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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,043 ★★★★★
    edited September 2018
    It’s only a matter of time before Miek will be playable
  • Can we get an OP God Tier "Ares: The God of War" NOTE: Please don;t add him if he's not a God Tier. Look at him how cool he looks.z2blfpn0j7fz.jpg
  • kpkumardtskpkumardts Posts: 120
    Ace_03 wrote: »

    About Dracula:

    Vlad Dracula is the supreme ruler of all vampire clans and the world's most powerful vampire. Driven by an unquenchable lust for power, companionship, and blood, his centuries of undead existence have brought him into conflict with vampire hunters, other immortals, and most recently, mutants and other super-powered heroes. Dracula has a vast network of loyal servants, cultists, brides, and minions, who assist him and will attempt to resurrect him if he is slain.

    Base Stats and Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    Health: 16666 Attack: 1221

    Max PI:

    Without Signature: 3813

    With Signature (99): 4703

    Character Class: Mystic

    Basic Abilities: Bleed, Crimson aura, King of the Night, Curse of Dracula.

    When nearby Bleeding Opponents

    Passive - Crimson Aura

    • Dracula activates crimson aura, for each stack of bleed on the opponent, Dracula can regenerate 666.0 of health. Crimson aura does not work on non-bleed opponents and it’s 66% less effective against science and mutant champions. However crimson aura is 66% more effective against cosmic and human champions. Energy based attacks from heroic science champions can deactivate this ability.

    Passive – Sunshine

    • Dracula is unable to withstand exposure to direct sunlight that could burn him. His tissue begins to instantly dry up and his power is severely weakened.

    • The first 12 hours of the day (daylight) Dracula suffers a 777.0 on all of his stats, peaking on the first 6 hours (noon) at which time it decreases by 1,554.0

    Passive – King of the Night

    • Beloved by everything related to night, Dracula’s power increases as soon as the sun sets, his power and abilities cycle, dependent on a 12 hour cycle, reaching its peak at midnight.

    • The second 12 hours of the day Dracula awakens his vampiric powers, living up to the title of the strongest vampire to ever live, Dracula increases his stats by 666.0, peaking at the first 6 hours (midnight) at which time it increases by 1,332.0

    • Dracula’s immune system attacks alien substances, shrugging off debuffs 60% faster. During the Sunshine cycle this ability is disabled.

    Passive – Curse of Dracula

    • When Dracula is suffering from a Bleed debuff, his cursed blood poisons his opponent dealing 666.0 damage for 6 seconds.

    • If Dracula is able to place a bleed debuff on an opponent poisoned with his vampiric blood, he has a 100% chance to inflict “Curse of Dracula”, decreasing power gain by 33% and placing an open wound on the opponent, an open wound counts as a stack of bleed but its passive and deals no damage.

    • The effectiveness of this ability is increased by 50% against cosmic and human champions. And decreased by the same amount against heroic mutant and science champions.

    Passive - Lord of Vampires

    Being the Lord of Vampires, Dracula possess absolute control over all vampiric beings, despite being a dhampir, Blade’s half vampiric side is still susceptible to Dracula’s power of dominance over all creatures of the night, decreasing Blade’s danger sense by 29%. During the peak of the King of Night cycle (midnight), Dracula is immune to it.

    Passive – Beacon of Light and Hope

    Heroic science champions have +650 critical rating on energy attacks against Dracula. However while King of the Night is activated the effectiveness is reduced by 50%.

    Special 1: Impaler Prince – In life Dracula was true to this moniker, impaling his enemies with brutal ruthlessness. (Dracula plunges his sword to the ground, which is followed by a trail of spears that attack the opponent.)

    • 100% to inflict bleed, causing 1476 damage for 6 seconds.

    • Against bleed immune opponents this attack has a -250 critical rating and damage. If there is class disadvantage this decrease doubles.

    Special 2: Chaos Fang – Utilizing his blinding speed and precision, Dracula strikes with the swiftness and cunning of a wolf.

