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Game down? [Merged Treads]



  • Savio444 wrote: »

  • MfallsMfalls Posts: 94
    This game is a joke. Time to spend some of our money we give you on your own servers and stop using from another company which probably outlets many others thus causing the be overworked all time. Business 101. Spend continue making keep client base happy bring in more or don’t watch them drop like flies no new players come anymore.

    From what is posted on forums multiple times they use google servers to run the game.
  • TonedefTonedef Posts: 137
    You can btc and moan all you want, cry for compensation, plead for an update, demand better service... Kabam/Netmarble shall not and will not give a flying fk. This is so bad that it’s starting to tarnish my opinion of Marvel comics! How can they in good conscience let their name, and their characters be part of this fustercluck.
  • Dean9300450Dean9300450 Posts: 85
    I dont hate kabam for this, the want us to go outside and feel the nature
  • Tthunder2058Tthunder2058 Posts: 115
    At least fix the fight when it says network error a win turned into a loss people lose their streaks
  • LysiszeroLysiszero Posts: 296
    Was it miike who suggested switching from Google servers to godaddy?
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,157 ★★★★★
    Game back up, get on quick before it goes down again...
  • Constantly down. So ridiculous.
  • Twice in 2 hours... gg Kabam

  • Yep
  • sha2356__sha2356__ Posts: 82
    god damn. And still they are just "Discussing" compensation. They need to do something big, and if they keep waiting this hole is gonna just get deeper
  • i just got kicked out from arena 2 mins ago ..... typical!
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,157 ★★★★★
    Game back up, get on quick before it goes down again...

  • Wait ... yes !!! Down ... yet AGAIN !!!!!
  • SaipanThunderSaipanThunder Posts: 12
    Fail Army
  • WickedMindzWickedMindz Posts: 10
    Kabam you need to seriously fix your damn servers, this is ridiculous.
  • CovaMachineCovaMachine Posts: 16
    3 times today.
    And I lost another x3. :)
  • HC_BossHC_Boss Posts: 34
    I'm currently grinding arena and the game keeps going down which is costing me crucial points you need to sort this out before you make this game unplayable
  • WickedMindzWickedMindz Posts: 10
    Welcome to Kabam, this is a daily thing, enjoy!
  • sd__whitesd__white Posts: 182
    edited August 2018
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