Alliance Quest Miniboss and Sentinel Refresh - April 2018 - Discussion Thread [Updated April 13]



  • olá venho mostra minha insatisfação com o jogo a respeito dessas m5 adicionado sentinelas que estão num nível de muito apelação, não sou contra mudanças acho até legal e necessário para o jogo mais aparti do momento que são feitas mudanças bruscas vocês altera a qualidade do jogo prejudicando vários jogadores,eu mesmo tinha o prazer de entra e jogar todos os dias mais com essas alterações que fizeram perdi até o prazer jogar não só eu mais vários jogadores,já cometeram esse erro outra vez nefando vários campeão e pagaram muito caro por isso deixando muita gente insatisfeito ,por favor aguardo resposta se vai contínua assim ou vai te mudanças para volta ser aquele jogo agradável de jogar.
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    Here's how I see this

    I agree the AQ needed updating because let's be fair, the lack of alphas and items in milestones is annoying mostly everyone. Yes they're available from Glory store but you're allowed limited amounts from there.

    The addition of these Sentineloids have caused massive divisions between alliances and I politely ask you this. Why change the General Opponents? The symbioids were doing fine. Tbh there should have been Zealots as opponents as Dormammu enslaved them to work for him.

    Now the Rewards are ok but tbh there needs to be some other way to gain the relevant rewards for that bracket. So for example atm all brackets have the same rewards but different milestones. Maybe add another way to get extra rewards by knocking out mini bosses and bosses with specials or Debuffs. That imo will make the whole mode more appealing and essentially more fun because atm it's not fun at all with these Sentineloids defeating every champion you throw at them.

    All in all, once these Sentineloids have been adapted to and more beatable. I'm sure AQ will change and maybe even be more fun.

    I'm not asking for a backlash against your decision to make this game more taxing, but am just asking for you to consider what the faĺlout might be when AQ finishes later tonight because I'm sure there will be players who feel exhausted just fighting in a Alliance Quest this week.

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    Kabam doesn't even let you evade/dodge Sentinels special 2 with most champions lmao.
    @Kabam Miike You guys seem to never respond to most posts so I hope you guys see this one loud and clear.
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    is it just me or sentinels animations and their size is really annoying ?
    and i can feel some delay in animation and their actual movements ...
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    Their animations are a bit weird, and their fighting style is too. #RealChampsPlease
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    Kabam doesn't even let you evade/dodge Sentinels special 2 with most champions lmao.
    @Kabam Miike You guys seem to never respond to most posts so I hope you guys see this one loud and clear.
    Read the science sentineloids abilities. When he is knocked down he places debuffs on you that hamper your ability to use dexterity and evade. These are also placed when you are tagged by his specials.
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    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    khehmist wrote: »
    My interpretation of this is that “We’re looking to see if people are actually quitting the game or reducing purchase rates. If they are, we’ll figure out how little we need to change to keep our revenues up.”

    How close was I Adora?

    Not at all close, but you don't know me, are feeling frustrated about something you don't like happening to a game you want to really enjoy, and don't want to take my words at face value. I understand all of that. It makes me a bit sad, but I get it. The team will continue to look at both data and player feedback to make an informed step forward.

    I hope you have a good evening, regardless :) If you have more specific thoughts about an improvement you'd like to see to address your main frustrations with the changes, feel free to add them. If you've already posted those, thank you!

    Adora, the reason over 99% of the community wont take your words, or any other Kabam spokesman, at face value is because your team doesn’t listen to the community. We have collectively requested bugs be fixed, some more than 6 months. We have requested more difficult, yet fair content. We have requested better rewards for increased difficulty. All Kabam likes to do is make it about their bottom line.

    IF or WHEN Kabam makes a minor step to listen to the community, we make take your words for what you are trying to say. I agree, there are a lot of folks here that complain to complain. But Kabam has gone to far and your “reviewing data” means the community will continue to take it in the shorts. I have seen a lot of options that could show that Kabam is trying to see things from the communities standpoint. Lower/stop map costs while you review. Lower potion cost while you review. Turn off Sentinel Awakened ability while you review. Just a few minor things that could go a long way.
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    we hit 70m and stayed in expert tier by 8 places....
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    First results of Kabams AQ Changes:

    We reached 106kk Points this AQ session - approx as usually.

