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    Why can't we just get new 5s with the featured since there so many not added that will most likely not be used but better to add as a 5 star collection
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    Also @Kabam Miike , will the 18 champions be unique for every 3 months? i.e if antman is in the pool for the first batch, he wont be returning into the basic pool of crystal again for the next batch?
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    bradshaw84 wrote: »
    Beast, Jane foster, Cyclops, Ronan, Loki, Phoenix, Venompool, civil warrior, ant man amongst the 18 best and most used in aq and aw? GTFOH! LMAO!
    Just talked to the team, and they are comfortable with sharing the list of Champions we plan to include in the first Featured Champion Crystal. It's important to note that this list could still potentially change a little before the release, but the selected Champions are based on empirical data showing their effectiveness as 5-Star Champions in both Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars.

    Cyclops (New Xavier School)
    Thor (Ragnarok)

    Agent Venom

    Thor (Jane Foster)
    Punisher (2099)
    Civil Warrior
    Doctor Octopus

    Bold Text denotes Featured Champions.

    Thah a trash list to this to the team. And make Magik one the list with. Ice man. And AA. If u lissing take it to the team
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    I've never seen somebody using ant-man in AW or AQ :D :
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    edited January 2018
    No one likes the list please here our suggestions instead.

    We won't see any god tiers will we such as stark or iceman otherwise they would have been here first.
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    Just to throw my two cents in here....if we are paying an extra 5,000 crystals for a chance at a specific champion should not the odds of pulling one be a bit higher?
    A pool of 18 basic and 6 featured gives us a 4.17% chance to pull one of the 24 champions. Further it gives us a 75% chance to pull a basic champ and only a 25% chance to pull a featured!
    What if you doubled the odds of pulling a featured champ? This would change the odds of pulling a basic champ to 60% and a featured to 40%.....just a thought.
  • Can we still get the regular 5 star crystal
  • MSpawnMSpawn Posts: 88
    It’s basically the same crystal. What’s really different? Because there are now 6 featured champions? That’s redundant kind of, because if I only wanted a specific one, chances are still higher that I get 1 of the other undesired 23. Is this Kabam’s attempt at a disclosure of odds or another marketing spin? Lol
  • clamch0wderclamch0wder Posts: 20
    Curious to see this so called, "empirical" data.
    Or is someone been partaking in too much of the happy grass?
  • Can we still get the regular 5 star crystal

    The Regular 5-Star Hero Crystal is not going anywhere! It will still be available for 10,000 5-Star Shards.
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    Grimmbear wrote: »
    I mean this in the worst of ways. Your team is deluded. In what universe are those champs even semi useful? Tier 20? There is NOBODY in any decent ally using 90% of those champs anywhere but defense (and only a couple for that) let alone **** attack or aq. They are NOT top options. Not a single one is god tier. Pathetic. Open your eyes.

    If you are not a fan of the Champions in the Crystal, you can always wait until the Featured Champion you like is added to the Basic Pool, like the 3-Star and 4-Star Champions.

    Also, nobody said they are the top Champions, and while player perception of these Champions may differ, these Champions are ones that people use to great success.
    U pusih. When we hav tier2 aplah But dont hav the good champ to take op. Thah just a pusihe so either get. Better champ in this list. Or get cap to tier2 aplah to 20.
    Well there goes my hopes on saving for a 5* TM featured guess ill just hope i get enough for blade now.
  • vd016vd016 Posts: 48
    This is what you can do

    Rotate 1 featured champ every time a new champ is added or atleast reduce the 3month roatation time.

    Keep the chance of acquiring the champ from featured pool higher than champ from the basic pool. Else there is no point in calling it a "featured" crystal.
  • Tru_ETru_E Posts: 23
    Good luck to the people with 3+ of the same class awakening gems.
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