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Should I rank up 4 star Corvus glaive or should I wait for a 5 star hero??

sparxcdnsparxcdn Posts: 9
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I have 2.3k 5 star shards . Should I rank Corvus up? Or should I wait till I get a 5 star?

Should I rank up 4 star Corvus glaive or should I wait for a 5 star hero?? 22 votes

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  • GreenRaptor413GreenRaptor413 Posts: 66
    edited January 12

    So if you only have a few 5* (based on Maestro post), then it may be several (or lots) of 5* pulls before actually getting a good choice in need of ranking up past what you can achieve by Max'ing out a 4*.

    A 4* r5/50 is roughly equivalent to a 5* r3/45. And Corvus would definitely be a good choice.

    You can take your best 4* up, and then as you actually get a good 5* you can do them too (but not all 5*, just because they are 5*).

    Imagine reaching 10,000 5* shards, and then opening Orig Cap, or Kamala Khan (or Groot).

    I agree with this. Corvus, even a r5 4* will be useful through act 5. As arguably one of the best cosmic champions he is great to have maxed

    Did you beat maestro btw?
  • sparxcdnsparxcdn Posts: 9
    edited January 12
    I have beat act 4 chapter 1 currently
  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,127 ★★★
    My 4* Corvus carried me through a ton of content.
  • Iron_J3Iron_J3 Posts: 269
    Yes. Rank Corvus up. Corvus will help you tons through Act 5. Don’t hope or bank on getting awesome 5* pulls at first. A few people might get lucky. Not me. My 1st ~15 pulls were very bad and it’s same with 6*. Thus, my 4* have helped a ton and always will in the arena (since Kabam has this brilliant idea not allowing 4* past Act 5).
  • JaceFace75JaceFace75 Posts: 63
    My 4 star Corvus was my MVP even after I started ranking up 5 stars. Corvus is very reliable and if you watch a video or 2 on him you will be able to really use him effectively
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