    Extremely fast straight sword lunge followed by four slashes followed by an upward slash, ending with either:

    • Dracula turning into a wolf and biting the enemy.

    • Dracula surrounding himself with a wolf looking aura and ending with downward slash.

    • 100% chance to inflict bleed with every attack, each bleed causing 1994 damage for 9 seconds.

    • Against bleed immune opponents this attack has a -350 critical rating and damage. . If there is class disadvantage this decrease doubles.

    Special 3: Darkhold Mailstorm – Being a very powerful magician Dracula has considerable control over the elements and weather, Dracula creates a storm with the powers imbued to him by the darkhold, to obliterate his opponents.

    • This attack has a 70% chance to paralyze the opponent for 3 seconds, stunning them and reducing their Power and Health gains by 66%.

    • Paralyze also counts a Stun effect, meaning it can be decreased or increased by other effects in the game, like the Limber and Stupefy Mastery.

    Signature Ability: Prince of Darkness – Being the most powerful vampire that has ever been encountered, he is at the pinnacle of all vampire clans. Once defeated, Dracula's power is such that he can resurrect himself under the proper conditions. Depending on the use of his special attacks, he can channel the Spirit of the Bat, Wolf and Mist for various effects and bonuses.

    • This first time Dracula would be knocked out in each fight, and if King of the Night and Curse of Dracula are active, Dracula will resurrect with 6% of his base health.

    • Activating special move 1 channels the Spirit of the Bat for 6 seconds, increasing bleed damage by 20%. The spirit of the bat also give Dracula the ability to track foes that are invisible to the naked eye through echolocation, enabling him to bypass invisibility and phasing abilities

    • Activating special move 2 channels the Spirit of the Wolf for 6 seconds, increasing attack rating by 526.0

    • Activating special move 3 channels the Spirit of the Mist for 6 seconds, increasing the chance for attacks to miss by 70%.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Eternal Bane

    • Dracula: Sunshine’s rating decreases are reduced up to 50%.

    • Blade: Increase bleeds damage by 20%.

    Uneasy Allies

    • Dracula: Decrease effectiveness of Beacon of light and Hope by 50%.

    • Captain America WWII: Increase attack rating of special attack 2 by 1100 and increase bleed duration by 2 seconds. Montesi Formula

    • Dracula: Prince of Darkness resurrections heal is increased to 12% of base health.

    • Dr. Strange: Life Steal heals an additional 100%.

    Night of the Full Moon

    • Dracula: King of the Night’s midnight bonus is extended to 6 hours.

    • Moon Knight: During the full moon cycle, have access to all moon cycle abilities with a 50% in ability increase.

    Till Death Do Us Part

    • Dracula: During King of the Night and if Curse of Dracula is active along with Spirit of the Bat, Dracula generates 6% power per second per bleed debuff on the opponent.

    • Deadpool: Regeneration buff is accompanied by a power gain buff that increases power by 13% for 6 seconds.

    • Deadpool X-Force Power gain buff is accompanied by a regeneration buff that heals 6666.0 health for 6 seconds.

    Unholy Alliance with Red Skull, MODOK, Loki and Iron Patriot.

