Mutant Nexus Crystals missing from Special Deals [merged threads] RESOLVED



  • I’m exactly same we got everything but the nesus I need iso haha
  • SonofdathomirSonofdathomir Posts: 107
    I got everything except the crystal
  • KiptonadeKiptonade Posts: 205 ★★★
    Me too
  • Kazooie71Kazooie71 Posts: 8
    Yesterday: Not the correct drop rate
    Today: no crystal at all
    Wonder what tomorrow has in mind…
  • Hickdog27Hickdog27 Posts: 75
    Ditto. Thought it was just a visual bug when I tried to check the drop rates. Fun.
  • ivigooivigoo Posts: 6
    Same for mutant i only got the grandmaster nexus i bought all 3
  • TartandylanTartandylan Posts: 1
    edited July 2022
    this happened to me with the cavalier one
  • Shakti4allShakti4all Posts: 111
    Same with TB
  • MackeyMackey Posts: 946 ★★★★
    Happened to me with the TB also
  • DavaelDavael Posts: 1
    Same. Have also submitted a ticket.
  • AnbeiAnbei Posts: 89
    I missed the cavalier and the thronbreaker nexus crystal
  • dapps2godapps2go Posts: 19
    Same, what a surprise
  • Same here.
    Bought the Thronebreaker Deal, no crystal.
    It shows no picture of the crystal for the Cavalier offer as well, and the description of the crystal (for both the Thronebreaker and Cavalier offer) says "cav_mutant_nexus_crystal_updated"
  • TimhotTimhot Posts: 2
    Same here for both cavalier and TB
  • Kyeee13Kyeee13 Posts: 18
    Im glad i came back to the forums because i thought it was just gonna be me😂
  • D3ATHD3AL3RD3ATHD3AL3R Posts: 0
    I bought the daily offer and received no mutant nexus cav crystal and can’t log into support.
  • Jakks4Jakks4 Posts: 2
    Same, just bought thronebreaker deal no nexus cav?
  • B4nanaJoB4nanaJo Posts: 88
    Same here. On iOS.
  • MackeyMackey Posts: 946 ★★★★
    Kyeee13 said:

    Im glad i came back to the forums because i thought it was just gonna be me😂

    I wish I'd come here first, wouldn't of bothered getting today's if I had 🤣
  • Dose_rocksDose_rocks Posts: 17
    Same got all other content but no nexus
  • HellvidaHellvida Posts: 4
    Has anyone come across the glitch where when you purchase the daily thronebreaker or daily cavalier special, the nexus crystal doesnt show up in your crystal vault? I purchased the Thronebreaker daily special for the mutant nexus crystal on 26/7 7:20pm (Australian Time) and only received the fragments and 6 star crystal shards, but there was no Nexus crystal in my vault and I've updated and refreshed the game twice. Anyone have any answers for me? Thanks in advance.
  • Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,165 ★★★★★
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 129
    Yes mate. Same problem Here. I’ve even tried to send a ticket but it hasn’t gone through yet.
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 129
    Same here guys.
  • Hero221977Hero221977 Posts: 7
    I bought deal as well for throne breaker and didn’t receive the nexus crystal
  • FuskieFuskie Posts: 97
    Same here. I opened a ticket but have not heard back yet from Kabam.
  • Fireftr29Fireftr29 Posts: 4
    Has anyone else bought the daily throne breaker deal and not received the crystal?
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