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    I think Kabam should buy us all new phones. They broke it after all?

    I’ll eat my still working iPhone if you some how manage to get O.J Simpson’s dream team to represent your class action lawsuit in enforcing your choice of restitution.

    If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.
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    Kabam are breaking the agreement between user and provider !! I’ve looked into this and I have the right to ask for everything spent if the item is faulty eg this game !! As it’s offered on iPhone and everything I have bought has been on iPhone iOS ! So time to really sort it Kabam

    They are breaking any terms that the games have if it’s thete fault it’s not working they are in breachof the consumers rights
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    My iPad crashed several times over the course of the day while running the game... I followed the suggestion to logoff Game Center and reboot, and I have to admit its slightly better... Still crashes every couple of hours and ive been thankful it wasnt during an AW fight

    I could use a "cool" 5-Star Ice-Man if you have any of those around :D
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    So out of Luck... RNG
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    Is there a number we can call? Cause none of these issues seem to be handeled appropriately through email and I’m a paying customer. I need to speak to a live person. I don’t have the time to be emailing back and forth like this.

    They will just respond with a canned answer then close your ticket

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    What ar we supposed to do. We need answers
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    File a report with the better business bureau

    Canadian / South Korean company now. Idk if that applies to international borders outside of North America.

    You know Canada is in North America.. right?
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    Omni wrote: »
    Longer load times isn’t the same thing as this...
    I've personally had two Android devices ruined by MCOC updates. First was an HTC Inspire 4G and the other was a Huawei Nexus 6P. Both started overheating after MCOC updates and batteries started draining in minutes causing permanent damage to both within a couple of days each. I also had a tablet that started overheating after an update but I had learned my lesson by then and immediately uninstalled MCOC from that device.
    Everyone can go into setting and click on “Battery”. There is a battery Beta performance line that will tell you approximately what your battery performance is/has degraded to. Mine is 99% and had my phone for almost a year. The game gets the phone hot, but not destroying my battery. You should definitely investigate your phone personally. Just a heads up. :) iphone8 user here running iOS 11.4 also try these settings adjustments they helped me with the phone heating up a bit
    Go to Settings click on Accessibility and then increase contrast. Then set to this: it helps.
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    Yeah, i have overheating problem with my Huawei Ascend p7, EMUI 3.1
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    My phone and from several players in my alliance have mentioned me that since the last update they have many serious problems with the game. Much faster battery drain, sudden restart of the game... We are using different devices so it is not about just 1 type of device, it is obviously problem with the game.
    Now I will not play in the arena at all or in the event quests because something like this is a very big problem.
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    JMFB wrote: »
    File a report with the better business bureau

    Canadian / South Korean company now. Idk if that applies to international borders outside of North America.

    You know Canada is in North America.. right?

    Parent company is in South Korea so...I’m not a business law expert but don’t know if the law abides to the parent or the subsidiary. Thanks for being helpful.
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    This has to be the single worse (best) bug kabam has every released on this game, 12.0 nerf gate aside, releasing a version that physically damages your hardware, let along the potential to burn down houses and cause injury and or death is very bad. Suggest everyone on iOS experiencing this issue just not risk it, its not worth your life and or injury as well as your home or whatever home you currently live in.
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    Nilpo wrote: »
    Quit wasting your breath. Android users have dealt with this since the beginning and never gotten anything for it. If Kabam offers Apple users compensation, they will open themselves up to a major class action lawsuit by Android users too. Posts like this make it harder, not easier. You would have been better off keeping quiet and dealing with support directly. You might have had a chance and something that way. By making it public, you've just insured that they will do nothing because they can't afford to do it for everyone.

    When you install an app, you assume responsibility for running it, not the developers. All you've done is destroy your own chances at receiving anything for your troubles.

    Android users have dealt with batteries draining 80% in 30 minutes which is causing the battery to heat up to the point the phone locks itself to prevent damage but is still being damaged and the battery is swelling up to the point it could possibly explode? Please explain how this isn't STILL a sticky post if it ever was.
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