Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Uatu the Watcher


    What If Gamora was Thanos

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    Morgan Le Fay


    Hulk 2099
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    Yelena Belova. She’s an awesome character and the future of the MCU
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    Lady deathstrike


    Ice-Thing (Bobby Drake AKA ice-Hulk)
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    Agatha Harkness ability ideas

    Passive: Immune to power lock, drain and burn

    Spells: Agatha has 4 spells that she rotates with her heavy attack in the order of Spell of Armor Break, Spell of Frostbite, Spell of Poison and Spell of Fatigue
    Spells trigger passive debuffs on her SP1

    Light attacks: 33% chance to stagger for 15 seconds. When a stagger expires gain a curse charge. If the stagger nullifies gain 2 curse charges. Cooldown 5 seconds.

    Heavy: Rotate to the next spell, and give the opponent a fury buff granting 0 attack rating over 8 seconds: Cooldown 8 seconds

    SP1: Trigger a passive debuff corresponding to the spell Agatha is in:
    Armor Break: Reduce armor rating by 2500 for 15 seconds
    Frostbite: Deal 8000 damage over 15 seconds and ignore evade against non-science champions
    Poison: Deal 8000 damage over 15 seconds and reduce healing effects by 30%
    Fatigue: Reduce enemy critical rating by 1500 over 15 seconds

    Pause all spell debuff passives for 5 seconds with your 4th light attack

    SP2: Consume all spell debuff passives to gain a fury buff for each consumed grating 3000 attack rating for 12 seconds. Pause all fury buffs for 3 seconds with 4th light attack.
    Consume all curse charges to gain a precision buff for each consumed increasing critical rating by 500 for 12 seconds. Pause all precision buffs for 3 seconds with 4th light attack

    SP3: Activate all 4 spell debuff passives. The spell the SP3 was thrown in has it's debuff potency increased by 150%

    Awakened Ability: House of Harkness
    When a buff is nullified deal a burst of 1500-5000 instant energy damage.

    If the opponent is immune to a spell passive debuff inflict a non-stacking rupture passive dealing 4000-8000 damage over 15 seconds. This can be paused with the 4th light attack for 5 seconds
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    Bullseye ability ideas

    Passive: Immune to Fatigue, Exhaustion and Ability Accuracy Modification. Bullseye also cannot miss

    Basic Attacks: 33% chance to bleed the opponent dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds. Inflicting a bleed increases critical rating by 35 for the rest of the fight.

    Card Attacks: Bullseye uses his throwing cards on his mediums and some hits on SP1 and SP2. Card Attacks have a 75% chance to inflict bleed dealing 1000 damage over 10 seconds. Card Attacks cannot be evaded and ignore armor and resistances

    Personal Bleeds: Landing a Critical Hit with a Card Attack will cause any personal Bleed Debuff triggered to become a Critical Bleed, multiplying the Bleed’s Potency by Bullseye’s Critical Damage Multiplier. Bleeds Reduce the opponents ability accuracy by 10% and Critical Bleeds by 25%

    Contempt: For every 5 bleeds inflicted gain a contempt charge. These have effects on SP3

    When charging a Heavy Attack: Gain a Fury Passive increasing attack rating by 500 for each debuff on the opponent for 4 seconds.

    Specials: Each Special has 3 card attacks. Increase Critical Damage Rating by 1200 for Special Attacks

    SP1: Each Critical hit on this attack inflicts a disorient reducing opponent ability accuracy and block proficiency by 20% lasting indefinitely until charging a heavy attack, then it lasts 10 seconds

    SP2: All bleeds inflicted on this attack are guaranteed Critical Bleeds. Each bleed has a 3% chance for each hit in your combo meter to copy itself.

    SP3: For each Contempt charge Inflict a Bleed, Disorient and Weakness for 20 seconds
    Each Bleed is a Guaranteed Critical Bleed and deals 3000 damage multiplied by your critical damage multiplier
    Each Disorient reduces Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 25%. Additionally this reduces Evade chance by 50%
    Each Weakness reduces enemy attack by 20%. If 6 or more weaknesses are active, heal the additional damage reduced. For instance: If the enemy attack is reduced by 120%, heal 20% of damage you would have taken.
    Consume all Contempt when this attack ends

    Awakened Ability: Never Miss
    If Bullseye has not used an SP3 in 240-120 seconds gain 1.5-2.75 bars of power and 3 contempt charges.

    Reduce Damaging debuff duration on Bullseye by 5-15% for each Contempt Charge
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    Hobgoblin ability ideas

    Passive: Immune to Poison and takes 100% reduced Damage to Shock. Additionally Hobgoblin heals 3.5% of all damage taken by the opponent.

    Glider Attacks: Hobgoblin uses his glider on his mediums, heavy and some hits on SP1. Glider hits have a 100% chance to incinerate the opponent dealing 700 damage over 4 seconds.

    Goblin Bombs: Hobgoblin throws a Goblin Bomb on his heavy, SP2 and SP3. Goblin Bombs have a chance to inflict debuffs.

