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    I just got a reply from kabam saying it is merely an 'illusion' that the pi shown is not the actual pi that is being fought. Which I think it is not accurate at all. You are telling me they can reach to the mini boss without breaking a sweat when the pi for the Champs they fight against can reach around 18k with their 4* maxed champs? Why does it seem I hardly can believe that to be true for the tier I'm in... It is without a doubt that the system is faulty otherwise why the sudden change after the new update? I don't want to assume/accuse but do something about it instead of just telling us that there is nothing wrong but only an illusion to the eye that our pi is changed.

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    The same issue in our current AW. And from what I've read elsewhere, it sounds like this isn't just showing the core PI (without the node buffs) of the champs, but the buffs aren't actually activating at all.

    KABAM really needs to get us answers and fix this ridiculous problem.
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    As a follow up, it seems my alliance's defense is totally nerfed, but our opponents still seem to be getting the buff benefits on at least their mini bosses and boss (since no one can have an un-buffed PI of 45K for their 4* Dormammu).

    Come on, KABAM, you're killing us here.
    Same thing happening to us.. looks like a lost war.. opponent just sailing through us like hot knife through butter..
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    Currently my alliance is in a war with the alliance known as the inglorious bestards and all our defenders power index is bugged . w7xxntw0a451.pngu40ilfhjdic2.png

    and what those the other alliance have to due with the bug? why name them? its clearly an image bug but it dont mean your defenders are weak, can you post a pic now of your minis and see how they did?
  • The reply of it is simply a visual bug does not cut it. To think that can actually be used as an excuse is just making us feel that we are either naive or gullible. It is clear that with the amount of complaints and input that this is NOT something visual. I am not writing his because my alliance is losing, in fact we are winning but everyone is getting pissed at the fact of what is happening. I am sure everyone that has complained here wants fairness and if there's something wrong with your coding or whatsoever then admit it. Do not take us for fools and just tell us it's a visual bug. It is too easy for the opponents to trample through our defense without deaths when our pi can peak at 20k is absurd.
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    @Scoobyphd8 as much as I hate to admit that my alliance is legitimately getting trampled, it seems to just be a display bug. I reached out to an officer on our opponents alliance and he said their defenders are showing the same, but said that our defenders had the normal nodes active. Now, he could be lying about our nodes being active, but I can confirm theirs had nodes active despite it not showing on their end.
  • look at this.. where is our real PI ??? our defenders didnt get anything from nodes.. our boss (Quake) had over 21k PI before attack phase.. we won't be able to win the war like this.. whats going on ???
    look at this.. where is our real PI ??? our defenders didnt get anything from nodes.. our boss (Quake) had over 21k PI before attack phase.. we won't be able to win the war like this.. whats going on ???

    its a visiaul glitch relax
  • Visual glitch? Really? We are not even at tier 9 or below hence I would assume that players are of moderate skills. And I highly doubt at the current tier of 11 or 12, the whole alliance can sweep through Champs whose pi unlinked is at 10k without even being hardly injured? 1 or 2 players I can accept but the entire alliance that last season was in silver 3? Does not compute
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    This looks a little weird...
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    just a visual bug there is a long thread about it in bugs section
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    Thank you
  • Hi all!

    There is currently an issue with the visual display of buffs from local and linked nodes in Alliance War defense when viewing your own base. When viewing your Alliance's defenders, the buffs will not appear to be applied to the PI of the Champions. This is only a visual error, however, the buffs from nodes are still being applied to the defenders and the attacking teams will see and fight against Champions with the correct PI from the active buffs.

    Apologies for the confusion caused by this issue. We are working to address it as soon as possible. Thanks for your reports and patience as we investigated this.
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    Our pi totals seem to have gone down a lot with no nodes released in AW. Is this a known problem or bug. Is anyone else having similar issues?
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    Please have a look. It’s hard to tell what the other team is seeing because we speak different languages. The fights seem to be going too fast for them though which makes me think the nodes are not working. Please advise.


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    @Kabam Lyra it dosent seem to be a visual bug since the war we are in right now we got 1 boss kill and almost all of our mini bosses got 1 or 0 kills. That never happens im not a sore loser in war i can take a loss but this is not fair theres no way its just visual. We have been getting matched agianst teams in the past over 3mil higher than my alliances rating and have never gotten our defense walked over like this. This war we were actually surprisingly matched within 1 million of our rating.
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    We're currently in a war and strangely enough our base doesn't have a single active node. While our opponent's base has all nodes active. The one with Domino is our base and the other our opponent's base. y9e398bzzbws.png
  • This is affecting everyone. It’s a Kabam bug.
  • When attack phase started in alliance war all defending champs including boss nodes have been dramatically reduced since placement phase. This happened as soon as attack phase started.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
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    There is a huge merged thread about it
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    There is a huge merged thread about it

    I did search the forums but the wrong page lol
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    How to tell it is only visuelt Think abit this Way u figth Them. And ther figth you champ. And all ther saying the same happen but in defrinds ally so it pretty abilty it is visuelt
  • In our war, we are low because of no node bonus, but the other team is unaffected, there guys are still high and we are not getting kills.
  • In our current Alliance War after the war started my entire alliances pi's dropped Significantly. I would like some feedback please on this issue. Thanks in advance Kabam team.
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    Same thing happened to my alliance
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