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    Nebula wrote: »
    I think people need to compare act 4 and act 5 chapter rewards. The act 4 chapter rewards are almost nothing

    act 4 = act 5 now huh? People rlly need to lift their heads out of their... not gonna finish but if you want to compare I suggest comparing it to rtll instead. And this is supposed to be more challenging than that.

    The chapter rewards in acts are nothing compared to the final rewards. Look at Act 1 to 4. The final rewards are always much better. I don't see why act 5 should be any different. The difficulty increase is big yes, but so is the increase in rewards from act four chapter rewards to act five chapter rewards.

    People are acting as though each chapter is an entire act and seem to be forgetting about the final rewards. If each chapter reward was a lot better then it would just take away from the final exploration reward.

    Do yourself a favor and look at the rewards for completing Act 3 and compare them to 4.1. The end of Act 3 saw the shifting of the game towards 4* champs prior to Act 4 very few players had multiple 4/40 and above champs so when Act 4 dropped the rewards reflected the growing importance of having stronger champs to complete the harder content. With Act 4 We were given the ability to earn rank up materials for our 4*s, the ability to increase our masteries to make our champs stronger for new content, the opportunity to expand our 4* rosters as well as the ability to progress towards earning our first 5* champs. Now the game is moving towards 5* champs taking a more prominent role. Again the difficulty has been ramped up but this time rewards aren't being scaled to help us progress. I need another 4* like I need another 1* it's gotten to the point where I only rank up 4*s for the level up event rewards. My focus, like the game's focus is on collecting and ranking up 5* champs but kabam in its infinite wisdom decides to mass release 5* champs and then trickle us the materials we need to obtain them and rank them up. I mean come on how are not even 5* sig stones not in the rewards? How is the number of full t4bs still the same, still just 1 t4cc? It's ridiculous. With challenger rating, diminishing returns and all the other "goodies" from the 12.0 debacle being put into the game 4*s are becoming as worthless as 3*s. It's laughable that virtually no 5* rewards are being offered.

    But you're comparing the end of act 3 with just one chapter of act 4. You're comparing apples and oranges. You say you need another 4* like you need a 1*, I find that very hard to believe. That means if I gave you the choice between a 1* crystal and a 4* crystal then you wouldn't care which one you got? Of course you'd care and of course you'd want the 4* one.

    I have to agree about the 5* talk, we do need more 5* based rewards. I'm just saying that chapter rewards aren't going to be as good as the end rewards. That's the simple fact and people yelling and complaining about that isn't going to change the simple fact.
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    Why are the rewards so bad, if the content is much harder?
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    Sooooo disappointed after seeing the "fake" rewards. Beyond excited for a whole week and then boom, the actual rewards come out and screws veterens.
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    I don't really wanna jump on the van wagon of hate but damn...

    We gonna have to fight enemies with hundred of thousands of health for god knows how much and the ending results aren't gonna be that great to say the least...
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    I would be more happy with a couple rank down tickets again... just terrible kabam.
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    Nice bro
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    No me satisface está nueva actualización
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    This looks like complete garbage kabaam has plans till 2020 this game will be done by the end of the year. They know it to that's why when it says how long will this last it's says till the end of the year whenever that it is they've lost this game an have no clue how to get it back.
    Time to go back to console gaming
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    Sorry end of the universe whenever that is
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    Please change the rewards guys! It's not too late! This will probably get removed too though like my other one where I said nothing wrong lol
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    Well guess I'm not wasting my time on this game anymore ..Its never going to get good again its over
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    This feels like what happened with Destiny one story leaked got gutted and game suffered. In this instance plans leaked and now they gutted rewards to make it seem like we had no idea what was coming or to discredit the leaker. So either this is a joke or completely off base decision making for rewards.

    Wake up Kabam players want greater and grander rewards not this paltry low level stuff that is for those still hunting their first r5 4* or r3 5*. I want stuff that will help get me to that first r4 5* and maybe first r5 5* and just more 5* in general and awaken 5* since with the champion pool increasing to some 60-70 odd champions by years end duping 5* champs will be very difficult but then maybe that is your grand scheme. You will design all champs to be awakened to really shine and without that they are all average pillow fist characters so you can try and sell 5* crystals/awakening offers no rose colored glasses on this guy you guys really don't know how to entice players at higher levels to play through content.

    Shout out to Rezzident as well when he spoke out that LOL rewards suck for the effort/cost/stress/difficulty/whatever other word you want to describe it with. It's high time rewards get the overhaul that players want to see. Rewards that actually are enticing to play through this supposedly forever lasting hard content.
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    Good rewards but expected something more
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    Morgan wrote: »
    care to answer HOW is even possible that the rewards for completing a much much harder 5.2 are overall WORSE than 5.1.

    I don't know if they are good enough for significantly enhanced difficulty, but they aren't worse.