    Goblin Bomb debuffs: 50% Chance to Shock dealing 4000 damage over 10 seconds
    50% Chance to Poison dealing 3000 damage over 10 seconds and reduces healing effects by 30%
    30% Chance to Wither reducing ability power rate by 50% for 18 seconds
    30% Chance to inflict Spectre reducing healing effects by 80% for 18 seconds
    20% Chance to Bleed dealing 8000 Damage over 10 seconds

    Pre-Fight: Begin the quest with 2 persistent Charges. Spend one persistent charge to increase the ability accuracy of a Goblin Bomb debuff by 150%. Winning a fight grants 2 persistent charges

    Possessed (Passive): Hobgoblin goes into possessed mode when 15 incinerates expire on the opponent.
    Possessed mode lasts 20 seconds and grants 1000 additional attack rating and increases the potency of all incinerates by 150%. Possessed grants additional effects on Special Attacks.

    Overcharge (Passive): When shocked Hobgoblins Glider begins to overcharge. Overcharge doubles the amount of incinerates inflicted on a Glider Attack and increases their potency by 67%.

    Heavy Attacks: 1 Glider Attack and 1 Goblin Bomb. Inflict a Spectre debuff reducing healing effects by 80% over 18 seconds. Pause all incinerates for 4 seconds

    SP1: This uses 5 Glider Attacks.
    Possessed: Increase the potency of incinerates inflicted on this attack by 75%

    SP2: This uses 6 Goblin Bombs.
    Possessed: Increase the ability accuracy of all goblin bomb debuffs from this attack by 100%

    SP3: This uses 10 Goblin Bombs. Shock Hobgoblin dealing 0 damage over 60 seconds
    Possessed: Gain a fury buff for each incinerate on the opponent increasing attack rating 250 for 30 seconds

    Awakened Ability: Madness: Finishing a fight while Possessed activates it for 20 seconds at the start of the next fight.

    Each persistent charge now grants 250-1000 attack rating

    Start the fight shocked dealing 0 damage over 10-30 seconds.
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    Spider Woman ability ideas

    Passive: 90% poison resistance. Immune to heal rate reduction. Heal 1% max health every 5 seconds

    Light Attacks: 30% Chance to place an Energy Vulnerability debuff for 15 seconds reducing opponents energy resistance by 500.

    Venom Blasts: Spider Woman uses her venom blasts on her mediums, SP1 and SP2. When using a venom blast, place a petrify on the opponent lasting indefinitely reducing Healing and Ability Power Rate by 5%, Max 60 petrifies.
    Also place a shock on the opponent dealing 750 damage over 10 seconds. Each shock placed increases the potency of future shock damage by 10%, Max 500%

    Electric Burn (Passive): When the opponent reaches 10 shocks place a Electric Burn Passive on the opponent for 12 seconds. This deals 12000 shock damage and all attacks deal a instant burst of 650 energy damage. Max 3.

    Heavy Attack: Remove 3 Petrifies to place 6 shocks on the opponent.

    SP1: For each Shock inflict an armor break reducing armor rating by 90 for 45 seconds. For each Electric Burn place 7 armor breaks reducing armor rating by 90 for 45 seconds.

    SP2: For each Armor Break on the opponent Increase the potency of Electric Burn instant damage by 25%. Heal 10% of all damage dealt during this attack and 10 seconds after.

    SP3: Inflict 2 Electric Burn Passives for 48 seconds. This can go over the stack limit.

    Awakened Ability: Spider Physiology: 7-25% chance to evade any attack. Electric Burns last 20-50% longer
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    Morrigan (Mutant)

    Angel (Thomas Halloway) (Skill)

    Lunatik (Cosmic)

    Starhawk (Cosmic)

    Guardsman (Tech)
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    Horsemen of Pestilence
    Lorna Dane (Earth-616) Polaris
    Pestilence (Lorna Dane)

    Powers and Abilities

    As his daughter, her powers are nearly identical to Magneto's.

    Lorna is an Alpha-mutant[72] with both a primary and Secondary Mutation.[73] After Wanda's M-Day, Polaris lost all of her mutant abilities. Polaris then became Pestilence and had Celestial technology grafted to her spine by Apocalypse, which has somehow reactivated her X-Gene[8] and her powers.

    Magnetic Field Manipulation: She has the ability to manipulate magnetism. Although she has the potential to exercise all of the powers that Magneto has, as yet she has only used powers involving the manipulation of magnetic, electrical, and gravitational fields. Moreover, she has yet summoned as great an amount of energy as Magneto has. The exact limits on the amount weight that she can magnetically lift at present have not been measured. Since she has, in the past, preferred not to use her powers in combat situations, and has decades less experience with them, she is not up to par with Magneto's level of experience. As with Magneto, it is unknown whether Polaris's powers are purely psionic or whether they derive from her physically.[citation needed]

    The main feat made possible by magnetism is Polaris' ability to lift and manipulate metal. She has shown such fine tuned skills as to nearly liquefy, mend, and reconstruct metallic objects, and has some level of influence on the ferrous metals that reside in everything. She once mended and reconstructed silverware and metallic plates into a metallic suit identical to Magneto's costume.[citation needed]

