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  • Lunatik1126Lunatik1126 Posts: 1
    Facing the same defender over and over is going to get annoying and besides that once you get the hang of that defender the change will be pointless. I like diversity because you actually had to strategize a bit more. I wanted so many resources ranking up for diversity which are now lost. Common kabam I like keeping things fresh too and making it a little more difficult but that change is going overboard. The time and/or money put in by the loyal players for diversity was now deemed pointless and it will turn some people off. Listen to your loyal players!
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    PaytoPlay wrote: »
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    and what about awakening gems for us that awakened champs used strictly for war?

    You can still use those Champions on Defense if you please, and might want to use them again in the future. This was a choice based on the Meta of the game at the time. The Meta will always change, and what might be a great Champion on Defense now, might not be in a few weeks, or a month, and then could end up as the top defender again in another 4 months.

    There will be no Rank Down Tickets, or anything of the like, for this Change.

    EDIT: For Clarity

    I accept that meta of the champions and game modes are always changing... But kabam is changing existing game functionality that people are forced to rank up garbage champions with scarce resources just to win.... Not giving out RDT seems very unreasonable. What am I going to do with my 5* r4 she hulk now.

    OMG!! This is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. Anybody who took 5* she hulk to r4 should be stuck with her for life.. lmao Did you think she would be tougher to beat at r4 than at r2 or r3? Did she actually ever get you a kill?
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    This is 12.0 all over again. Cmon guys, have you learned nothing? I understand this is a business, but why does it have to be such a shady business? How many times is kabam going to make huge changes, force you to adhere to those changes in order to compete, then slip the rug from under you later on? If your going to do something like that, at least do the right thing and offer rank down tickets. Because you “may or may not” bring back diversity at some point doesn’t make any of this okay.
  • PetemuzPetemuz Posts: 11
    I could understand making wars harder if defenders weren’t getting kills but they are! And we still use items to clear some nodes as it is?? So why not leave the difficulty and just have it on defender kills, aren’t Kabam rich enough?
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 15,111 Guardian
    Shortening the season to 4 weeks while keeping the minimum for rewards at 5 is a pretty big kick in the nuts to more casual alliances who don't run constant war.

    That's a bit harsh, but I would say that reducing the minimum war requirement from five to four would mean that casual alliances that fight one war a week could then still qualify for rewards, which seems entirely reasonable to me.
  • We have two AW systems that don't work.

    The last one forced players to rank up champions that are not likely to be used elsewhere. Top alliances chose which champs each player must rank. It was a collective approach and if one wanted to remain in a certain ally, that player had to chew it up and rank them regardless (some players r4 some champs suitable for defense; most of the times we are talking about r3). We spent a certain amount of gold and resources that we wouldn't be spending at all if it wasn't for diversity.

    Now, we are returning to the system we had before and that encourages players to have a lot of top defenders and MD (new iron man; domino; magik; dormammu; iceman; mordo among many others).

    Again, we must adapt to Kabam's ideas at a pace that we can't keep up. We were going in a certain direction but all of a sudden it changes again. To all this, we must add the new champs that bring unthinkable buffs and features: auto block (both on interception and at certain hits; unblockable specials; passive regen; killing based on "luck (?!); insane damage and whatever...).

    The reasonable thing for Kabam to do was to give the players the chance to reset the rank ups or to add "sell" buttons and allow us to get rid of our champs to get the resources back. Keeping things like this is a "no way" for me and I'm retiring from platinum 2 and 3 alliances.
  • Jones979Jones979 Posts: 84
    Changing the game to directly affect which champs get ranked up, then switching it back is ****. Then to flat out say that no RDTs will be given out is just disrespectful to the player base. “The meta of the game is changing” is just their excuse to squeeze more money out of us. You guys are brutal.

  • NinjAlanNinjAlan Posts: 358 ★★★
    Hello Kabam, your ENTIRE community is calling. These changes are NOT OK. Rank down tickets aren't the issue. The blatant cash grab and requiring us to spend a ton on potions and t2a deals and fgmc is. Shifting the meta you say? These changes are pushing us to a cash spending meta and we see very clearly through it
  • sn8kblacksn8kblack Posts: 28
    you should give us rank down ticket for this changes
  • woaITwoaIT Posts: 3
    ASV27 wrote: »
    ASV27 wrote: »
    like the shorter season but the price to complete the maps just quadrupled. No more free fights and harder nodes.

    So, with the exception of those Nodes on Challenger and Expert that we mentioned, we haven't made any other nodes harder. The new Nodes are meant to make things more difficult, but will also be visible from the get go, so Attackers are able to bring in champions to specifically counter whatever Champion they see there.

    Removing diversity is much more important than the new nodes. There's gonna be 10+ IMIWs and Dorms on every map. I get why you did it, but it just stinks for the players.

    I don't think anybody wants to place 10 Dormammu on a Map anymore... The Meta has shifted quite a bit since Diversity was introduced, and some of the former best Defenders have met their match now. Others may seem difficult right now, but Players have already started to find the counters needed for them! This will continue to happen in cycles, because that's just the nature of a game like this!

    Miike, mb u dont think coz u dont love your game and dont play your game? I play in 3 alliance, coz your stupid rules about piloting is forse to play just this way, and not in one alliance... And... What i see in all chats? U know?
    New def will be full with dorm, imiw, domino, medusa, modok and few other champs. In all alliances talk about it. And u dont think so... Ok...
    And a lot of us upgrade champs for diversity, and last time u say that diversity must work as 150 for alliance, this is more that 50 for BG, and now u put it down at all, and we stay with awful champs for nothing... GG as usual...
  • BenLucasBenLucas Posts: 69
    I dont want Rank down tickets, That perpetuates these changes.

