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[iOS] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • alegka312alegka312 Posts: 56
    iPhone XR
    iOS 14.6
    Game version 32.0.0

    Game is lagging, my fps dropping, 1 sec freezes and slide show after I unpause game. Also parry bug. How can I play all this new content with lags and freezes? Why I get drops to 10 fps or whatever it is. After this buggy and laggy game, I’m playing PUBG and OMG: PUBG runs fast, smooth, 60 frames, high settings, no lags and bugs, no crashes! That’s really sad
  • alegka312alegka312 Posts: 56
    Actually, like I’m not the one who get this lags. I know few people with same iPhone XR with same issue, and more people in my alliance with other devices
  • Santa_PsycheSanta_Psyche Posts: 150
    Cn't complete sop nor properly do aq cuz of how frequently the game crashes.
  • Boi71Boi71 Posts: 3
    No new contents, new champions and buff champions are good enough if the games keep crashing and not playable. Summoners will just look for better game experience elsewhere.

    Kabam listen to your customers and get it fix
  • Santa_PsycheSanta_Psyche Posts: 150
    Boi71 said:

    Besides parry bug, the crashes are far more worst now. I can’t even play a node in aq and it crashes out . My champ just died after 3 consecutive crashes without even fighting. Arenas and event quest can’t even play after one node.

    I have highlighted these crashes in May 21 like every summoners out there and nothing has been done since then. No updates from Kabam whether these issues are been addressed.

    There comes a breaking point when summoners out there will say enough is enough....

    The same thing's been happening to my game.Can't even complete this weeks sop cuz of how often the game crashes.No,the game doesn't even load if I fight against darkhawk now
  • Nas311Nas311 Posts: 1
    In game name: NasSpider
    Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 14.6
    Use T-Mobile WiFi
    Newest version installed
    Game mode: First noticed during the assault on Olympus side quest. Also notice in Alliance Quest and the Event Quest. These are all the game modes I have played. I did the party training and it seemed to work ok there but no where else.
    Description of issue: Parrying is not working at the appropriate time resulting in my attackers being hit. It is possible to parry if I hit block earlier than normal, but this feels awkward and laggy. It is also weird to time since it doesn’t correspond with when you are about to be hit, more when the opponent starts to dash from a medium distance and looks like I was holding block.
  • Pinkz_LambPinkz_Lamb Posts: 5
    The crashing seems more often now! Yo Kabam are you gonna fix it or im out of this game
  • Gameloquis1Gameloquis1 Posts: 2
    Latest version
    Event quest, Alliance Quest
    The parry does not always work, and the dex the same, i lost to hulk ragnarok in cavallier difficulty.
  • VeronVeron Posts: 12
    What is the point of supplying details about these issues when there has been an ongoing history of being totally ignored and treated like fools. Game has crossed the line from being irritating to completely unplayable now.
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,874 ★★★★
    I’d love to hear from Kabam on this. My game has been randomly crashing for months now. Is this just happening on older devices or new ones too. I’d get a new iPad mini if I thought it would help but thinking the one I have should still be plenty powerful enough. If anyone has any thoughts about that let me know please. It’s getting close to unplayable.
  • Kopa_SamsuKopa_Samsu Posts: 7
    Device: iphone 6 plus
    ios version: 12.5.4
    Game version: 32.0.0
    Connections: Wifi(20 mbps minimum with fiber optic broadband connection) and Mobile data both

    Description of issue: After clicking fight, the game crashes after the loading ends in each and every AW and AQ fight. Even after a fresh factory reset and erase al data and settings and new game fresh install. And

    The game was playable to some extent till the last update. Which was I had to restart my phone restart the game then do one AQ or AW fight then close the game then restart the phone then again start the game do the next fight.

    This cant be a good user experience for a player who is using a low end old device and this game clearly state that the game is compatible on iPhone 6 plus. The game should be optimized to all types of devices that can be UI optimization or gmaplay optimization or cache clearing optimization but it must be optimized instead of launching newer offers and campaigns.

    I am able to run pubg and cod mobile on medium setting easily without any crashes. these game are 5 times bigger than mcoc.

    My question to the developer is how did they optimize their game with much more complex game mechanics and graphics options but this 5 year old game mcoc can not be optimizes for low end device on which the game was playable without any issue.

    If this game is cant be more optimized for low end devices anymore then you guys should remove the iPhone 6 plus compatibility on the game description on that app store. And don't show this device is compatible. There lot of high device game which does not allows low devices to install the game even.
  • ElendroElendro Posts: 1
    IDGame : Elendro
    iPad Air
    Latest version MCOC
    Store quests, event ,