    Magnetic Force-Fields: Polaris can protect herself from physical harm, can stretch her fields to protect a large group, and can suspend persons or objects in the air.[citation needed]
    Magnetic Flight: Polaris can suspend herself in flight by riding the Earth's magnetic field.[citation needed]
    Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Polaris can perceive the world around herself solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. She can perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings, as well.[citation needed]
    Magnetic Pulse: Polaris can focus her magnetic energy into powerful concussive blasts. She can also overload or short-circuit electrical systems. She has been shown destroying Shi'ar warships with single magnetic pulses.[citation needed]
    Energy Absorption: Polaris has been shown absorbing some forms of energy through her magnetic force fields to temporarily boost her own strengths. Early in her career with the X-Men, she absorbed Storm's lightning blast, Cyclops' eye beam, and Havok's energy beam at the same time, giving her enough strength to propel an entire island from the earth and into space.[citation needed]
    Geomagnetic Link: Polaris is tied very closely to Earth's EM Field. As is it effected, so is she. She knows instinctively all that happens to it, and with this link, is granted an odd sort of immortality. Earth lends her strength by it's simple existence. She draws on this strength all unconsciously.[citation needed]
    Organic Iron Manipulation: Polaris has such control over her powers that she is able to manipulate the natural iron within the blood of living organisms. She was capable of reversing the flow of an entire crowd's blood in order to render them unconscious.[citation needed]
    Metal/Matter Manipulation: Polaris has a great ability to be able to levitate objects metallic and nonmetallic, with her electromagnetic field she can levitate objects and destroy them in the air, or through a small manipulation of gravity, can also cause non-metallic objects to levitate in the air and manipulate it through electromagnetic energy. She has the ability to indirectly manipulate non-metallic objects via metal ores they may contain. She can perceive and manipulate matter at the sub-atomic level.[citation needed]
    Metal Morphing: Polaris has the power to physically bond metallic substances to other elements at an atomic level. This newly developed technique allows her to blend alloys to earthen, watery, gaseous and even organic substances.[citation needed]
    Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: Polaris has the ability to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum and some energies like electricity, electromagnetic and magnetic (the limits of these are unknown). This is totally different from Storm, who can handle (almost) all the energies of the spectrum, but Polaris has great potential for it. Her power is such that she is compared to her father Magneto. Polaris has a connection to the electromagnetic field, allowing her to handle various types of energies such as electric, gamma, x-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, lasers, and more.[citation needed]
    Her personal polarity is opposite that of Magneto's.[citation needed]

    Former Powers
    Polaris has a latent secondary mutation. Manifesting when her powers were stripped and taken by her half-sister Zaladane. This mutation was later deactivated by the Scarlet Witch's M-Day.[citation needed]
    Negative Emotion Absorption: Polaris was able to absorb negative emotional energy to transform into a virtual powerhouse.

    Size Addition
    Superhuman Strength
    Superhuman Stamina
    Negative Emotional Release: Her power also released the negativity back into her environment at an enhanced level, which caused others to act more violent, selfish, bloodthirsty, etc.
    Meta-Plague Manipulation: As Pestilence, Lorna had the ability to ingest and synthesize new plagues without harm, controlling the virulence and particular genetic markers. She was then capable of releasing this virus or plague as a combined mutated strain or as the various separate plagues they originally were.
    Lorna possesses expertise in geophysics, and has earned a Masters degree in that field.[citation needed]

    Physical Strength
    Polaris possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. When possessed by Malice, Lorna had superhuman strength with an unknown upper limit.[citation needed]

    Lorna appear to have inherited her father's propensity for mental illness and depression. Lorna has at various times suffered mental breakdowns, episodes of mental illness and severe depression.[citation needed]

    She was grafted a cybernetic nanobot in her right eye by Serval Industries, allowing Harrison Snow to see what she saw at any time.[74]
    Biohazard containment suit. At one point Lorna wore a metal belt with her costume that she would manipulate as a weapon or tool.
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    Pietro Maximoff (Earth-616) Quicksilver


    Pietro Django Maximoff [1]




    Namen der Redaktion:
    Ehemals The Quick , Sohn von M
    Fast-Feet, [2] Pretty Boy , [3] Quicky, [4] Speedfeet, [5] Speedy [6]
    Gypsy Davy , [7] Mateo Maximoff [ 8]
    Andere Aliase:
    Magnusson, [9] Mr. Maximus, [2] Pietro Frank, [10] [11] Silver Speedster, [12] Sohn des Dämons [13]

    Powers and Abilities


    Speed Physiology: Pietro's body is adapted towards the rigors of high-speed running. His cardiovascular and respiratory systems are many times more efficient than those of a normal human being. He metabolizes an estimated 95% of the caloric energy content of foodstuffs (normal humans use about 25%). The chemical processes of Quicksilver's musculature are so highly enhanced that his body does not generate fatigue poisons, the normal by-products of locomotion, which force the body to rest. Rather, his body constantly expels waste products during his accelerated respiration through exhalation. His joints are smoother and lubricated more efficiently than those of a normal human being. His tendons have the tensile strength of spring steel. His bones contain unknown materials significantly more durable than calcium to withstand the dynamic shocks of his feet touching the ground at speeds a human could never achieve or withstand. Quicksilver's lachrymose is more viscous than normal, thus preventing rapid evaporation and replenishment of surface fluids on his eyeballs under the influence of high wind velocity to occlude his vision.[102]

