I've done it.

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  • H3t3rH3t3r Posts: 2,172 ★★★★★

    Now drop some videos to show how useful they can be? Maybe they’re just underrated.

    Don't have a video but moonknight did ws in 107 hits. Synergys and suicides included. Sim was around 120 or so but had really bad rng on crits off l2.
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    Watch them get god tier buffs 👀
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    H3t3r said:

    Just one more.

    he's not bad at all so not as wild lol
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    Really takes guts to make such decisions
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    edited January 12
    Congrats .

    If you like em , more power to ya.
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    I love both of their character models and would love a buff for both.

    Congrats to you for doing this and enjoying the game, this is a wholesome post. Gave me enjoyment
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    Uhm... why?
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    @H3t3r Without a doubt, you are a summoner who has traveled with Cable and Bishop to a future of light and color where these two champions have experienced extraordinary improvement. Tell us more and don't keep it a secret, my friend.
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    If you want to brag about something like this, get them to sig 200 first.
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    H3t3r said:

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    I love it when people rank who they want for the fun of it. Following tier lists gets extremely boring and feels unoriginal.
    Be creative, be bold. Not sheep.
    That's exactly why I have a
    r3 Doctor Strange, and very soon either a skill/tech/science champ that will join him
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    SIM was my first 4 star so I took him to r3 before I realized he sucked
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