    • All Villains gain 20% attack.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    when is the release of this book
  • Please Kabam add Silver Surfer(Cosmic) and make Thanos, Maestro, Grandmaster and The Collector available in crystals or somethimg and add bullseye(skill) Apocalypse(Mutant) and Charles Xavier(Mutant) using his powers with Cerebro
  • also add the rest of the Black Hand and synergy them with Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive and Thanos
  • Just add all Marvel Charachters i dont care if they suck THIS IS A COLLECTING GAME KABAM!
  • Пришли в голову вот такие персонажи:
    I. Дарвин - герой, мутант, Новые Люди Икс. Преимущественно защитный персонаж.
    Пассивные навыки:
    "Адаптация" - Получая физический урон, накапливает за удар по 5 очков "физического сопротивления". Накопив max 100 очков, получает пассивный навык "телепортации", получая 10-20% шанс уклониться от физических атак противника.
    Получая энергетический урон, накапливает за удар по 5 очков "энергетического сопротивления". Накопив max 100 очков, получает способность "сжигание энергии", получая 30% шанс, с помощью базовых атак, сжигать 15-25% энергии противника.
    Очки физического и энергетического сопротивления взаимосвязаны. Получая 5 очков за физ.сопротивление, теряешь 2 очко за энерг.сопротивление. И наоборот.
    Наложенные "отравление", "пекло" и "похолодание" сбрасывает на 60% быстрее и получает иммунитет до конца боя.
    Получив "кровотечение", активирует "регенерацию", которая компенсирует 60% причинённого урона (без учёта мастерства).
    Находясь под "шоком", не получает урон, но и не накапливает очки сопротивления.
    Находясь под "оглушением", не накапливает очки сопротивления.
    Коронная способность:
    "Подготовка к бою" - Предчувствуя опасность от столкновения с противником, Дарвин получает % усиление урона на 60 сек. По прошествии времени, получает по 10 очков к физ. и энерго. сопротивлению.
    1 специальная атака:
    "Жизнь это борьба" - Дарвин наносит удар плечом, который оглушает врага. По 0,5 секунд за каждое усиление.
    2 спец.атака:
    "Естественный отбор" - апперкот. Урон от удара зависит от очков сопротивления.
    3 спец.атака:
    "Эволюция" - нанеся пару рукопашный ударов, Дарвин отступает и сосредотачивается. При этом он получает по 10 очков к сопротивлению и оборачивает все негативные эффекты в позитивные. Пример: снижение урона - повышение урона, пробитие брони - броня, утечка энергии - увеличение энергии.
    P.S. Третья спец наносит небольшой урон.

    II. Профессор Х - герой, мутант, Люди Икс, Иллюминаты. Персонаж с эксклюзивной боевой системой. Сам Профессор сидит в инвалидном кресле, большую часть времени, вместо него сражается "ходячая" телепатическая проекция. В этот момент он невидим. После первого пропущенного удара, иллюзия исчезает и урон получает сам Профессор. Имеет индивидуальную анимацию для третьей спец, подобно Ракете и М.О.Д.О.К.у.
    Пассивные навыки:
    "Проекция" - На астральную проекцию не действуют негативные эффекты при атаке противников: статический шок Электро, каменная броня Корга, усталость Капитана Америки, отравление Мерзости и кровотечение Морнингстар.
    "Телепатия" - Телепатические атаки действуют на Профессора с 50% вероятностью.
    Коронная способность:
    "Телепатическое обнаружение" - способности мутанта, позволяют Чарльзу постоянно сканировать окружающее пространство: этот навык позволяет беспрепятственно атаковать врагов под "Невидимостью" и "Фазированием"; также, каждые 30-15 с, Профессор получает временный баф точности, который теряется при получении урона.
    1 специальная атака:
    "Взрыв разума" - Профессор оглушает противника на 2 сек.
    2 спец.атака:
    " Управление разумом" - со 100% вероятностью, обнуляет все активные усиления на противнике.
    3 спец.атака:
    "Псионический взрыв" - Профессор наносит сокрушительный удар по разуму противника, в следствии чего, тот на время (?) не способен использовать третью спец.атаку.
    Профессор не способен сражаться против полноценных роботов и защищённых от телепатии противников. Если вступить с такими в бой, вам сразу же объявят проигрыш из-за неспособности сопротивления.
    "По старой дружбе" - Находящийся в команде Магнето, заменяет Профессора в бою с имунными к телепатии соперниками.

    Ещё, интересно было бы увидеть в игре: Легиона, Пиро, Плаща и Русского.
  • CpAmericanoCpAmericano Posts: 167
    Would be really cool to see Wonder man. Throwback character but he was awesome in comics

  • twocastlestwocastles Posts: 16
    From the first comic I ever read with the Incredible Hulk, and probably not a well known character, but:


  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,768 ★★★★★
    Marvel future fight just realesed weapon hex, ghost panther, iron hammer and aracknight. All 4 would be neat. Especially weapon hex. Bleed AND scarlet witches power :)
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Just remember we have to beat these on uc too 👍
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106
    We need Deathlok Kabam.

