Should compensation be based on a % of how much money a person has invested into the game?

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Some people are investing literally 1000’s of £\$ into this game, should they get a relevant percentage of compensation back based on their investments?


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    Is this a real question or just another way to troll on the forum ?
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    Hot take: OP is really just making a run at the disagree + lol title and anyone pressing those is guilty of aiding and abetting.

    I have no other explanation for such a crazy take
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    NO. You buy what you pay for. Let's say you're buying a Peter Parker's Wallet (135 Units), you get 135 Units and that's the end of the story. What you choose to spend your money on, is all you get.

    Compensation is an equal thing between all summoners and sometimes given out based on what level of progression you are at in game. And that's how it should always be.
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    Lmao man this forum
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    The entitlement of wanting more bc you spend and "do something for kabam" is actually funny.

    Before someone throws a stone:

    I spend too.
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    Let them compensate for money spent. They'll owe me so much it'll have to be at least 7*'s for compensation.
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    You can always count on the forums to bring comedy gold! This is priceless.
    (Pun intended)
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    This is up here with KingLeo’s posts for the stupidest thing I’ve seen on the forums.
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    I’ve never seen more dislikes on a single post. The biggest reason this is a bad idea is so, so many people would quit if this happened.
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    At this point we should be compensated for seeing all these compensation posts.

    Inception of Compensation?

    Incompensation !!! :wink:
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