Do 4 stars have a future in this game anymore ?



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    I'm 563k rated, uncollected and in a gold 1 alliance with a 14 million rating, my prestige is 5.5k and I still have to use 4* in defence and attack and in AQ map 5.

    My 5* simply aren't good enough and get steam rolled in defence.

    I use 4* holy trinity with 4* AA and switch between 5* SL and 4* Voodoo for questing.

    For me 4* are still a very important part of the game.
  • I would rank up more 4 stars if the costs were not so high. Reduce the costs from three to two T4CC and I am back on board again.
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    ^^^ To be fair, I became Uncollected (one pass through Act 5.1 & 5.2) entirely with 4* champs back in December. I didn't start pulling and ranking good 5* champs until after that. Even then, I still only have two 5* champs that I use regularly (Blade & Voodoo).
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    You need to ask yourself this question: how many 5* can you bring to R4? As of now, a player who 100% Act 5, 100% LoL and finish war season in Master bracket can have maximum 2 5*R5, 3 6* and 6-9 5*R4. An average player in Platinum (top 300) alliances normally own 1 5*R5, 2 6* and 5-6 5*R4. So, even an end game player at the very top doesn’t have 16 5*R4 or higher due to resources restriction.

    Considering the fact that a 5* R3 is not stronger than a 4* R4, so yes, 4* is still useful in game. I would rather rank up 4* Blade, Void, Domino, Corvus, etc than 90% of champs in my 5* roster. But in one year, that could change especially if Kabam give out more T2A and T5B.
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    4* Scarlet Witch is keeping 4* relevant
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    I do think 4* champs have a place to continue using for arenas due to refresh timer.
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    At first, I though no. But now, I believe still have future at the moment. Reasons:

    1. Most of quests and AQ can be solved by 4*, even your fighting skills are so so.
    2. 4* no need T2A. Which is very important for rank 4 / 5 those 5*. If you have limited T4A, while your t4cc is flooding, rank 5 a 4* still not too bad.
    3. You have a hope for RDT.......! XDD
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    Yes, even I have 5*r4 I still still rank up few 4* champions b’coz they’re still useful on some event, and I still thinking to rank5 my 4*r4 lv99 archangel even he’s nerfed in some way.
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    4 stars that have unique uses or are specifically crafted to help with something are useful until you can replace them with a stronger one. For example, magik is the best power control champ in the game, there may be a path on something with serious power gain. If you have her as a 4* but not above then she will help much more than say a 5* sabertooth.
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    Zzz wrote: »
    Yes, even I have 5*r4 I still still rank up few 4* champions b’coz they’re still useful on some event, and I still thinking to rank5 my 4*r4 lv99 archangel even he’s nerfed in some way.

    AA is one of the 4* worth to 50/50, if you duped him!
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    the concept that 4* is what 3* use to be when 5* first came out is wrong. When 5* first came out, mid tier player started having a team of 4/40 and high tier having team of 5/50. A 4* 4/40 is twice as strong as a maxed 3* and 5/50 4* is 2.5 time stronger. At the moment we are speaking mid tier only have 5-8 r4 5*, while only the strong having maxed 5*. And a r4 5* is only 1.5 times stronger than a 4* so 4* can still hold it own against them
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    I still use my 4* ArchAngel ... like on that rage lane in Uncollected.

    I have one r5 5*, several r4 and 2 6* ... so god tier 4* that you don't have in 5* or 6* category are still helpful ... Also used the 4* Loki on 5.4 ultron
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    For certain arenas. Also if they bring back dungeons
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    _GRINDER_ wrote: »
    For offense 4 stars are fine .. not for alliance war defense imo

    Unless you have 4* modok or medusa or IMIW or Domino or.....yeah I have to admit there are still some great 4* defenders and some new ones coming out. Did I mention IMIW?
    I do most of uncollected quest content, AW, and AQ with 5/50 4*s and sometimes 4/40 4*s like my GR or Luke Cage still serve me well. Just longer fights occasionally. Only have 2 5*s worth much right now.
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    only a handful if that, but they are still very much relivant for mid game players. There is still a ton of content that can be done with 4* champs. As far as end game players it usually for synergies only in my experience. Gold 1/Plat 3 we still use some in defense bc of diversity.
  • If you want to progress stop ranking them up to 5/50 because at the end of the day you are using your class cats which we all know aren't easy to get. As for me i have never yet ranked any of my champs past 4/40. 5* are the norm now and 6* soon will be. Are kabam making rank us resources easier to come by? Nope..... so why waste them with no chance to downgrade champions to recover material.
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    Considering the fact that a 5* R3 is not stronger than a 4* R4, so yes, 4* is still useful in game.

    But they are stronger. More health, more attack, etc. Not by a huge amount, but there is still a difference. Besides, for diversity I'd rather place a **** 5 star r3 than a **** 4 star 5/50.
    the only 4*s that matter are sw, thor, and electro(for strictly aw defence). so 4*s are still somewhat relevent till they release the 5* versions of those guys..hopefully

    I have all of those and I stopped using any of them. When you get 5 stars that hit harder than those then they stop having value. Sure, some 4 stars have good utility that you might not have in 5 stars. But why would I ever bring a 4 star SW over my 5 star Voodoo? 4 stars just don't do enough damage and take too much block damage to make up for their unique utility.

    Not to mention I steamroll all content with a 5/65. Why would I bother using a 4 star with utility to counter Magik with Limbo damage, when I can just facetank the puny limbo damage with my 5/65. 5/65 has so much health and attack it makes all 4 stars irrelevant.

    Also: lol @ 4 star electro in defense
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    _GRINDER_ wrote: »
    But honestly my r3 Falcon would hit harder than a 4 star rank 5 Xbones
    -No, it cannot.

    In reply to your original question, whether 4 stars are relevant or not depends on your current progression level. If you are at a level that you can easily obtain T2A, then 5 stars are the way to go. Otherwise, there is only a marginal difference between 4 star R5 and a 5 star R3.

    I am a member of a gold 1 alliance and run map 5 every AQ. I can't afford to upgrade all my 5 star champs. They are heavily taxing on my resources. I do agree however that 4 stars are not worth much in higher tier wars.

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    for me 4* are still very important. my only good 5* are Blade and Spider-man (Stark), the rest is garbage like Hulkbuster and Iron Fist. I have good 4* like Hyperion, Magic, Iceman, Ghost Rider and such. I use them and my 5* Blade and Spider-man. If I get a really exceptional 4*, I take it to rank 5, like Scarlet Witch a few weeks ago. other than that, I currently don't rank much, I save the catalysts for god-tier 5*
  • Well in my opinion if you have 4* worth ranking definitely do some point we will get rank down tickets and given that 5* and 6* champions have a higher ceiling by the time you get to that part of your journey as a summoner you can use said tickets so I'm no way are you hurting yourself and yes 4 stars are very much still useful. though we are experiencing a slight shift in balance 3* are not NEARLY as useful as 4 stars when u factor in content such as completing master events and even act 5 but I'm sure once they roll out 5.3 and moving forward to act 6 ECT. 4* will be considered a lot less valuable but with new players and accounts being made constantly all tiers of champions will always be useful so I guess the answer to your question depends on summoner lvl and competition
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