 star champion.
    If continues like this i wont go even try to do the arena.
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    TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    Increasing multiplier will not be a good option as once you lose the multiplier, it will be be a long walk up to the multiplier again.
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    TheCaptain412TheCaptain412 Posts: 337 ★★★

    Pauly2099 said:

    Please bring back the 4* basic arena , that was the only way to get the champs that you are targeting

    There are 4-Star Basic and Featured Champions in the Milestones of the new Arenas.
    One problem with that. 3*s used to be a 640k milestone reward. Now there 6mil.
    Tell me how that’s an upgrade.

    4* used to do 5-6mil and now it’s 9mil.
    This new change to getting new champs only helps endgame players and excluded everyone else because not everyone even have the time to grind out 6 mil or even 9 mil in an arena.
    My big question is: What is the purpose of 3* and 4* champs as milestones in a UC-only arena?

    The 3* LITERALLY cannot be played in the arena it was earned in. It is essentially useless in the Summoner Trials arena as well, since it would have to be taken to 4/40 in order to MAYBE compete with 5/50 4*s. The only reason a UC player might want the 3* is for Pokemon reasons.

    The 4* is useless to most UC players as well.
    Maybe if it was a god-level champ that had some niche use in 5.3 or 5.4, it would be OK, but once they roll to 6.1? Dust collecting with the 1-3*s. As well, these 4* are functionally useless in the 6* arena unless being used for the first few fights to ramp up to the 3x multiplier, but I’ve taken a team of three max 4* in there, been faced with teams of ranked 6* or maxed 5*, and the result was predictable.

    The players who are not UC are the ones who NEED the 3/4* champs to get to UC, but they can now just hope for RNG from their PHC shard crystals to get them what they need, instead of their 37th dupe of 2* SIM. What incentive do mid-level players have to grind ST arena when there are no champ milestones, just more crystals to crack with a hope and a prayer?

    I’m not asking Kabam to lower milestones for the 6*, because I can grind out the 4* Basic champ in 2 hours, for all the good it does me. The GM shards are OK, but there aren’t enough of them, and even then, getting new or duping already-owned 3*/4* is useless to me except for the ISO, because I have no content where a 3*, or non-max 4*, is relevant any more.

    Kabam done messed this up big time, and thankfully, the community is almost completely in unison in calling it out.

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    Yale007Yale007 Posts: 39
    Why don’t you make the 6* arena for thronebreaker only and have it have no milestones. The top 100 get the champ. If they do the 6* arena they are locked out of all other arenas. Then Revert the arena system back to what it was. You literally poisoned your fanbase against you to appease 100 people who will get the 6* champ. It’s just mind boggling myopically tone deaf.

    I just can’t get over how no one at kabam thought about how this arena change ruins 2 and 3* champions. Literally the only reason to collect and use them is arena. Why would I waste resources or time grinding for useless champions, considering the strangle hold you are putting on said resources with this new system? I like getting new champs to check out and it keeps me interested in the game, considering I don’t see them as 5*s till 9 months to a year after they premiere. Now I have no place or reason to use 3*s or care about new champs entering the game.

    Arena is literally the backbone of your game and you just snapped it in multiple pieces. Even if it’s a loss leader cause of FTP players, that allows them to compete with whales in AQ and War. What you’ve done is a create a caste system where the rich get richer and the poor leave your game cause you keep spitting on them.

    This move has soured me on the entire game and ever playing any other Kabam games. It just seems to have zero thought or consideration for the overall ecosystem of your game.
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    Heroesforhire18_Heroesforhire18_ Posts: 59
    Going to be voicing my opinion again this’ll be long but tbh i have to say it these new arena structures are terrible for free to play i love the three star featured arena because id get the new character from it since i rarely spend units to buy a crystal that’ll pretty much give you a three star you already have rarely you get the featured or sub featured from it don’t get me wrong gmc shards are way better than phc so if we can keep the gmc shards for the new arena ideas that’d be great now with these new arena milestones if i want the three star featured character i have to grind 6.2 mil which tbh is such a task considering not many have 1. The time do it 2. The characters to grind with this hurts summoners who actually want the three star version of the character that’s how we basically got the new character from the three star featured ive been doing that since 2019 getting the new character as a three star through the three star featured now that that’s gone there’s no purpose on grinding 6.2 mil it’s tiring and boring even if you have to use arena boosts it’s still a task you guys should really bring back the old arenas along with the 6 star featured keep the gmc shards because those will help players get better characters than with phc shards this new arena is let down for me and many others out there who like to grind arena hopefully you guys change them back to the way they were
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    padamsatishpadamsatish Posts: 7
    Seriously, this new arena system kills lots of time. We are humans and we have some important works to do daily. And by new arena system I learnt spending more time will give us less rewards than old arena system. Try to imagine our situation and do some good changes ASAP
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    toopchitoopchi Posts: 1
    Why not just add a 6* arena on the same pattern ? Within the new format, at least reduce the points needed for all milestones.

    - Grind time increased
    - Unit farming isn't practical anymore
    - overlap of same type of champs means u might need units to refresh if you're targeting all milestones
    6* champs can be grinded for... you still need a huge 6* roster to do it efficiently, which ruins the point. So basically have to buy units to grind.

    Summary: You want to stay free to play, give your while life to us
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    Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,605 ★★★★★
    I think the new system is fine.