    BUT: we finished 250 Spots higher in the session Ranking... what would this tell a straighforward thinking expert at Kabam?
    Maybe the players declined in skill? Or the sentinels are still „new“? Or that People give a damn **** on the new AQ, the old bad rewards and either quit playing Map 5/6 or quit the game completely.

    Great work guys!
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    The forums are flooded with recruitment requests, seriously, your games out of balance kabam, damage control needed Asap
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    Our AQ score dropped from 104m last week to 84m this week. Six players quit our alliance.

    One of the problems with war seasons is that people will wait to move until it ends, and many alliances will get screwed in the weeks that follow.
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    That wasn't a lucky guess.

    No, it was a very educated one! 😉
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    who will save us?
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    Just remove sentinels and set anythor champ, isnt to hard
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    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    Hey everyone! Wanted to drop in and let you know that we are paying close attention to everyone's feedback about the new changes to Alliance Quests. We understand that these updates have caused a shakeup to Summoner’s existing strategies and rosters. As we've noted previously, although our intention was not to explicitly increase the difficulty of the new Sentinel fights compared with the previous Symbioid encounters, we understand that the new abilities and immunities they possess require a pretty sizable change in approach, or outright prevent some older strategies.

    The Game Team is keeping a close eye on the data behind the scenes to get a complete picture of how these changes have affected players across all tiers of the game. This information goes hand in hand with the important feedback everyone has given here on the forums and will help us as we move forward. Please be patient as we review this round of Alliance Quest data and determine where action may be needed.

    And, as always, please be mindful of the forum rules when posting. We want to hear your feedback and criticism, but it must be provided in a clear, constructive way.

    Thank you for your passion!

    So despite hundreds of post from people who actually play the game, you're not going to admit that you made AQ harder? lol, that's amazing.
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    Beside the fact that I don't have any particular problem with the sentinels (but OMG members of my ally have!), what I don't understand is why kabam never understand what they are doing in advance.

    The minute they announced the sentinels, just like many other announcements, we said THIS IS PURE BS! Didn't need a genius to understand the damage you were going to make, a basic understand of the game mechanic was enough.

    Now, after the ton of heat they've (everytime) got, we get the same answer: "The Game Team is keeping a close eye on the data". In "few" weeks, next answer will be something like: "It's not easy to adjust things, be patient" and then, after months of people quitting and/or spending more, things will be finally reverted or upgraded to a new level with some increase in stupid shards.

    Meanwhile, 4 members and 2 longtime officials from my ally are gone.

    Thank you.
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    edited April 2018

    Game froze when sentinel hit me with sp2
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    But it looks interesting to play with different Enemys...i think there are many counters for sentinel...
  • I have no issue with change. It was needed. But I’m not happy with this so far. I’m sure we’ll adapt, but the question is still how long for? If it’s just for a few weeks, at least I’ll be able to make ranking decisions (or not) for the new challenge. If it’s for the foreseeable, I’ll definitely need to rank certain champs up first. It’s the uncertainty of it all.
    I realise that the halls of healing were intended to soften the blow of it all. At zero energy, it was great to stock up, but it was still very time consuming. I managed to do most of it, but not everyone did.
    The sentinels are just such a drag to fight. The rewards were already pretty meagre for the effort put in, so now it's a real slog to get 30 ppl motivated to get through a week of it all.
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    My alliance is a 15 million rated alliance we have been doing map 5x5 for past year 100% every time. You added Sentinels and all of a sudden we struggled to get through the first section without using pots and day 4 had a BG not finish. We also have had 4 people quit the game and 5 more waiting until the end of our war we are in to finish. But no you didn’t make it harder. You just killed Wolverine because he heals too much and you don’t get enough people buying alliance pots. Be honest @Kabam Miike this is a way to increase difficulty. I know there are counters. But symbiods don’t need counters. There for you did increase the difficulty and you know you did. Get rid of the stupid sentinels. They are annoying as hell. I did the halls of healing everyday and stocked up knowing it was going to be rough. I maybe use 1-3 pots on day 4 and 5. I use all 15 pots day 2 and 3. Only fights I lost on were sentinels that can hit me even when I’m blocking and all there many other annoying abilities.
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    Ok so my alliance members are dropping like flies, officers and regular members... gold 1... don't know if I'll still be playing this but I wonder if we will do as good this war season after this ****. These are ppl we've bonded with... this is sad... truly sad... If i wasn't an officer I probably would have left already too
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    bump. i am a paying customer and i need some answers on this. allys are losing members because day 5 of aq is unbearable when fighting these over powered sentinels
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