    Superhuman Speed: He was originally capable of running at speeds of 175 miles per hour.[103] He had sufficient energy reserves that enabled him to run at this average speed for roughly four hours before reducing his speed to replenish his body's store of energy.[103] Quicksilver has used his powers of acceleration for various feats, such as when he plucked an arrow out of the air from a standing start, dodged machine gun fire, and has created cyclone-like gusts of wind, which are able to knock a man off his feet.[103] He is able to run across the Atlantic Ocean and to oversea continents without having to stop,[104] run up the sides of buildings effortlessly,[citation needed] and even "fly" for short distances by using rapid air currents produced by his legs for thrust.[105]

    After his powers were upgraded by Isotope E, his running speed was increased until he was capable of easily reaching high supersonic speeds between Mach 4 (3,080 miles per hour) and Mach 5 (3,691, miles per hour).[106] The true extent of his amplified abilities are unknown and are stated to be limitless,[citation needed] he has been observed outrunning Thor's lightning bolts,[65] running from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds,[107] or covering half the Earth's distance in 92 seconds.[citation needed] Quicksilver is also resistant to the effects of friction,[citation needed] reduced oxygen up to a point where a human can no longer breathe,[citation needed] and impact upon his body while moving at super-speeds.[citation needed] He has traveled around the world by running on top of the ocean water and even ran all the way up Mount Everest without slowing down and went flying above cloud level as a result.[citation needed] He has recently shown the ability to shift his molecules through solid objects, and transport people at speeds greater than the speed of sound without injuring them.[citation needed]

    Enhanced Durability: Pietro's bones is super-durable and capable of resisting tremendous impact forces that could easily crush and kill a human without suffering any serious external or internal injuries.[108]

    Superhuman Reflexes: Pietro's reflexes are superior to the finest human athletes.[108] Quicksilver's practical reaction time is several times faster than a normal human's and the speed at which his brain processes information is heightened to a level commensurate with his bodily speed, enabling him to perceive his surroundings while traveling at high velocities.[citation needed] Even in his earliest appearances he could perform feats of incredibly fast reaction-time, such as dodging a close range optic blast from Cyclops.[109] He is able to move in a picosecond, even with a concussion.[110]

    Accelerated Metabolism: Pietro's metabolism is more than 15 times that of a normal human being, thus enabling him to heal much faster then normal and have an extended health and longevity.[citation needed]

    Superhuman Stamina: Pietro's cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems are far more efficient than human norms. His body generates virtually no fatigue poisons.[108]

    Superhuman Agility: His physiology grants him agility that is above average compared to a normal human.[111]

    Enhanced Strength: Quicksilver's strength is slightly superhuman, sufficient to lift 1,000 lbs and leg-press one ton.[108]

    Quick Intelligence: He can process information at superhuman speeds, enabling him to read dozens of books in a matter of minutes or teach himself to play a musical instrument in a matter of moments.[108]

    Navigation: Quicksilver can sense vibrational patterns in his environment that enable him to always find magnetic north. This allows him to navigate and change course instinctively despite blurring at high speeds or lack of landmarks, like over open ocean.[112]

    Molecular Acceleration/Destabilization: Through the course of his life as a mutant, his super speed has granted him numerous abilities. One of the very peculiar ones was being able to vibrate his molecular structure at high speeds. Different writers used it for different purposes that were often absurd or completely ignored it to avoid obscurity. He has demonstrated the full effect which enables him to destabilize atomic matter by accelerating the target object's molecule structure, often causing it to fall apart or explode usually by touching it.[3] It is unknown if he can do this from a distance like his nephew Thomas Shepherd. He also had the ability to fly for short periods of time.[113]

    Intangibility: Pietro also can use molecular destabilization to walk through solid objects.[citation needed]

    Pre-molecular Chronokinesis: Pietro once had the power to vibrate his atoms so quickly he traveled forward in time. His molecular speed that he generated displaced him out of the mainstream time/space so that he was able to propel himself into the future. He could leap from an hour to up to twelve days, and remain for several minutes to several hours before being recalled to his present time once his body tired, or he could return at will before his time was up.{ As he returned from his trip, he returned the exact moment he left so as to appear that he had been gone for half a nanosecond. He was able to bring inorganic objects from the future back to his correct time, although it was not shown what would happen if he attempted to bring organic objects with him.[45]These new powers were having an affect on his physical health, as he was aging faster than normal as a result of using his powers.[50]
    Temporal Duplication: By leaping only mere seconds in time, he learned to create an indefinite number of "temporal dupes" that could be controlled with a certain amount of coordination.[50]
    After spending weeks in the presence of the stolen Terrigen crystals, relying solely upon them for sustenance, Pietro transformed even further. He was able to make greater leaps into the future.[50] He retained these enhanced powers for a time by physically grinding the Terrigen crystals into his flesh.[114]
    Terrigenesis: He was able to apply superhuman templates to others. He focused on giving such templates to other mutants depowered by the Scarlet Witch. The process seemed to be temporary and somewhat unstable.[115]
    X-Gene Feedback: If Pietro used his Terrigenesis on a Mutant whom kept their powers after M-Day, it caused their body to go into shock. The long-term effects (on both Quicksilver and the victim) of this ability were not seen. He first used it to incapacitate Guido of the Mutant Town detective agency X-Factor.[51]


    Multilingual: In addition to English, Pietro is fluent in Russian.[116] Since he was born in Serbia, and raised there by Romani foster parents,[17] it's likely that he's also fluent in Serbian and one or more dialects of Romani.
    Skilled Combatant: He has been trained in martial arts and other forms of combat by Captain America making him an excellent fighter.[108]
    Musician: Pietro played the organ at Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler's wedding.[117]

