Kabam, why are heavies auto-connecting from way across the screen?



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    Nothing to do about it since Kabam won't do anything about these God-like AI reaction levels

    Kabam just admit that you're making ridiculous changes to the AI. Hell, just make up a story about the Grandmaster wanting harder enemies. Come up with something. Humor us, cause these secret AI adjustments are an insult.

    You’ve been humoring us with your struggles in the battle realm... hahaha
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    @CoatHang3r what's your excuse for the juggernaut gif? :)
    Excuse? LoL I’m not an apologist I’m seeking the truth and debunking false assumptions. That could be a bug if you could show you used your attack the moment it was available with no delay thereby giving him time to parry. Ever read the boy who cried wolf though?

    You have eyes. Look.

    I INSTANTLY countered his blocked MEDIUM attack. And got parried.

    Sorry but THIS MECHANIC DOESN'T EXIST. Kabam's screwing around with all combat mechanics on both sides and it's becoming easier for the AI and harder for us. Everything is being changed.

    Our window to launch attacks is shrinking, our window to land parries is shrinking, our ability to counter is shrinking, our evade length is shrinking, dexterity is almost as broken as the double dexterity bug of 13.0, and the AI is parrying and intercepting us 5x as much, launching heavy attacks then IMMEDIATELY going into their special right as we counter. Every mechanic is benefiting the AI more and becoming a detriment to us.


    Dude if all that stuff is messing with your gameplay then why are you still playing.
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    I feel like op issue would be solved if he learned to intercept. Learn to adapt....
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    I have a theory about this (I might be way off though).

    It seems to occur (at least for me) when I evade too early. It's almost as if due to the timing of my evade, the AI hasn't registered that I evaded and therefore expects the heavy to connect and so the animation appears to lunge across the screen.

    That's loads of problems with heavy attacks though which would be good to get answers. My main issue is the random heavy attacks while you are blocking (I've also on occasions done a heavy attack while not even touching my phone).
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    LOOL "way across the screen"... there's no problem here
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    It’s so awesome that your twice as cool as me but can’t dodge a heavy from StarLord. God you must have to buy a lot of potions. His heavy has two hits and goes twice as far as most other champs. In my video if I hadn’t dodge back twice I would’ve been hit even though on the first hit dexterity kicked in. It’s simple mechanics of the game man... if your looking for glitches... you’ll see them everywhere.

    Your not special, you haven’t found a glitch.

    Let us know when you come off your high horse... and when you know the difference between you're and your.
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    That lunge happens a lot in AQ/AW I find. The worse one isn't when it happens with a heavy attack, but when it happens with, say, Black Widow on an unblockable node. She lunges across the screen sometimes for the first hit of her special, and if it's unblockable, and she's the mini boss, you're basically just plain dead.

    DV's unblockable SP1 loves to lunge halfway across the screen to bop you with his staff, even when you are evading back, ensuring you eat the rest of the special, then melt from the inevitable poison stacks.
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    Everything that has been shown here has been happening since day 1. Nothing new. No bug. Nothing is broken. Just standard mechanics that have always been in the game.

    Stop blaming the boogie man for everything bad that happens.
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