    Keep summoner trails the same, increase the units from 7 to 9 and the BC to 1000. This won’t hurt you at all.

    The basic 6 star arena. Make the final milestone 7.5 million. And front load the units in the top 6 5 milestones like you did with gold.

    The featured 6 star arena make the final milestone 12 million or 13.5 million. Spread the units across all milestones and then increase the units from what is it now to double. Let’s not be stingy if someone is willing to get 12 million or more then let them grind for units. Not everyone needs to buy units to succeed in the game. Also increase the BC for all milestones. Let’s not be stingy there; it’s time you guys loosen those purse strings a bit.

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    Joker1976Joker1976 Posts: 444 ★★
    No new systems not fine and there’s plenty of reasons for it. Old system let you utilize all your champs at every star level ,..this ways not even close. And the champs that get the most point score takes half a day to refresh ,..beefing up units won’t help ,..maybe to refresh your 6*’s lol
    ...counterproductive no?
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    SawgatSawgat Posts: 4
    edited May 2021
    Thanks a lot for allowing the players to send feedbacks from their experience. This is really appreciated and awesome. I don’t want to offend anyone who is putting efforts to make the gaming experience better for the gamers. Just wanna express what I actually felt throughout my initial experience. First I want to share the change in my personal experiences with the new system. With the previous arena system I would be able pretty much clear all the top arena milestones and just play 3* one to gather the up the rest of the units with the remaining time. At the end of the arenas I would mostly collect around 500 units, more or less. I would also complete the T1A and T4B arenas too whenever they run besides the other arenas. With this one I will only be able to complete one of the 6* arenas and will have hard time doing so when the T1A & T2B ones are up. Increasing just the 4* champs score levels a bit higher didn’t help much. If I being a thronebreaker with 1.3 mil roster with decent skills and investing more than decent amount of time in the game face this situation I can’t imagine what the players with an average cavalier account or below are facing. I understand the arenas are to be 6* arenas but I wonder if even above 90% players would play arenas for units and battlechips only. 4* champions are much more accessible through 4* crystals and much less used in the endgame content if ever used at all. If we can call it a upgrade from previous arena, that would only be if we can farm the same amount of resources with some additional ones. I really appreciate the addition of grandmaster Crystal shards. But it would make more sense if few revives were part of both 6* arenas, may be couple single and one team each. I’m not sure how many people got game changing 5*s from grandmaster crystals, but I have not any yet, but getting to open more of those may increase the scope to do so. Apart from content creators and top whales who have pretty completed every content previously released go for buying cav Crystal in a high rate using units. Most average players use the units for revives. Lagging behind in units would affect the ability to purchase revives and heals badly for the average guy. One other big change that can help is cutting down the recharge time of the 5* & 6* champions to half or increase the max available stamina to 2-3 allowing us to use each champ a couple of times without having to play the game 24/7 😂. Seriously though lol.

    Hopefully making changes to address these issues while keeping up the things that are appreciated by the community will a big win for all.
    Thanks for your time going through this long one 😄
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    Azur_RawAzur_Raw Posts: 1
    So new arenas uh?

    I think a lot of people tend to forget how incursions work and mostly kabam @Kabam Miike , and how your rewards are based on the numbers of 4/5/6* champs in your roster.

    This is an easy solution imo...give back old arenas to people WITHOUT 80+ 6* and give the new ones to people WITH 80+ 6*.
    This way everyone would be happy? Casual grinders in the "mid-tier" get what they used to, and "high-tier" get the new 6* arenas

    SO this means you could enter the arenas that your roster requires.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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    OldManSkreddyOldManSkreddy Posts: 51
    Whether the rewards are worth the work depends on how the ranking shakes out – if we have to get a lot more points than the ~22m we used to need to for the top 5% then I probably will do less arena. But people in my alliance are complaining about how terrible this is for grinders, and none of those people complaining ever play arena to begin with. I'm cautiously optimistic about these changes (the grandmaster shards, basic champs, expanded 5* rewards, and more rewards for people who, like me, only really grind one arena at a time) seem like a positive.
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    PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 2,365 ★★★★★

    Wait till all the people complaining start getting 5* crystals from their crystals they accumulated.

    I like this arena.

    I fail to see the strength of the argument it hurts f2p people.

    It will greatly expand their roster over time. Much faster than any other game mode.

    Some units lost more 5* and 4* champs gained and duped. These same people were not getting 6* shards before now heir duping groot and iron fist every week,

    It depends on what the cutoffs are for the rank rewards. I was personally hitting 12 mill easily in the previous format. Several FTP I know can't hit more that 9 mill in the 6 star featured, but they were hitting all the other milestones. So, even though they had less shards, they got more units. Those guys now lost both units and shards. Let's face it, the 11-30% rank rewards offer 1k shards and the cutoff will not be less that 9 mill for that. If that is the case, then the people I mentioned just lost a bunch of shards and a bunch of units. It's great for people with 50+ 6 stars and 100+ 5 stars. For players with 30 6 stars, its a net loss. I like the inclusion of shards, just wish that grinding arena did not take up my whole weekend.
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    AltairMUP96AltairMUP96 Posts: 91
    Make it easier to just get the basic 3* and 4* champs without having to spend units to get the champion you want. I've been very excited for Mister Negative since I've played the Spider Man PS4 game, but I don't even have my 4 stars, 5 stars maxed up. Please just make a way to get our Mister Negative.
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