    Physical Strength

    Pietro possesses slightly superhuman strength in his upper body. His lower body is much stronger, as part of his body's adaptations for running. With his upper body he can lift (press) approximately 1000 pounds. He can leg press approximately one ton under optimal conditions.[108]


    Mental Illnesses: Pietro has undergone mental breakdowns, episodes of mental illness, and severe depression. According to his sister, Pietro is a textbook sociopath which causes him to ruin his relationships through manipulation and force.[118]

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    Avalanche (Mesmero's Brotherhood) (Earth-616)

    Powers and Abilities


    Vibrokinesis: He can remotely generate vibrations to affect his targets. Unlike the original Avalanche, his power 

    Powers and abilities

    The Dominikos Petrakis version of Avalanche is a mutant with the superhuman ability to generate powerful seismic waves from his hands, creating highly destructive effects. The waves can cause an inorganic object to shatter or crumble into dust and has in recent years been shown to affect organic matter as well. When directed against large objects like buildings or upon the earth itself, the seismic waves can produce effects similar to those of an earthquake or avalanche within limited areas. Avalanche need not touch an object to affect it; he can direct the waves against it from some distance away. Avalanche himself is immune to the generation of his own vibratory waves. However, if the seismic waves were reflected back at him, he would be injured. Avalanche's power originally had little or no effect on organic tissue, with the reflected vibrations from organic matter ("feedback") injuring him, as when he once tried to attack the Hulk, but lately this has appeared to no longer be the case. As yet there is no known limit to the amount of area upon which Avalanche can use his powers at one time. There is no evidence yet, however, that he could create an earthquake capable of destroying an entire city. Avalanche is a fair hand-to-hand combatant and received unarmed combat training while a member of Freedom Force. Avalanche wears an armored battle suit that gives him enhanced resistance to injury, up to and including protecting him from a land mine. While a member of Freedom Force, he used a two-way radio device for communication with other Freedom Force members.
    The unidentified version of Avalanche is also a mutant with the same abilities as the first version except that he can also target organic tissue which the first version was unable to do.

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    What are the chances we get Dracula in game? And would Blade FINALLY get a new synergy if he was? 🤔

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    Add more Ghost Riders ! First ROBBIE REYES !!!
  • MirTural8MirTural8 Posts: 20
    Add more GHOST RIDERS ! First ROBBIE REYES !

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    I know we have too many SpiderMan characters but as a Day 1 player I have waited patiently, hoping for Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider suit.

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    Rescue (Tech)

    Flipside (Tech)

    Iron Patriot (Toni Ho) (Tech)

    Speed (Mutant)

    Count Nefaria (Science)

    Demogoblin (Mystic)

    Korvac (Cosmic)
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    Groot (Earth-616)




    Child of Destruction,[1] Child of Ruin,[1] "His Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd, Monarch of Planet X, custodian of the branch worlds, ruler of all the shades"[2] (title while impersonating King Groot),[3] Nova,[4] Peter Quill,[5] Seed of Slaughter,[1] Slaughter Seed,[1] Venom,[6] 'Your Majesty/Highness' (while impersonating King Groot)[5]




    Child of Destruction,[1] Child of Ruin,[1] "His Divine Majesty King Groot the 23rd, Monarch of Planet X, custodian of the branch worlds, ruler of all the shades"[2] (title while impersonating King Groot),[3] Nova,[4] Peter Quill,[5] Seed of Slaughter,[1] Slaughter Seed,[1] Venom,[6] 'Your Majesty/Highness' (while impersonating King Groot)[5]

    Powers and Abilities


    Flora Colossus Physiology: Groot is the member of an alien race of humanoid trees and as such, possesses various abilities unique to his species.

    Regenerative Healing Factor: Groot has been seemingly killed on three occasions, each time regrowing from a sprig. This may be a major contributor to his botanopathy.

    Size Addition: Groot can grow at an extremely advanced speed at will, growing to his normal size from a sprig,[32] or growing from his normal size to a giant form.

    Plasticity: Groot has the ability to stretch his limbs for long distances and reshape them for a variety of tasks. He normally takes the shape of a large tree-like humanoid, but can also weave his limbs into a dense tangle of vines. He can grow individual limbs to currently undisclosed lengths, allowing him to have stretching powers, similar to Mister Fantastic.[33] This may be related to his cellular regeneration and his control over plants.

    Superhuman Strength: Groot's tree like form provides him great strength. His strength allows him to overpower Armadillo.[34]

    Superhuman Durability: Groot's hide is composed of wood dense enough and durable enough to make him immune to most conventional weapons, including gunfire and fire which would consume most woods.

    Chlorokinesis: Groot especially has the power to control other plants, or his own physical form, therefore he can turn his hands into blades, or grow in size altogether, or even use that power to heal himself from fatal wounds.

