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    I just feel like they only took the down time in consideration and neglected the fact that everyone's devices has been overheating to the point that it prevents one from playing on the devices. They should definitely come up with something better than that.
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    Well, the overheating is a separate issue. I would imagine they'll have to look at that separately. The outage was over a week ago, and the heating issue came sometime after.
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    Fact of the matter is this, many players are upset about the overall play of the game. To look at what the comp is as being good or not for the single issue of the game being down is debatable. The larger issue is the overall play of the game has been, and for quite some time now, average at best. The more players progress the better the experience, the better the experience the more willing players are to shell out cash to play. It’s simple, really. When the masses are upset due to game play, which is the service kabam provides, they should own up to it. That being said they did say they would rerun the arenas and other things, but they had to walk back the new AQ and AW releases due to bugs. This is bad PR and just further compounds the issue of the “blackout”, phones over heating and roll-out not so roll-out of the newest update. If this was my company I would be embarrassed. It would almost be better if Kabam said sorry, not sorry for the blackout and other issues.
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    Kabam is the community would like to get your feedback on the issue, not as devs but as players of the game....because I know all of you play and enjoy the game as well.
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    So we have multiple issues here let’s list down for compensation before they forget (how should they quantity this loss)?

    1)we had an emergency issue for almost 8+ hours so nothing came back
    2) we have phone burning up issues still going on since the update and no news for how long like this
    3) AQ cockup with tiers no news whatsoever or rather fix the brackets or rewards
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    Also haven’t received anything
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    Lets get moew votes in. Would be very i terested to see if we can get 10x what is currently there
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    Dont listen to this guy Kabam said in a week this guy is lying liar they havent rolled nothing out yet yall keep waiting itll get there b4 you know it
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    Remember, this compensation package goes out to beginners too, so it needs to be balanced across the board

    If you're referring to what I said, beginners even with 2k 5* shards what are they gonna do with it? It's just gonna sit there until they get to a point where they can earn more another way. And a 4 star crystal is not a game changing thing and will actually help the beginner grow more.

    You wish you had those shards when you were a begging i know i would not mind them at all
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    Keep them votes going community, let’s see if we can break the counter. No word yet from @Kabam Miike would like to get his or any @kabam person to give there thoughts. When the outage was happening we had real time reply’s from kabam devs....nothing on this one so far.
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    Its actually been pretty much raduo silence across all threads for a couple days.
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    Looks like the compensation is beginning to go out, so that's that. I guess they felt what they did is right, but I can't say I feel confident they've taken the concerns people had/have with things lately the way they should be. I just hope that things begin to turn around, but I can't lie, this current situation really doesn't make me feel great about the direction we're headed.
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