What's currently the resource you are missing the most based on your progression level?

What's currently preventing you from ranking up those 6* ?
keeping this for TB and Cavs (sorry Uncollected)

What's currently the resource you are missing the most based on your progression level? 175 votes

TB - T5B
KpatrixTheJallidanielmathDrZolaMr_PlatypusxNigGriffoplayFrostymmmbanyasTendersquadDrenlinzuffyninexhelixLuciusVorenusThe_ChumpphillgreenRagnarok13Anurag1606yossgrud9e 136 votes
TB - T2A
Raichu626Grootman1294_hbtygbty423_SaltE_Wenis69Rohit_316mustgofasterCap45Suelgaming 8 votes
Cav - T5B
RaganatorSpeedbumpTerraCassyljdr77SCP1504psp742Mine_360BassanoClapperLady_TrinityD3fuAce2319MrSakuragiDash855SlashrKanoJustAGuynogginnAjayDhaliwalendgamelocked 19 votes
Cav - T2A
Sinky27Yo_has91HockeyJonesLBN1LucifireGrassKnucklesNihalFayazRxisonDarthGuacamoleOlivKnullvoid235PapaMidnite007 12 votes


  • Phillip14233Phillip14233 Posts: 556 ★★★
    TB, gold
  • Tb. T4cc and gold sort of
  • RasiloverRasilover Posts: 1,265 ★★★★
    Gold and t4cc
  • Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 934 ★★★★
    edited February 2022
    TB - T2A
    Just barely kept some t5b from expiring after getting another t2a from cav EQ to r2 Archangel. No clue where you guys get these alphas to outweigh t5b...
  • Noise72Noise72 Posts: 337 ★★★
    TB T4CC
  • AldacAldac Posts: 461 ★★★
    TB - T5B
    The availability of T5B and T2A has felt out of whack for a while... always seem to have T2A in overflow.

    It’s also getting quite hard to target specific T4C
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,819 ★★★★★
    ISO 💀
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 1,894 ★★★★★
    TB - T5B
    Definitely t5b. Kind of ridiculous that we get only 6 t5b for exploring 7.3.
  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 2,999 ★★★★★
    No champs.
    Plenty resource.
    Just enough t5b to do few rankups.
    plenty t2a t5c
  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,908 ★★★★★
    Cav - T2A
    Cav-Level 60
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,614 ★★★★★
    TB - T5B
    Thronebreaker here.
    T5B by far. Followed by T4B actually. Been doing a lot of 6* R2 rank ups. Then T4CC.

    T2A is maxed and T5CC I have 1 of each class, up to 3 of some classes.
  • ScrubhanScrubhan Posts: 159
    TB and champs. I started off with insane luck but I haven’t pulled a good champ in forever.
  • ExpertguiExpertgui Posts: 51
    TB - T5B
    After i did act 7 100% i only get a T5B once in a month. Back then each mission in act 7 gave me one lol
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,369 ★★★★★
    TB - T5B
    T5b is at a trickle for me. Actually forcing myself to explore Var8 for the T5b there. TB daily crystals feel full of T4b and T2a shards.

    Dr. Zola
  • PapaMidnite007PapaMidnite007 Posts: 1,622 ★★★★
    Cav - T2A
    I seem to get t5bs more easily than t2As
  • TesladonTesladon Posts: 329 ★★
    I’m short on units from time to time.
  • Denzel116Denzel116 Posts: 537 ★★★
    T4 CC….
  • SaltE_Wenis69SaltE_Wenis69 Posts: 1,726 ★★★★
    TB - T2A
    t4cc and iso aren't on here rip. t2A isn't a problem and neither is t5b.
  • Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 793 ★★★★
    TB - T2A
    Where's the ISO option?
  • Cap45Cap45 Posts: 409 ★★
    TB - T2A
    I’m loaded with t5basic, and I got 7 different t5cc catalysts. Tier 2 alpha just runs out so quickly for me, that’s always what I use my glory on. Also gold is a big problem, I noticed that when I use to start spending, I have loads of iso
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,160 ★★★★★
    TB - T5B
    T5B, definitely
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