Freeze when using Energy Refill [Merged Threads]

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After update when i move and run out of energy to move anymore screen goes dim and cant do anything about it except force close game and start again. Same if u trying to move when u dont have energy.

What’s missing is the screen with option to use energy refills, causing game to be locked up.
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    It's been like that for almost two months for me.
    This is how to trigger it:
    go to alliance quest, then use 'fight' menu to move you to fight screen without loading screen, click on energy, it will freeze the game (not really, it will just go dimmer, and you can't click anything although timers tick down)
    and the only way out of it is to restart the game.
    btw, if you click the home button instead of fight to trigger loading screen, you won't get the bug, it only happens if you moved from AQ to fight menu without loading time (that's what it used to be prior to update, post update might spread elsewhere)
  • RolandasRolandas Posts: 16
    Same problem
  • BigManOnCampusBigManOnCampus Posts: 362 ★★★
    Drauglin said:

    Same I have to keep logging in and out

    same here .
  • Shakti4allShakti4all Posts: 110
    Oh this is already an identified issue. And I was wondering if it's just me..

    Why not call off the war Kabam.. it's going to be a good decision.
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    Same issue when using energy refill, goes to a dark screen and have to close game and restart. On 35.1 update on Android.
  • GoofballanatotGoofballanatot Posts: 91
    Same, but when I go to use a energy refill the button freezes and I have to close game and go back in and then I have the energy refill. This is not going to go well when the the new EQ starts.
  • ProducteProducte Posts: 57
    Same here. Restarting constantly as I was trying to catch up on some quests. Extremely annoying.
  • НеАйсНеАйс Posts: 8
    and what to do? extremely inconvenient to constantly reboot.
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 732 ★★★
    Not sure if this works on everyone having the issue
    but for Android (mine is Galaxy S21 Ultra), clear the game cache and this bug will be removed. Works for me
  • Rambo111144Rambo111144 Posts: 2
    Same issue, as well as getting extended connection symbol even though everything else on my WiFi is performing fine
  • SearmenisSearmenis Posts: 1,146 ★★★★
    Is this part of the bug fixes for the awesome new input system, promised with the new update?
  • EtherionGodEtherionGod Posts: 239 ★★
    IPhone XR and having the same problem, it's super annoying.
  • Giz4459Giz4459 Posts: 6
    Having the same issue myself. Any time I run out of energy my screen goes dim and I have to force close and reload.only started after the new update.
  • Tasty_Yum_YumsTasty_Yum_Yums Posts: 439 ★★★

    Thank you for the reports. I've taken this to the team to investigate. We'll let you all know if there's any questions that can help us get to the root of the issue.

    Please tell the team to look into DPX weak rework as the source of the issues in game.
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    Same issue after update today. iPhone 12 Pro.
  • KbugiiKbugii Posts: 167 ★★
    I’ve had it happen several times on iPhone 13 max pro

  • serv71serv71 Posts: 16
    same issue Here
  • serv71serv71 Posts: 16
    On Android 12
  • serv71serv71 Posts: 16

    Not sure if this works on everyone having the issue
    but for Android (mine is Galaxy S21 Ultra), clear the game cache and this bug will be removed. Works for me

    Works also on my realme device, thanks you
  • serv71serv71 Posts: 16
    in fact, just one time....
  • ZanerJayZanerJay Posts: 131
    Super annoying bug when you run out of energy to move a tile and the use energy tab would pop up but instead screen blacks out and freezes anyone having this issue
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