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T-Mobile - Connection issue [Merged]



  • Lex_Luger21Lex_Luger21 Posts: 69
    Hey All,

    Can you let me know if you're seeing this on WiFi or your Network?

    Yeah mine doesnt work without wifi
  • SeamusRedSeamusRed Posts: 15
    Same here. And before Mike can say it I have tried deleting and reinstalling a dozen times so please come up with a real solution.
  • Harold1980Harold1980 Posts: 20
    Same here! I’m also with T-Mobile WTF is going on?
  • TheYakAttackTheYakAttack Posts: 15
    Seems like T-Mobile iPhone customers should get some sort of compensations from Kabam. Even the alliances we're in get the short stick cause we can't do AW or AQ without wifi. Some folks work wifi blocks the mcoc. :neutral:
  • Pr0t0t7p3Pr0t0t7p3 Posts: 187
    I am being switched over to T-Mobile today which means I will likely lose my ability to login and play over the network and there is no WIFI available. I have iPhone 6S on iOS 10.2.1 with unlimited 4G LTE. Please let us know what is going on @Kabam Miike
  • ThePharaohThePharaoh Posts: 15
    Almost 24hrs and no word yet.
    I understand you guys said we will look into that issue, yet nothing been fixed or acknowledge there’s a bug.
    The game is only working on WiFi.
  • This is garbage
  • SeamusRedSeamusRed Posts: 15
    Been almost 24 hours and nothing. Just start leaving 1 star reviews in the App Store until they fix it.
  • I’ve got an alliance member with T-Mobile and his works just fine. Sorry alliance for kabams garbage.
  • SeamusRedSeamusRed Posts: 15
    Only works on WiFi. Tried reinstalling numerous times. Stop recommending that Mike. I suggest everyone leave 1 star reviews in the App Store until this becomes more of a priority.
  • T-mobile customer here, can not connect over mobile data just wifi.
  • Having same issue. Cannot connect to Tmobile LTE network after update. Wifi works fine. On iphone 8+.
  • HarpontoneHarpontone Posts: 11
    Thanks everybody.

    We're looking into this whole thing right now. The team is hard at work figuring out just what is up, and we will let you know if we have any news to share, or need any more information from you all.

    This is a very odd situation...

    Same issue, T-mobile LTE, iPhone 6s. Odd indeed, but it doesnt excuse ghosting the entire group of players affected by this "update".
  • Harold1980Harold1980 Posts: 20
    I was starting to think it was cause the iPhone new update but Samsung is also having the same issues.
  • Yup iPhone X T-Mobile. That’s total I’ve been posting about this since 1:20 pm Eastern time yesterday glad you guys took time out of your day to finally respond!!!! >:-0
  • Iam having the same issue since yesterday couldn’t even play tha game got aq to join
  • Josh056Josh056 Posts: 126
    @Kabam Miike this is happening to several people in my alliance. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that this is right in the middle of AQ day 4. This is going to prevent us from completing map5. We’re an alliance that hangs out in the lower rankings of expert tier. This will more than likely cause us to drop into advance tier through no fault of our own. Can something be done to prevent this?
  • CAD07CAD07 Posts: 83
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Zibiit mods please give us a REAL answer... this very disrespectful on your part! Just because this issue is not affecting the entire community, doesn't mean you gotta ignore it! I have dropped so much cash on this game just to be screwed the way i am at the moment...... excuse my language. it has been over 24hrs and i cant even log in......
  • Harold1980Harold1980 Posts: 20
    iPhone 7plus with software 11.2.5 T-Mobile customer
  • Gematria78Gematria78 Posts: 11
    I’m have the same issues and I’m on T-Mobile network as well.
  • iPhone X, iOS 11.2.5, T-Mobile Lte. Unable to load game on cellular network. Able to access via WiFi only.
  • Linx79Linx79 Posts: 6
    My alliance is asking me for my login info so they are not stuck in AQ/AW.... will I get banned for sharing Kabam?!?
  • Yes account sharing is against terms of service
  • jj991987jj991987 Posts: 7
    This has got to be fixed I can only bum off my friend's hot spot for so long. I only have cell service there is no internet offering where i live. I am on t-mobile iphone 8. EVERYTHING else works fine.
  • SmokeydaleSmokeydale Posts: 26
    @Linx79 first rule about fight club is we don’t talk about fight club
  • CAD07CAD07 Posts: 83
    jj991987 wrote: »
    This has got to be fixed I can only bum off my friend's hot spot for so long. I only have cell service there is no internet offering where i live. I am on t-mobile iphone 8. EVERYTHING else works fine.

    haha(x sorry bro that made me laugh a bit "bum off my friends hot spot" BUT on a serious note: yes they gotta fix this, I'm sure if the big youtubers were getting screwed like this they would be on it.
  • JcAll5TarJcAll5Tar Posts: 2
    Its been nearly 24hrs since i updated. Im on Iphone 7+ T-Moblie
  • SmokeydaleSmokeydale Posts: 26
    Honestly I just want a response I understand it’s a weird bug but damn at least tell us something...almost a full day without playing... it’s killing me. I’m so close to a damn 6*... I had planned on opening yesterday but obviously that hasn’t happened yet
  • smh Please fix this T-Mobile iPhone issue ive been trying to log in for the past 24 hours!!!!!!
  • CAD07CAD07 Posts: 83
    @Ad0ra_ can you please comment on this issue? i would really appreciate it, its very frustrating situation. its been nearly 24hrs and still haven't been able to log in, i was able to log in when getting home (for 2 hours_ wifi)...I am always on the road so wifi is not an option for me, please fix this :) thanks in advance.
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