    Game crash every 3min, back to ipad home page

    Thanks for your help on this, very frustrating
  • MarioImpactMarioImpact Posts: 7
    It's been going on for months....not once Kabam acknowledged it. Now with the new update, i can't do Alliance Quest anymore as I'm a big liability. THE LEAST THEY COULD DO IS REMOVE THE 50% HEALTH PENALTY WHEN THE GAME CRASH BEFORE THE ALLIANCE QUEST FIGHT START. Happened 3 times in a row today...haven't fought yet and my Black Window is almost dead. There's no more work around available now..even if you restart the game, it still crash. Regular quest is maximum 2 fights in a row before the crash. I need to have my ipad plugged in when playing now because the restarts every 2-3 minutes are draining my battery. Very disappointed in Kabam's attitude with the situation.
  • Jackson1167Jackson1167 Posts: 45
    I have major issues with parry dexterity no my game is crashing during aq please address this ASAP I don’t have unlimited resources to make up for the bug thanks
  • Jackson1167Jackson1167 Posts: 45
    iPhone 7 Plus
    WiFi and mobile data affected
    Latest update iOS 14.6
    This is a major problem it’s costing resources across all modes of gameplay I am unable to attempt any difficult content as parry and dexterity are not working properly if I parry I just stand there and get taken out by the defenders attack arena I thought would be ok but it’s just as bad getting taken out trying to dex or parry please address this as it’s a major function for effective gameplay
  • Deder80Deder80 Posts: 182
    Device: iphone 8 plus
    ios version: 14.6
    Game version: 32.0.0
    Connections: Wifi(70 Gb/s) and Mobile data 60g both have excellent and strong connection

    Description of issue: this issue has gotten worse! Good job on fixing the blocking thing, but you made it worse. Now we can’t even dex properly. Evade isn’t working. And when I swipe forward to do a medium dash attack my guys are doing 5 hit combos 2 steps into it. Or when I go dex a hit they just stand there because the delay time is so off from the command I have to do. I’m done spending money on here til you guys fix this controller issue. I’m not going to pay Kabam to nothing anymore because I’m waisting my money.
  • BiggerKevBiggerKev Posts: 10
    IGN: BiggerKev
    iPhone 7s
    iOS 14.6
    Newest Version
    All game modes

    Beginning about 24 hours ago, the game began crashing in the middle of every fight I attempted in AQ. This was along a path with a variety of enemies, and it took approximately 9 reloads of the game (and several items to counteract the 50% health loss from the fights dropping) to get through a path of 5 defenders.

    This is happening across all game modes as I've verified it since. I cannot fight in EQ manually or using the auto-fight, 9/10 fights crash. Same with arenas, daily quests, etc etc.

    This issue was hounding me for days back in January and then suddenly stopped. I would still experience the odd crash after extended play (45 minutes+) but nothing worth complaining over. Now, the game is quite literally unplayable. I suppose I can only hope this issue, along with the others brought up with the latest update, are addressed sooner rather than later.
  • LlessurLlessur Posts: 327 ★★
    Summoner name: Llessur
    IPhone SE (2020)
    iOS 14.6
    Latest game update
    Parries are still failing in all aspects of the game
  • 1_Vastier1_Vastier Posts: 2
    IGN: Vastier
    iPhone 12 plus
    iOS 14.6
    Latest update

    Cannot enter AQ day 5 (today)
    Numerous other players are saying the same thing. Continue button just clicks but nothing happens. Reloaded game and no change.
  • VeronVeron Posts: 12
    Just fought Alliance Quest final boss with three full health champs. Between Professor X crashing the game with his special 1 and the game crashing before fights I haven’t managed to complete a single fight before all my champs are knocked out. Kabaam you are basically a bunch of incompetent arseholes or cheating grasping arseholes. Probably both.
  • Tony_Stank46Tony_Stank46 Posts: 7
    This thread started November 2019 and now, 1 year 8 months later the problems are not fixed. That should be a sign that it’s not going to get fixed. Imagine of every company took this long to find solutions to problems.
  • bumble-beebumble-bee Posts: 42
    edited July 13
    IGN: bumble-bee
    Device: iPad 6th gen
    OS: iOS 14.6
    Cellular/Wifi: Wifi
    Game version: 32.0.0
    Game mode: Arena, Event quest
    Description: Game crashes after every 7-8 fights.
  • IronjulesIronjules Posts: 10
    IGN: Ironjules
    Device: iPad 6th gen
    OS: iOS 14.6
    Cellular/Wifi: Wifi
    Game version: 32.0.0
    Game mode: Arena, Event quest
    Description: Game crashes after every 7-8 fights.

    IGN: Ironjules
    Device: iPhone XR
    OS: iOS 14.6
    Cellular/Wifi: Wifi
    Game version: 32.0.0
    Game mode: Arena, Event quest
    Description: Game crashes after every 30-40 fights.
  • alegka312alegka312 Posts: 56
    iPhone XR
    iOS 14.6
    Game 32.0.0

    Today game lagging all time, and lags are crazy! I feel like fps dropping to 10, that’s actually worst performance I saw on iPhone. Game was laggy all time I play it, but not always and so as today.
    Can someone tell me, why game unplayable?
    I’m playing so many games, and all of them runs perfect, except mcoc!
  • BoCassBoCass Posts: 40
    In-Game Name: Aegon’sRightArm

    Device and Model: iPhone 7 Plus

    Device Operating System: ios 14.6 (latest)

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: Latest

    Game Mode: This specific example occurred in arena

    Description of the Issue: consistently experiencing lag in fights across all game modes and all scenarios. As can be seen by the example it is negatively affecting my playing performance. (You can see I missed a parry because of the lag. This happens often)

    Lag happens as jubilee dashes in

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