    5.2 vs 5.1 rewards, completion:

    700 5* shards vs 400 5* shards
    2x T4B vs 2x T4B
    15 T4CC fragment crystals vs 10 T4CC fragment crystals
    1500 4* shards vs 800 4* shards
    160 units vs 130 units

    5.2 vs 5.1 rewards, full explore

    1200 5* shards vs 600 5* shards
    1 T4CC crystal vs 1 T4CC crystal
    30 T4CC fragment crystals vs 20 T4CC fragment crystals
    15 4* signature stone crystals vs 10 4* signature stone crystals
    270 units vs 240 units
    5 generic 4* signature stones vs 1200 4* shards
    4* rank up (rank 4 to rank 5) vs basic 4* awakening gem

    In every respect that allows for an apples to apples comparison, the 5.2 rewards are significantly better in quantity than the 5.1 rewards. The qualitative difference is 5.2 has generic 4* signature stones while 5.1 has 4* shards, and 5.2 has the random rank up while 5.1 has the awakening gem. I think different people would value the 4* awaken and the 4* rank up differently - given a choice I would take the rank up, but I could see someone wanting the awakening gem more - but I don't think you could make the case that the difference is so high in favor of an awakening gem that it completely swamps the fact that the 5.2 rewards are larger or better in every other case.

    Whether they are good enough for the increased difficulty is hard to say, because I don't know how much harder 5.2 is ultimately going to be. But they aren't literally worse.
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    Yep reading the rewards again & still just as disappointing as the 1st time reading them
    Wow. Just wow. I love that Kabam has made the switch to 5*s being the driving force in the game and yet make the rewards completely and utterly useless. As a few stated above, we get better rewards from a month of AQ. Seriously are you guys TRYING to make people quit?? It takes forever and a day to save up enough 5* shards for a basic 5* (let alone to dupe said champ) then, with fingers crossed, you pull Iron Patriot or Rhino. Again, and again, and again. Add to that we're not even getting a 4* awakening?! These rewards are laughable. I'm done.
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    No t2a no joy
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    The rank up ticket equates to 5 t4b 2 alphas and 3 t4c right? Just has to be used on a 4*. I really wanted t2a and 5* awakening snd shards so I am disappointed. However if I understand the rank up ticket correctly that's a pretty cool prize.
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    You guys are just benchmarking the announced rewards to the leaked rewards, hence the disappointment.
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    money grab, don't care for players, super underwhelming rewards indeed! its comical how every time you guys announce something, miss the mark by a lot 100% of the time! I haven't spent hundreds of thousands $$ on this game I've limited myself to wait for the not so sucky offers that stand out above all the ridiculous, overprized offers you do more often than not. don't you think it wont hurt your wallet if you give more to get more from your player base. remember Kabam you reap what you sow. and lately you keep putting these bad seeds in the game that has became a joke, circus, frustration. Fix your game!
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    Some thoughts about nodes since the opinion about the rewards have been adequately covered.

    Power shield: another way to punish those of us who spent thousands of units on suicides. You guys are so creative when it comes to this.

    Masochism: instant stun immunity. Should be loads of fun taking extra block damage since parrying will give them 5% health

    Buffet: same concept as above with dexterity. Evading will give 5% health

    All this fun for less 5☆ shards than a week of heavy arena grinding. Feeble
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    Nebula wrote: »
    I don't even understand why four star shards are in here as they are becoming obsolete and there are so many five star champions coming and you think 1200 5* shards for exploration is good. You guys rlly are the epitome of stupid
    I am at 220K rating and 4* champs are nowhere near becoming obsolete for me and this likely goes for many of the players here. I do agree that they need to better rewards and hope the Grandmaster's favor is truly an "advantageous proposition" with some kind of prices commensurate with the meaning of that phrase, but who knows.
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    sucking bad rewards! thank you for kidding us
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    This has to be some kind of joke. You're kidding right? Kabam? Hello? Do you actually even care about the community? Chapter 4 exploration gives more 5* rewards than this and chapter 4 was a breeze. These quests, which are the hardest quests apart from LOL, should give a minimum of AT LEAST HALF A 5* CRYSTAL upon full exploration. You guys are some sick bastards if you think this is a legitimate reward for completion.

    When you are at a point in the game where you are able to explore these chapters fully, you have no need for 4* rewards... FIVE 4* generic sig stones? That's a complete joke I hope. I mean, maybe like 30 or 50 or something much more reasonable for something that you claim to be the hardest content apart from LOL.

    If you want to provide 4* rewards, there must be AT LEAST a 4* generic awakening gem. You guys have actually gone bonkers with these rewards. Whoever gives the final say on rewards is a complete moron. You guys should legitimately be ashamed of yourselves. You call this customer appreciation month, then you come out with the most god awful garbage rewards for the hardest content. GET YOU **** **** TOGETHER KABAM! WAKE THE **** UP!
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    mcomp wrote: »
    Nebula wrote: »
    I don't even understand why four star shards are in here as they are becoming obsolete and there are so many five star champions coming and you think 1200 5* shards for exploration is good. You guys rlly are the epitome of stupid
    I am at 220K rating and 4* champs are nowhere near becoming obsolete for me and this likely goes for many of the players here. I do agree that they need to better rewards and hope the Grandmaster's favor is truly an "advantageous proposition" with some kind of prices commensurate with the meaning of that phrase, but who knows.

    Yes but with a 220k rating, you are likely not going to be able to fully explore this without paying a hefty price on potions and revives. It is the 300k+ that can actually explore this. And at that point, they don't give a **** about 4* champions because they have all the 4* champions they want and need. At this end-game point, the playerbase is looking for 5* content, not more 4* garbage that does not help their roster.
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    We all wait for new contents in the game and always excited to face new quest but this time the rewards are not even decent they are just useless in compared to chapter 1 I was excited and completed chapter 1 in 2-3 days becz that was a good challenge with good rewards but these rewards in chapter 2 are not even close to my expectations not just me everyone
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