  • LofeLofe Posts: 10
    Yeah. Adding Apocalypse would be great
  • Red onslaught
    Professor x and magneto mix.
    Hes a real person
  • ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    Infinity Warps:
    Iron Hammer
    Weapon Hex
    Ghost Panther
    Jack O lantern
    Scarlet Witch
    Dark hawk

  • Iron spider (IW)
    Phil Coulson
    Eitrei (the dwarf)
    Ego (the planet)
    Ghost rider (Robbie Reyes)
    Peggy carter
    Taser face
    Yo-yo (agents of shield)
    Human torch
    The thing
    Mr fantastic
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Scarlet spider
    Adam warlock
    Beta ray bill
    LEGO minifigs of superheroes
    Nick fury
    Thor (IW)
  • QacobQacob Posts: 2,253 ★★★★★
    Stan Lee!!!
  • QacobQacob Posts: 2,253 ★★★★★
    mantis- cosmic
    Ego- cosmic
    Silver surfer-mutant
    Nick fury- skill
    Iron monger- tech
  • Warboy_007Warboy_007 Posts: 16
    1) Thor w/ Stormbreaker (Cosmic/Mystic)
    2) Iron Spider ( Tech)
    3) Lizard ( Science)
    4) Nova ( Cosmic)
    5) Namor ( Mutant/ Science)
    6) Squirrel Girl( Science)
    7) Hercules (Science / Mystic)
    8) Totally Awesome Hulk ( Science)
    9) Beta Ray Bill ( Cosmic)
    10) Gor The God Butcher ( Cosmic)
    11) Thane (Cosmic)
    12) Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes (Mystic)
    13) Spawn ( Science/ Cosmic)
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,768 ★★★★★
    I'm surprised no one has asked for Ka'zaar or Sauron.
    J Jonah Jameson
  • Squirrel-Girl!

    That is all.
  • Toad please, the xmen 1 version not the more recent version.
  • I would want celestials or at least one celestial in the game. Maybe as a Sentinel type character but would be cosmic and a different ability then armor up because armor up is usually used for tech champions. Still thinking of other abilities but just wanted to pass it by everyone.
  • DONZALOOG1234DONZALOOG1234 Posts: 151
    Maybe Nick Fury is going to be added for the Captain Marvel movie next year.
  • The celestial could also be used for alliance quest instead of different colored sentinels. But that is just my opinion.
  • I know Kabam releases new champions every month. Since Venom is launching at October, I expect a venom update. Also, the Spider-man PS4 game just released so I expect Kabam to also release some spider-man champs along with the venom update (they are in the same universe)

    1. Riot (Venom Update)
    Type: Cosmic
    Abilities: Bleed, Symbiote God, Cruelty, Perfect Block
    Ability Explaination:
    Whenever Riot blocks, there is a 20% chance to inflict bleed on opponent for 2 seconds.
    Symbiote God: Riot gains one symbiote charge whenever he knocks down an opponent, when Riot dies, restore 1000 health to Riot for each charge he has. (Max: 5)
    Cruelty: Facing bleed immunity characters, Riot gains cruelty instead for 10 seconds every time he loses 20% of his health.
    Perfect Block: 100% chance perfect block.
    Signature Ability (Symbiotic Chaos): When Riot gains 5 charges, he gains cruelty for the rest of the game.
    Synergies: Venom, Carnage, Symbiote Spider-man.

  • October (Venom and Spider-man PS4 Update):
    1. Riot
    2. Mister Negative
    3. Scorpion
    4. Tombstone

    1. Thor (Stormbreaker)
    2. Ebony Maw
    3. Cull Obsidian

    December (Spider-man: into the Spider-verse Update):
    1. Prowler
    2. Ultimate Goblin

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