Overpowered AI

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I am not sure whether I am one of few who have suddenly experienced the increased skill from the AI's; let me explain.

I have within the last month or so noticed the AI, recovering significantly quicker from attacks. An example being dexxing Terrax's heavy and when going to punish getting parried or intercepted; this has happened to me with Doom as well. Unfortunately I do not have footage as it seems to be random.

I have also noticed that the AI seems to be special intercepting me more often, dodging specials (usually the first hit or so), hitting some incredible light intercepts (some of which put me to shame lol). The AI could be holding block in their corner with a bar of power and as they are holding block, I will aim to hit their block and they will launch a special right in my face.

I don't know whether I missed a patch note where they started to put the AI on a Steroid Cycle, or whether I am slowly losing the ability to play the game lol. This has been mentioned by others in my alliance so I hope it's not just us.

Anyone else? Or am I just trash :open_mouth:


  • BlxndyBlxndy Posts: 115 ★★
    EgretM4 said:

    It’s getting a little ridiculous

    Agreed, I would be interested on what @Kabam Miike thinks of this and whether there has been any change to the AI.
  • BlxndyBlxndy Posts: 115 ★★

    I've gotten parried so much in war using Ghost lmaooo.🤣

    Terrax was the main one for me. I once got parried 3 times in a row by terrax when he was a war boss lol
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