    Healing Power: Groot is able to heal others. While the full capabilities are unknown, Groot was able to rid the Gardener of poison within a few seconds.[23]

    Black Vortex Empowerment: After exposure to the power of the Black Vortex groot was both physically and internally transformed; his cosmic potential exponentially expanded upon his natural capabilities.[19]

    Self-Sustenance: Groot can survive in the vacuum of space unaided.[19]

    Flight: able to fly at various speeds under his own volition at will.[19]

    Augmented Botanic Mass: Groot's bodily form has been enlarged and enhanced with cosmological energies, strengthening his already impressive condition greatly.[19]

    Bio-Organic Thermokinetic Furnace: Groot seemed to pulsate with what was a wellspring of natural biophysical energy.[19]


    Genius-Level Intellect: Groot has received the finest education from Photonic Knowledge of the Arbor Masters. He was highly intelligent and has a tremendous grasp of quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering. Again, allegedly, as reported by a man openly known as "Maximus the Mad".[35]


    Language Barrier: To most people, Groot appears to only say "I am Groot." This made communication with most people all but completely futile. Maximus the Mad asserted that whenever Groot was saying his trademark "I am Groot!" he had actually been saying any number of things. It was the hardened nature of Groot's larynx that causes people, who are oblivious to the subtle nuances of his speech, to misinterpret him as merely repeating his name.[35] After spending some time with Groot, certain people such as Rocket Raccoon were able to pick up his nuances, and understand him.[33]

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    Would love to see Magma brought in.

    Also would like to see Speedball

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    Armadillo (science)
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    Living Láser (science)

  • Conan the Barbarian and Ka-Zar.
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    Bu Dr.Doom ve Ghost bana ne zaman gelecek artık sıkıldım oyundan
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    I wish Kabam would fix my Super Skrull so that he'll be a usable character.
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    Thor IW, Fat Thor, and Iron spider
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    I really want to see more Russian Heroes or Villians into the game. I first suggest Crimson Dynamo as a Tech

    After him let's put in Starlight as a Cosmic

    after her, Lets put in Vostok as another Tech

    Lastly let's put in Darkstar with her Darkforce powers

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    The new Strikers Mechanic is perfect to bring in a champion like The Purple Man
  • so a while back, I made 2 custom champions called Cosmic Gladiator and Stone Keeper. and i have made some updates to those characters. so I decided to mention them here.

    MCOC Cosmic Gladiator (custom character) draft
    By Super Gamer Boy

    About Cosmic Gladiator
    We know that Aegon lost the love of his life, Cleo, in a fight. And he wanted to never fight in the arena ever again. However, in another universe, Cleo survived and Aegon still won. And even though he didn't want to fight again, Aegon was told that he had to stay and fight due to his choice of becoming a warrior. To which Aegon sadly agreed. And Cleo decided to stay because she didn't want to leave the love of her life. As time went on, Aegon and Cleo had a son named Flint. Flint pretty much grew up in the arena. And gained some combat skills from his father. However, one day while Aegon was in a fight, Aegon died to his opponent. Heartbroken, Flint and Cleo left the arena. Never wanting to go back ever again. Before they left though, Flint took Aegon’s belt which he had gained in his first fight and granted him his powers. Flint decided to use the belt for good. And told his mom to go back to her people without him. Even more heartbroken, Cleo sadley agreed. Now, Flint uses Aegon’s belt and some impressive combat skills he gained from his father to fight any evil that tried to cause trouble. And took the name of the Cosmic Gladiator.

    Class: cosmic

    Abilities: immunity to poison and shock, cosmic shield, cosmic charges, ect

    Cosmic Gladiator enters the contest with immunity to poison and shock thanks to some upgrades he made to his dad's belt.
    Whenever he would get poison or shock, he does a burst of critical damage. Equal to 3% of his current critical damage.

    Cosmic shield
    At the start of the fight, the cosmic shield starts at 100%.
    Whenever the opponent lands an attack, Cosmic Gladiator has a 30% chance to auto block the next hit and take away 10% of your shield (sort of like Peni Parker's sync shield). However, you will not lose percentages when you block regularly.
    This auto block will block incoming attacks and when you auto block, you will have a 70% damage reduction.
    When your shield reaches 0%, it goes on cooldown for 20 seconds.

    Heavy attacks
    Animation suggestion: Cosmic Gladiator punches the opponent. And his fist goes into the air. While his fist is in the air, he forms a machete out of energy and swings it at the opponent.
    The last hit inflicts a bleed debuff on the opponent for 3 seconds (max stack is 5). Dealing 4% of damage over time.

    Cosmic charges
    Unlike Aegon, where he gets abilities from his combo meter, Cosmic Gladiator has upgraded his dad's belt. So he gets his abilities from the hits he performs (sort of like Shang Chi’s wushu strikes).

    Start the fight with 8 cosmic charges. Performing one of these attacks will give you an ability and remove one charge. These can be performed in any order you would like.
    M,M: gain fury buff, increasing attack by 5% for 10 seconds.
    M,L,M: deal power burn, taking away half of the opponent's bar of power.
    M,L,L,M: inflicts a heal block for 7 seconds, preventing the opponent from recovering any Health for that period of time.
    M,L,L,L,M: become unstoppable for 3 seconds.
    L,L,M: nullify one buff on the opponent for 3 seconds.
    L,L,L,M: gain a true accuracy buff, granting the ability to ignore all Evade and Auto-Block effects for 10 seconds.
    L,M,L: gain a regeneration buff. Gaining back 5% of missing health.
    L,M,M,L: become unblockable for 3 seconds.

