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What title are you currently using in game?



  • IvarTheBonelessIvarTheBoneless Posts: 1,107 ★★★★

    idk just love that title
  • Ngoalong711Ngoalong711 Posts: 229 ★★
    i am groot. it's basically mean anything we want
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 21,665 ★★★★★
    edited May 17

    Hater of Necro

    i’m as surprised as you are- i went “why did i bookmark this thread?” before i realized it was mine
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,496 ★★★★★
    Ashamed and Incompetent.

    I don't anticipate changing that for a long time. Love that title! :smiley:
  • AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,000 ★★★
    Feels royal

  • Vegeta9001Vegeta9001 Posts: 758 ★★★
    I used to use Conqueror with the Kang Profile pic, but now I just use Warbird or Bautista Bomb. Shame you never got titles for the really early boss rushes like Ming Nas cavalry quest thing.
  • MackeyMackey Posts: 1,484 ★★★★
    Of Royal Blood
  • MasterAMasterA Posts: 352 ★★
    Thronebreaker but pushing for paragon
  • rockykostonrockykoston Posts: 1,505 ★★★★
    I want to use Joe Fixit as my profile pic and need a title -

    "I'm the strength, I'm the power, you're just a shell"

    Currently using

  • TheWatcher_TheWatcher_ Posts: 153
    I have the Black Cat PFP and my title is "Cipher Decipher." It shall remain that way.
  • spidyjedi84spidyjedi84 Posts: 245 ★★
  • Pat_McGloin_1Pat_McGloin_1 Posts: 73
    Ancient One
  • UnOriginalUnOriginal Posts: 725 ★★★
    Yo soy groot because my account is in spanish
  • BeastDadBeastDad Posts: 1,044 ★★★★
  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 3,702 ★★★★★
    Top banana
    Have kept it since it came
  • BabyMiikeBabyMiike Posts: 1,122 ★★★★
  • Shamir51Shamir51 Posts: 744 ★★★
    I’ve used “Director of Shield” for as long as I can remember and my on my alt I use “Shield Agent”.
  • MattstafariMattstafari Posts: 684 ★★★
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 1,098 ★★★★
    Friendly Neighborhood Summoner
  • RealWizardRealWizard Posts: 87
    God of the abyss
  • PandingoPandingo Posts: 365 ★★★
    Once a true believer always a true believer rip
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,956 ★★★★★
    Protector of the Multiverse or whatever the current old guy title is.

    Dr. Zola
  • hyp3r05hyp3r05 Posts: 43
    On my main I’m using the swimsuit edition

    My alt has lethally blonde to go with a nice magik pfp
  • Manup456Manup456 Posts: 800 ★★★★
    King of Latveria
  • DukenpukeDukenpuke Posts: 589 ★★★
    "Legendary Canuck"

    With my being Canadian and all...

    Applies to me and my summoner.
  • Triplett789Triplett789 Posts: 4
    Top Banana
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
  • Elite13Elite13 Posts: 179
    Golden Win
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