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Summoner Appreciation Week Discussion



  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    Can't let the post go to page 2 please.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Can't let the post go to page 2 please.

    Ye i agree
  • Hyperbolein_1Hyperbolein_1 Posts: 67
    No way
  • Ace_03 wrote: »
    Mods be like:


  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    I remember we used to get 2.5 k 5 star shards for a few hour outage but now when we have uncollected better rewards and we get a month of overheating and outages and we’re getting 1k 5star shards wow kabam
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    Kobster84 wrote: »
    I remember we used to get 2.5 k 5 star shards for a few hour outage but now when we have uncollected better rewards and we get a month of overheating and outages and we’re getting 1k 5star shards wow
    That's true.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Guys let’s keep the post going
  • Kade7175Kade7175 Posts: 304 ★★
    I wonder what the game team said about this post? Itd be cool to get a complete breakdown of what exactly is in these "gifts"
  • Prestige should determine how many of the 5 packages you can select. There is no reason a gup who's played for a month should get the same rewards as someone who's played for three years.

    Yup... It is amazing how this can get overlooked in their process of making the comppreciation package.
    Kobster84 wrote: »
    Guys let’s keep the post going

    What do you think we've been doing? :tongue: I am really starting to lose hope that anything will happen on Kabam's end... I mean, they basically have a few hours left in the work day today, and a few hours tomorrow before comppreciation goes live. I'm not sure how realistic it is to believe that they will actually act on our concerns.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Werewrym wrote: »
    In the meantime guys, if this comppreciation goes live as planned tomorrow I hope you all will be taking the stand and not selecting any of their offers. #IgnoreComppreciation

    If there’s an option i won’t accept it
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Ace_03 wrote: »
    They definitely don't want any of this talk outshining their new shiny object they just dropped, there's comments being deleted off that discussion. Call it what you want, but your players will not forget if you just roll this out tomorrow without even commenting on something viewed this much and nearing 1k comments. And you can be sure it will come back and haunt you if you do nothing and the packages are bad, there's more outages during the "appreciation" week, and if the following shiny new content in aq doesn't roll out right. All of this will compound and build on each other like it has all year and led to this. Deleting comments doesn't make your problem go away.

    Bro, I had to kill myself for this heimdall, everytime I could play, there was lag, errors and my device even heated, and I play on Iphone X, so it's not outdated.

    4 emergency maintenances between Monday and Wednesday, the gullibility of the community astonishes me sometimes. Is this new AQ going to be rolled out without issues?

    I bet you it will be a nightmare. Yet, people clap and cheer because it's something new. The changes are awesome, don't get me wrong, but I have 0 confidence they will be implemented and ran smoothly.

    This thread is being kept alive by the red pilled summoners who live outside the machine of MCOC, it's a thankless role, but the position of the company is clear.

    Dump new content and keep on patching up the streets, while they leave holes and crates behind and never come back to fix them. This compensation is 75% less than last year, and what? We're supposed to just smile and clap for your benevolence?


    Prestige scaled compensation comparable to 12.0, for almost frying our phones and making us lose almost a month of grinding because of this foolishness.

    I hope our demands are met
  • SuedeSuede Posts: 18
    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all,

    We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all of the constructive feedback about the Summoner Appreciation event and that we have shared your thoughts with the rest of the team.

    Thanks @Kabam Lyra appreciate you coming in and letting us know its being looked at atleast.
    Great if you can keep it up and not just leave it at that.
    What was ”the rest of the teams” feedback to the community complaints?

    Alot of people has also been asking for how you all figured the compensation. How was it calculated?
  • BrainimpacterBrainimpacter Posts: 578 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike can you sort out 30 minute AQ timers for appreciation week? everything else dont bother me I stopped caring
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    This thread must stay on page 1. We can't let it die
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    Agreed we can’t let kabam get away
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    Oh I’m sure it will be on page 1 when everything rolls out as planned.
  • DarthPhal wrote: »
    Oh I’m sure it will be on page 1 when everything rolls out as planned.

    Oh for sure... there will be outrage if this goes live
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