    Special attacks
    Special 1:
    Animation suggestion: Cosmic Gladiator punches you once. And then shoots a big energy beam from his fist at the opponent.
    Inflict a incinerate debuff lasting for 7 seconds. Dealing 3% of damage over time.
    Get a power gain buff for 6 seconds. Gaining 15% a bar of power over time.

    Special 2:
    Animation suggestion: Cosmic Gladiator kicks you. And then he forms a bow out of energy and shoots three arrows made of energy at the opponent, each arrow hitting the opponent at the same time.
    Inflict 3 passive bleed debuffs, each lasting for 3 seconds. Dealing 4% of damage over time.
    If the power shield is on cooldown, automatically refresh it back to 50%.

    Special 3:
    Animation suggestion: Cosmic gladiator lands 2 punches on you. Then he lifts the opponent up into the sky. and then he karate chops the opponent back to the ground, making the opponent hit the ground very hard.
    refresh all cosmic charges back to 8
    stun the opponent for 5 seconds
    inflict a concussion debuff on the opponent for 8 seconds. Which reduces the opponent's Ability Accuracy by 50%.

    Signature ability: Extra Lessons
    Whenever Cosmic Gladiator would get poison or shock, increases the critical damage he would inflict from 3 - 6% damage.

    Cosmic shield
    Increase the percentage you gain for the cosmic shield during your special 2 from 50 to 100%.
    Increase your damage reduction from 70 - 100%
    Increase your chances to auto block from 30 - 50%

    The Lesson
    Cosmic gladiator is always happy to help a fellow summoner in combat.
    If you have performed 4 cosmic charges, you activate the lesson which lasts for 15 seconds and only happens once per fight. If you pause the game, read the tip on in game fighting Cosmic Gladiator has to offer. These will range from parrying, dexterity, intercepting, and much more. (like spider-hams jokes)
    As an extra bonus, if you successfully perform the action you were taught in the lesson while the lesson is still active, gain back 1 cosmic charge. So you can perform one of the attacks you performed before and do it again.

    These synergies are based on a six star Cosmic Gladiator.

    Like father like son
    Cosmic Gladiator: his auto block from the cosmic shield can block unstoppable and unblockable attacks.
    Aegon: decrease the cooldown of combo shield from heavy attacks to 5 seconds.

    Cosmic fighters
    Cosmic Gladiator: at the start of a fight, gain a fury buff for 2 seconds, increasing attack by 3%.
    Hercules: when Hercules plants an infuriated debuff on the opponent, gain a fury buff increasing attack by 4% for 5 seconds.
    The Champion: get +10% attack rating while fighting larger champions.

    Skilled in combat
    Cosmic Gladiator: bleed debuffs gain +10% potency.
    Daredevil: when his opponent activates a special attack, he automatically auto blocks the attack till the special attack is over.
    Shang Chi: start the fight with 3 chi charges.
    Taskmaster: when you exploit a weakness, gain a fury buff for 3 seconds, increasing attack by 5%.

    Bow buddies
    Cosmic Gladiator: gain the same effect the last cosmic charge attack granted you when performing a special 2. If the last cosmic charge attack ability is currently active, refresh the buff or debuff on you or the opponent.
    Hawkeye: his special 2 stuns the opponent for 3 seconds.
    Psylocke: each of her special 1 and 2 attacks grants her 1 PSI-charge .

    Dev note: an example for Cosmic Gladiators ability can be you last performed a M,M and you get a fury buff. If you perform a special 2 with this synergy, get the fury buff again with the same time and percent. Or if there was 5 seconds left, refresh it back to 10 seconds.

    Cosmic Gladiator, kang, mephesto
    All champions gain +155 critical rating

    Cosmic Gladiator, sentry, captain marvel (classic)
    All champions gain + 6% health

    Cosmic Gladiator, guillotine, civil warrior
    All Champions gain +3% Perfect Block Chance
  • MCOC Stone Keeper (custom character) draft
    By Super gamer boy

    About Stone Keeper
    In another universe, not only did Thanos get the six infinity stones, and not only did he wipe out half of life, but he used them to rule over the other half of life and make the universe his empire. And he kept the stones for himself. As time went on, his empire started to die down due to his bad and evil leadership. while it died down, Thanos gained a mysterious disease and was slowly dying. As one last action, he used the stones one last time to create an offspring he named Vincent. Thanos then decided to send Vincent to another universe and have him take his infinity stones with him. He tasks Vincent to take over that universe. Agreeing to his fathers orders, he heads to the universe while his father slowly dies. Now, Vincent rains terror onto the universe. And calls himself “Stone Keeper”.

    Class: cosmic

    Abilities: slow, armor up, power of the stones, ect

    Heavy attacks
    Animation suggestion: when he charges his heavy, his stones start to glow. Then he punches you. And then he bashes the ground with his fists.
    When he charges his heavy attack, he gets armor up buffs (max stack of 5), increasing armor rating by 2%. Each one lasts for 3 seconds
    The last hit inflicts a slow debuff lasting for 8 seconds. reducing Ability Accuracy of an opponent's Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%.

    Power of the stones
    After Stone Keeper wins a fight, he gets a stone charge. These can be spent in the pre-fight screen to get one of the 6 infinity stones. These last till the end of the quest.

    Power (costs 1 charge)
    at the start of the fight, gain a passive fury buff, increasing attack by 10% for 15 seconds.

    Mind (costs 1 charge)
    The first hit of Stone Keeper’s heavy attack inflicts a non stacking stun on the opponent for 3 seconds with a cooldown of 5 seconds.

