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Mass lag, overheat, battery drain [Merged Threads]



  • StrykeGirlStrykeGirl Posts: 18
    edited September 2018
    LG Stylo 3
    Android 7.0

    Massive lag in all game modes, ESPECIALLY crystal openings!

    Note: NEVER experienced lag at all before this 20.0.0 update...just started today!
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Lags quite abit when going to open crystals and when i go to view my roster

    And it lags when i move in eq as well smh

    Im on a ZTE blade v7 with android 6.0
  • bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 709 ★★★★
    iPad mini 2
    iOS 10.3.1
    Massive lag as soon as I do anything in game including switching between menus, fighting, moving onto my team in the pre fight screen, blocking in a fight, any combos.
  • Just did the update and opened the game. Everything seemed really choppy. Went to try the danger room and everything got worse instantly. My device Asus zen pad 8.0 instantly started over heating way worse then before, the lag was so bad it would completely freeze, and drained battery. From 100% to 70% in less the 10 min @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra needs immediate attention

    On 8.1 Oreo and facing insane lag. Random pause and medium attack in place of light attack. Can't claim crystals as well
  • Jlemos818Jlemos818 Posts: 83
    Lg aristo 2 i can't even make a run in uncollected new monthly without about 7-10 freezes per fight lasting about a second or two and can't even scroll down in crystals menu without locking onto something when I'm swipping lol why????? Very frustrating kabam VERY FRUSTRATING WE NEED A EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE ASAP!!!
  • Huawei Mate 9 Pro
    Android 8.0
    Phone heats up very quickly, much quicker than the last patch.
    Some lag but the heat issue is a priority
  • RolandasRolandas Posts: 16
    Xiaomi redmi note 5
    Android 8.1.0 0PM1
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    edited September 2018
    @Kabam Vydious My wife has an LG Stylo 3 and the lag is so terrible since the update the game is pretty much unplayable.
  • iPhone 8, latest iOS. Lag everywhere but especially the beginning of fights, can’t time a parry because it freezes up then moves in slow mo continuing randomly throughout the fight. Put up with your **** every month but this lag is making it literally unplayable. Fix it ASAP
  • Kabaam, this is unacceptable. The game is not playable because of the lag. Ive spent the last two days grinding in arenas for the last day to be a like this. Im not happy. Guess ill have to wait to get Korg in a crystal sometime in the next 10 years. Im sure the updates will still be glitchy then.
  • RyuuseiRyuusei Posts: 2
    I just patched my game to 20.0 an hour ago and legit made the game straight up unplayable. It lagged so hard even arena was hard to win. I had no problems before I patched the damn game. Fix it ffs
  • I am not getting any lag but the game is draining my battery way too fast than the other apps for playing the game for 39 minutes it used 45% of my battery. During the last patch the game was stuck at the logging in screen. I think it’s fixed now. But the battery drain still exist. Kabammed please fix these bugs @Kabam Miike

    I’m playing on an iPad Mini 2

    My device
  • Galaxy76Galaxy76 Posts: 62
    Are you guys facing bit laggy ... Bit pause after each attack after new update? ... Please do comment. @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike
  • Since the last update my game is impossible to play. It lags so badly. Questing is impossible and arena is even worse. When I put a crystal on the reel it takes like 30 seconds to stop after I tap for it to stop PLEASE fix it. I've been playing this game for almost 3 years now and I've never experienced lag this bad before
  • BoCassBoCass Posts: 61
    Samsung tablet (not sure of the brand name, etc as it just came with my new contract).

    EXTREME LAG after updating yesterday in EVERY aspect of the game. Arena: choosing champs and the actual fights have crazy block lag. Quests: moving along paths and entering fights extremely laggy. Even into the first 10 seconds of the fight there is extreme lag which causes me to helplessly get pummeled for the first 10 seconds before the lag subsides. Opening crystals is also extremely laggy. All from the moment the new X-Men update was completed.

    I have nothing on the tablet except MCoC. No other apps, photos, videos, etc. So it's definitely not a storage issue.
    It's definitely not a connection issue as I have been using the same WiFi line for the past few months and the game has been working fine. Basically the only difference is the update. I really love the game and I want to continue to play it. But my lag is literally beyond playability.
  • MattPartMattPart Posts: 69
    Xperia z5 compact, android 7.1.1

    The game was always or almost always lagging but it was happening from time to time and restarting the game was usually the solution. It was also always battery hungry and the device was also hot during gameplay or even while just displaying the map quite often.

    However, after this update for the first time it lags much worse than before and all the time, across whole menu, not to mention the gamplay itself - champion seletion, scrolling down the crystal lists, beginning of the fight etc. - all these plases lag badly. Please fix this!
  • Furious_Fighter1Furious_Fighter1 Posts: 829 ★★★★
    I am facing huge problem. Cant makh78kexo0t.png
    open any of the crystals. As soon as i open Vault the game gets stuck and cant perform any task
  • SgtSlaughter78SgtSlaughter78 Posts: 456 ★★★
    Just adding my voice to the lag issues here. Really really bad. iPhone 7+ and all game content but especially bad on uncollected EQ bosses, it’s like the game is paused at the start of each fight. It’s making parry a total 50/50 gamble at best and that’s not acceptable given the attack rating of our opponents.
  • Way too much of lag @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious when will you give us an update of what is happening!?
  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 560 ★★
    Sony Xperia G3311
    Android v 7.0
    Freezes and lags when I go to the crystal section.
    Lags when I am moving around a map
    When picking heroes in Arena is lags and freezes.
  • I am facing huge problem. Cant makh78kexo0t.png
    open any of the crystals. As soon as i open Vault the game gets stuck and cant perform any task

    Same with me along with all other lags. This is the most irritating lag I faced
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    Any Xiao mi device. Any Android OS there.
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 380 ★★★
    Nvidia Shield Tablet
    Android 7.0
    Lag (new) is worse on crystal screen and map exploration. Old memory leak problem is also still present.
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 810 ★★★
    I move so slow.Kabam,what are you doing?
  • Dalton09Dalton09 Posts: 29
    samsung j1 ace... this game has worked well for me all this time over the past 2/3 years but this update renders it unplayable.
  • Dalton09Dalton09 Posts: 29
    going into 'My Champions' area the guys don't wanna load, huge lags before fights and a bit after the fights have begun. way too much going on. i only have 2 more paths in 5.3 to get 100% and i like to finish em
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