Losing control of champs [Under Investigation]



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    Ye, I had a big problem in master. Especially with SL and against drax n black bolt.
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    I put a ticket in on this issue. Using a 2nd Gen IPAD Air and been experiencing the same problems. Started Monday morning.
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    @Kabam Wolf

    My question is... why are the youtubers in the development program not experiencing the same issues we are? Do they have a different version then the rest of the community so the game issues are not being spread across the world on how bad the current state of the game is?

    They play with newer devices with faster processing power i.e. iPad pro's, iPhone 8 or X's. They also position their hands so the skin on their fingers dont touch the edge to edge screens causing the issues people are complaining about. I upgraded my phone and changed how I held the devices and no longer get any lag or random dashing.
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 160
    It is definitely not how im holding the game as I play 2 different ways. When my hands are bad I have to play on my tablet. I don't hold it at all and play one handed. I have the same issues with dropping blocks n dashing forward as i do on my phone where i play 2 handed n hold the device.
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    Ummm Rich the man has said he's had these issues. There's a YouTuber for ya who has commented on this issue.
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    Been bad for me this morning again, two fights in AQ map 6 against unblockable sp2 yj and unblockable sp1 vision. Happened with both ghost rider and iceman against yj, wouldn't evade and just stood still after first dash back trying to evade his sp2. Against vision using magik, i dash back and hold block down after and she decides to dash in on her own instead of blocking. Can't imagine how much longer it will take to fix this, it's already been what half a year and no progress at all and the only updates are that you are still looking into it.
  • When i evade special attack. Suddenly my champ forward to attack itself. I thought it was my fault. But right now it happen everytime, in AQ or event quest. At all place u can think of. I now cant even evade rhino sp2. Which is the easiest sp2 u can evade. Right now i just have to block and lost my health rather than losing my champ control. Seriously this is a bug kabam. Fix it like before this game was good.
  • Playing map 5 in AQ today, rhino triggered his sp2 attack, I evaded the first hit and swiped back again and instead my hero charged straight into his attack and suicided herself (x-23). I had this happen again yesterday in ROL, wolverine backed off from winter soldier's sp2 attack as it started, I'm holding my finger on the screen for 2 seconds before he starts firing his machine gun and wolvie stood there without blocking and took it in the face. Didn't ko me, thankfully.

    This is unacceptable quality control for a game that requires such critical timing and deft moves in order to complete things like act 5 or uncollected difficulty where one missed parry or block, or evade means certain death in response.
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    This is happening nonstop.

    I love it when my r4 Stark Spidey just randomly rushes in Void's heavy attack for no reason. Or when in AQ my players decide to drop blocks after the first hit of a 5 hit combo. It's soooooo convenient that it only happens in important fights where I'm more likely to spend to complete. Shame on you!
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    In AQ this morning Magik refused to block, once I lost her to BS because she wouldn’t block, I used iceman and had no issues.

    Doesn’t make sense at all. Magik refused to block and iceman went untouched?

    I’ve been noticing the same when using magik .. something wrong with her blocking
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    Happy SIX MONTH anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Bs.
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    Reference wrote: »
    I just experienced the same problems and then searched over internet....oh actually this is not my own issue!
    I used AA in AQ, I tried to block but then AA suddently move forward to fight! Crazy!
    I supposed there is no A.I. mode in AQ and thus it must be program bugs.

    I noticed my AA in every game mode takes longer to block than any other character I use. Very annoying

    AA has been changed the last couple of days. His parry timing is way off, especially against dash attacks.
  • The update waiting game continues...
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 313 ★★
    No idea what to report anymore ... so many issues ..and Lag is number 1 ...

    Kabam is like - I got 99 promblems but I [email protected]&$ ain’t one...
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    TimmyPD wrote: »
    When are we ever going to get a bloody update from Kabam? It seems to me the only time they ever respond, well the mods that is, is when you use foul language in a post. Evade does not work. My champs just stand there like idiots and get hit. The mechanics of this game are all over the place.

    Sorry but they are still looking into this for almost 7 months! :lol: It's like "ok let them get over it and spend lots of units instead" but that's impossible to get over this bs all over the place! The harder content is like 10x harder because of this bugs and terrible lag.
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 313 ★★
    Fighting Dormammu in aq map 5 and my vision decides to dash back twice by himself ..

    Well better than dashing forward and commit suicide lol
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    Did anyone notice when the first Sparky/AA arena ended most of these issues disappeared, then when the second Sparky/AA arena started the problems returned? I am trying to dupe my 4* Sparky in arenas but am lucky to string 2 wins together and AQ is a nightmare. grrrrr
  • WOW didn't take long to find a thread on this topic. Kabam can even watch some YOUTUBERS having this same issue...any MODS commented yet?
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    Nope, silence is deafening.
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    I’ll start, and hopefully Kabam reads this thread as at the end of the day, they should address what is making players no longer want to spend...

    ... doing AQ and AW vs god champs combined with unavoidable dmg nodes and spending tons of unfarmable (very few vs end game content unit need) units to revive and heal up and you either get your fighters move suddenly on their own or drop blocks or just today, play as if they are on auto play in AW and die to a 3 shot combo.

    I’ve had it for good.
  • When your in the middle of arena grind, but every 2 hits your champion moves back. I'm having this kinda issue to
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