    Soul (costs 2 charges)
    Stone Keeper has a new ability called soul steel. Where when he drops below 50% health, he activates soul steel. Where he robs 5% of health from the opponent and steals it for himself.

    Space (costs 2 charges)
    when Stone Keeper gets struck by the opponent once, he has a 100% chance to evade the next 3 hits.

    Reality (costs 3 charges)
    the first hit of Stone Keeper’s special 1 inflicts reverse controls for 7 seconds

    Time (costs 3 charges)
    Whenever Stone Keeper gets his max stack of armor up buffs, gain a power gain buff for 7 seconds. gaining 50% of a bar of power. And deal a power drain debuff on the opponent. Removing 20% of the opponents bar of power.

    Child of thanos (costs 5 charges): Stone keeper doesn't just have to spend his stone charges on using stones. He can use them to buy this ability that can only be used for one fight. So anybody with the tag “villain” that enters the next fight, he recruits them to be a child of Thanos. (like the horseman of apocalypse ability)
    Children of thanos gain the following abilities
    100% incinerate immune.
    The champ gains a non stacking fury buff lasting for 12 seconds, increasing their attack by 15%.
    Both the champions special 1 and 2 become unblockable for the rest of the fight.

    Dev note: the child of thanos ability and horsemen of apocalypse ability can not stack. For example, you can't take someone like red magneto and make them both a horsemen of apocalypse and a child of thanos. That would be too powerful.

    Special attacks
    Special 1:
    Animation suggestion: he punches the opponent. And then shoots a big electric looking ball from the palm of his hand.
    Inflict a shock debuff on the opponent for 7 seconds. Dealing 6% of damage overtime.

    Special 2:
    Animation suggestion: he stomps the ground. And shoots an energy beam from his hands.
    Deal power burn, removing 75% of a bar of power.

    Special 3:
    Animation suggestion: Stone Keeper freezes the opponent (not freeze as in ice, but stops them from moving). Then jumps into and hovers in the air. Then his stones start to glow and he shows a grin on his face. Then he shoots a big energy beam from his chest.
    Inflict 3 incinerate debuffs on the opponent each lasting 3 seconds. Each dealing 4% of damage.
    Stone Keeper activates “I am inevitable”. Where he gets a non stacking passive fury buff, cruelty buff, and armor up buff each lasting for 15 seconds. Each increases damage, attack and armor by 15%. (kind of like odinsleep). This has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

    Signature ability: Perfect Son
    when striking into an opponent's block, gain prowess buffs maxing out at 20. Each increases special attack damage by 2 - 5%. However, when activating a special attack, all prowess are lost.

    These synergies are based on a six star Stone Keeper.

    Father figure
    Stone Keeper: Once per fight, when Stone Keeper is at 1% of health. gain an immortality buff that lasts for 5 seconds. Then regenerate up to 10% of missing health. However, if the opponent activates a special 3, immortality does not work.
    Thanos: all special attacks inflict an incinerate debuff on the opponent for 5 seconds. Dealing 3% of damage over time.

    Best siblings ever
    Stone Keeper: at the start of a fight, Stone Keeper gets 3 charges. This only happens once per quest.
    Corvus glaive, Proxima midnight, Cull obsidian, Ebony maw: start the quest with a new shared mission (meaning all synergy members have the same mission) called “super special”, where whichever synergy member has to land a special 1, If completed, the synergy member does petrify for 5 seconds. Reducing the Potency of Power Gain and Regeneration effects by 70%.

    Worst siblings ever: with gamora or nebula on the team.
    Stone Keeper: incinerate debuffs gain +15% potency.
    Solo: Gamora and Nebula don't get anything because they are the worst siblings ever.

    Snapped to dust
    Stone Keeper: when Stone Keeper lands a special 2, he places a degeneration debuff lasting for 5 seconds, dealing 3% damage overtime.
    Spiderman (stark enhanced): whenever spider man places a taunt on the opponent, he gains a regeneration buff lasting for 7 seconds, gaining 5% of missing health overtime. Maxing out at 3 stacks.
    Falcon: his special 1 does one extra bleed debuff.
    Winter soldier: bleed debuffs gain +15% potency.
    Black panther (civil war): when black panther stores 100 damage in reflective state, he gets a fury buff increasing attack by 10% for 5 seconds

    Stone wielders
    Stone Keeper: when Stone Keeper has “I am inevitable” active, his special 1 and 2 become unblockable.
    Doctor strange: gain a passive cruelty buff for 6 seconds whenever a blessing activates. Increasing critical damage by 10%.
    Vision (age of ultron): all special attacks inflict a shock debuff lasting for 4 seconds. each dealing 7% of damage overtime.
    The champion: start the fight with 1 persistent charge.
    Red skull: gain an extra armor up buff at the start of a fight.

    Stone Keeper, iron man, captain america, thor
    All champions gain +155 critical rating

    Stone Keeper, nebula
    All champions gain + 6% health

    Stone Keeper, kang, ultron
    All champions gain +6 attack
  • Make x men orgins deadpool, he would be like a dragon man 2.0, a chamo with many abilities. He'll have evade because he can teleport, he'll have bleed because of his claws, he'll have ingenerate because of his lasers he'll also have regeneration and more,
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