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  • ericolorericolor Posts: 166
    RIP Stan Lee. I've learned many things from you and MARVEL, and I will continue to learn more and more.
  • Would be awesome if kabam would immortalized him as a character in mcoc let’s get it done kabam
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 733 ★★
    Mitchell35 wrote: »
    This actually ruined my day.

    Rest in joyful comic bliss Mr. Lee

    I’m going to cry in the avengers 4 cameo........

  • R.I.P Stan Lee. I couldn't think of a single young boy who hasn't dressed up as one of your characters and dreamt of being someone greater than they are. Thankyou for inspiring so many people and know that your legacy will continue to inspire kids forever and always!
  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 350 ★★
    I hope the pre-recorded cameo thing is real. If it’s not, he definitely needs to be digitally rendered in. Truly sad news. Changed to spidey but I do think it would cool to have a super stan.
  • P.S I know there are a lot of girls who dressed up too
  • KattohSKattohS Posts: 467
    RIP to the comic book legend and one of the Marvel founding fathers Mr. Stan Lee.

    Might sound crazy but the fantasy of comics gave me an early interest in reading.

    Favorite comics were;
    Spider-Man(Amazing to Spectacular)
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  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    All hail thee whom cuteth Thor’s hair
  • Rest in Peace Stan "The Man" Lee. I can't thank you, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby enough for creating so many amazing characters, worlds, and storylines. You will be missed by many the world over.
  • In memory of stan you should at least make him a character or put a quest in the game around him or something simillar to that.
    #stanlee #legend
  • HeraldofNoneHeraldofNone Posts: 237
    Boe8384 wrote: »
    In remembrance of Stan. MCOC should develop him as a character in the game. Please do so ASAP. Thank you

    I don't want to KO him tho...RIP Stan Lee

    He should be added as the "one above all".

    An event where you "prove your might" to the one above all would be a classy way to celebrate his life.

    A boss rush style challenge with just the core champs he is most recognised for i.e Spidey/Thor etc.

    Nothing to hard, accessible to all level players with a exclusive "Excelsior" title as a prize with a few shards.

    Or scrap all that and rename ROL as...

    Stan Lee's Realm of Legends
  • Midknight007Midknight007 Posts: 669 ★★★
    Jack Kirby and Stan Lee are back together again... the stories the must be telling right now.
  • SolswerdSolswerd Posts: 1,468 ★★★
    Thank you Stan Lee
  • A l p h aA l p h a Posts: 414 ★★★
    Make a Stan Lee special event in the game! Something to show some respect or something! This man was a hero that gave us some amazing superhero stories! Was genuinely a great guy and deserves something in game as a tribute to him! May he rest in peace

    天 Scorpion 天
  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 530 ★★
    Bid him farewell, as he goes "onward and upward to greater glory."
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 2,388 ★★★★
    He will be missed
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 2,388 ★★★★
    I assume most of you know by now. The face of the Marvel Universe has left the mortal plains and is now making a cameo into the skies. This game, the comics and various marvel movies that we seen today will never be the same without him. He was the person who brought life into the amazing characters that we see today. A true legend will live on the hearts of people and has left a great legacy behind. He will forever be remembered for his amazing cameos he made from time to time. Excelsior....
  • Stan Lee was a great man who brought joy to millions of fans. RIP
  • Please tell me you're lying

    I wish it was a lie
    Excelsior- Stan Lee
  • NoOneAliveNoOneAlive Posts: 11
    RIP Stan Lee
  • In Honor of Stan "the man" Lee can you please make a playable Stan Lee or a Stan Lee cameo or a Stan Lee profile picture @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious
  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,051 ★★★★
    Mitchell35 wrote: »
    This actually ruined my day.

    Rest in joyful comic bliss Mr. Lee

    I’m going to cry in the avengers 4 cameo........

    I’ll cry even harder when the movie ends with “In loving memory of Stan Lee”.
    Instead of a Excelsior title I really think it would be better to have a True Believers title. As that's what's he's always called us and it's a great way to Honor him but I mean Kabam shouldn't be forced to do anything. I mean sure he was the creator was Marvel and by domino effect led to this games creation. But to be fair it does seem wrong to want some virtual item for a real persons death.
  • I think that Kabam should make an exclusive 5 star Stan Lee as the playable character that has the most highest rating.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 5,333 ★★★★★
    I don't think so. If one existed it doesn't mean he'd get him. Sounds more like a tribute. Honestly though I don't see any reason for him to be a playable character. If he made a cameo in Act 6 or the next EQ that'd be cool.
  • He created Marvel the one above all of marvel and because of him kabam could create mcoc so kabam should turn off mcoc for one day and gift everyone as a tribute to him
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