    Instead , I would expect changes would be sensible, well thought out and measured.

    Kabam, you went nuclear (like Chernobyl nuclear) on your community... reconsider...

  • Kade7175Kade7175 Posts: 304 ★★
    This sucks. There were all the server problems last month, all the offers are more expensive for less value, now rewards are garbage in the lower tiers, half a 4* and 500 5* shards. 16 days of play, harder play because until the lower guys like myself get blade or imiw or domino in 3 years, we will be facing the toughest defenders. The deadpool arena gives 1200 4* shards for 1.1 mil points and thats a day grind, so why go for half a t4b and 10004* shards a month. Why cant you see this. Give us better rewards. This pym thing too what a joke
  • KbugiiKbugii Posts: 154 ★★
    These changes to AW aren’t bad everyone just needs a stop complaining and adapt to the meta. Rank down tickets aren’t need EVER cause nobody made you rank up a certain champ but you.

    Really? As I recall most weren’t happy about diversity when it first came out but guess what? We had to adapt and we played by the rules Kabam our into place. No one made us rank up certain champs? I beg to differ. By Kabam making diversity part of the scoring system they made us do it in order to compete. I have 4 of my 5 defenders who are really crappy champs that will get no use in my game now. I had to spend all those resources that didn’t just come overnight in order to do. Yeah I have a Medusa but didn’t have to use her on defense because another alliance mate did so I got use out of other champs. I spent a bunch of resources on electro forndefense. I’d much rather those have gone into my void but void was already on defense. Don’t make statements that no one made us when we were following the rules set into place. If Kabam hadn’t put diversity into war then guess what? We wouldn’t have had to rank up other champs.
  • TheAngryOneTheAngryOne Posts: 340 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike
    Handing out rank down tickets is the least you can do. You should do.

    Remove diversity but maybe introduce it again? You guys need to make up your mind.
  • boss6390boss6390 Posts: 35
    sbb75 wrote: »
    Would like kabam verification on updated scoring system.
    Does it still ignore common senses and fundamental mathematics?

    Since the AW overhaul you are sticking with a fixed cap scoring system the SAME for all alliances. And removing 1 if the scoring categories?

    The purpose of this new updated AW scorIng change is to reduce 100% exploring with maximizing difficulty and then wait and see???

    Still not thinking about rewarding skill based points that aren’t capped (defender kills).

    Or the obvious solution. Make it not possible to get 100% EVER by adding more paths and different ways of killing the boss with difficulty weighed into the score. Like countless real contest??

    Most important question for
    @Kabam Miike does the Meta show these changes are helping the psyche of all those players you were concerned with. How the pressure of not giving away defender kills was ruining their fun.... what was that nonsense you posted back then? Hard to keep up.

    So you are one of those folks that cant hold their own in war and believe those who spend the most win? War is about skill not money. If someone was good they wouldnt have to worry about dying u less they face one of thebull **** defenders kabam i troduced

  • HulksmasshhHulksmasshh Posts: 742 ★★★
    DNA3000 wrote: »

    This is a brain storm idea, and there are many details I haven't addressed. There's also some complex adjustments I'm mulling over, like decaying attack bonus exponentially rather than linearly. But I'm curious what people think about it in its simplified form, though.

    It's a neat suggestion but a bit over-engineered for the purposes of this thread. Probably better off as a completely new game mode or dungeon-type special event. Removing alliance potions completely would a no-go from Kabam, can't see any way they would remove that income source without replacing it with something else. I would think they want money/unit spending players to have a slight edge over non-spenders with nothing too drastic, which the system actually does pretty well now with boosts and potions.
  • shortpkershortpker Posts: 72
    @Kabam Miike this is a bit disappointing for myself as I just joined a top 10 ally and r4d AV for diversity purposes literally 5 minutes before this announcement. He serves me no purpose other than keeping our diversity.

    Now with these changes I have wasted 4 t2a on a champion that I could have used towards a counter champion for all of the imiw, dominos, dorms, etc.

    I understand that maybe you don't think that there will be many duplicates, but the desire for AWD will be geared towards unavoidable damage, autoblock, and annoying evade champions. This renders my rankup quite useless and many others are in the same boat.

    I'm not asking for RDT as you have made it clear that it won't happen, but you should have done a better job notifying us with more lead time as many of us have wasted resources that are not easily obtainable as I have already cleared all the content there is to clear.

    Thanks for the disappointment and lack of communication. I highly suggest you open a better line if communication with your player base and start listening to what we would like in this game. These changes are only going to hurt your player base, not increase it.
  • This will just make AW harder and more stressful than it already is. Degen champs, auto block, evade gonna be all over the place despite what Kabam Mike says. They are out of touch with the player base, it clearly shows it. Many alliances have broken up, kicked long time players due to these Wars debacle and now this. Kabam just made redundant all those rank ups and sig stone usage on diverse champions. Why does Kabam keep stabbing the community in the back? Changing the rules over and over again. People are really stressed out over Wars and champs like IMIW Domino Medusa Modok Dormammu Sentinel all over the place is just gonna suck badly. Any alliance not having the super defenders is gonna lose by default unless they spend big. Wallet Wars are here.
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