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Ultron is better than warlock and it is not even close

JoshKosh557JoshKosh557 Posts: 2,832 ★★★★★
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Decided to compare the 2nd and 3rd best tech champs, hopefully this converts some people to the ultron cult club

Which one looks more like a terminator: Starting off with the most important quality when rating a champ
Ultron wins

Damage: Ultron blows warlock out of the water when it comes to damage
Ultron wins

Immunities: pretty much the same except that warlock also has coldsnap/frostbite immunity (which is quite niche but whatever) However, through his sig, ultron reduces the duration of incinerate and shock effects by 80% which makes him a hazard shift king in addition to the tech king
Ultron wins

Armor up: Ultron’s armor up is better unless you are in a fight where you can't block, both are solid havok counters tho
Ultron wins

Heal block: Both have access to a strong passive heal block. Warlock's heal block is gimped by buffs and it helps if warlock is able to block. Ultron needs a synergy and needs to be able to throw specials.
Warlock wins unless you wanna factor the interesting qualities ultron has right now in which case i’d say they are tied.

Debuffs: Ultrons debuffs are stronger and more consistent
Ultron wins

Power control: Warlock has solid power control against opponents that heal, Ultron only has power burn on sp3
Warlock wins

Regen: Ultrons regen is a ton better, it's great starting fights at 50% and getting a free 25% health right off the bat (and another 25% health regen if you drop down below 25%)
Ultron wins

AW: Because of willpower and low health pools, warlock is great in AW but like 2 people still play AW, one of which is agent x zzz and he is so skilled that he can use any champ to beat stuff so the fact that warlock might be better than ultron here really doesn't matter much. Also, once again, Ultron is path 9 god.
I’ll say warlock wins so that I don't get mauled but ultron is super strong in many places on the AW map, he also looks great with the new nodes

AAR: Only warlock has AAR but his AAR sucks since it only reduces offensive ability accuracy
Warlock wins

Energy resist: Ultron regens 66% of energy damage and also gains some power
Ultron wins

Dealing with AAR: Ultron’s functions are not affected by AAR
Ultron wins

Overall it's clear who the real king is
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  • CrusaderjrCrusaderjr Posts: 729 ★★★★
    TRONG94 said:

    I can't seem to like Warlock's damage. It's quite low to be considered bgt champs. He 's very useful, yes, but his damage is what prevents him from being up there with Archangel, Hyperion or Ghost

    warlock sp2 with a virus active causes armor break, which he usually does 30-50% of the health pool in normal content. thats pretty good dmg, it might not be from basic attacks but still
  • thepiggythepiggy Posts: 430 ★★★★
    Both amazing champs with some overlapping utility. They do slightly different things but overall Warlock's heal block has gotten me through much tougher content than Ultron.

    Tron at high sig is incredible but sigs are tough to come by and you can use Ghost anyway for incinerate or shock situations.
  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 2,868 ★★★★★
    Sad guilly 2099 noises
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,536 ★★★★★
    If only we could judge champions like this, just looking at one facet of them at a time. It’s an interesting write up but I can support a comparison like this.
  • AtomixX33AtomixX33 Posts: 63
    good debate but just upgrade THE best tech. Kang
  • EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 155 ★★
    What’s a good rotation for ultron?
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