2015 rank up gems [Merged Threads]



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    BabafrigoBabafrigo Posts: 45
    Thank you guys for all supports,this is so unfair.
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    Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    So here is the problem YOu failed to test this properly. YOU! And now YOU need to fix it. The fix is not an easy make it what’s its supposed to be solution for what the rewards were intended to be.

    Equality is necessary in this. Not the whales benefit or the top tier get to rise further. YOU KABAM failed here and need to make this equal and right.

    Maybe if you didn’t want to give unintended **** you should have done due diligence and tested this better. But at this point it is done and it isn’t minor stiff you gave out to the high tier players for most of the community. YOU failed not everyone else’s here and to screw the majority of your player base over is a bad move
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    ThatweirdguyThatweirdguy Posts: 675 ★★★
    Kabam this is an easy fix....do the right thing and let all players rank up who they want. There are soooo many undesirable champs for rank up based on the 2015 restriction. It really is an unfair advantage to let some avoid ranking garbage champs. Stop attacking your player base with bad champs
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    SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    Everyone is screaming this is so unfair!

    Yes, yes it is, but so is the loading times being much faster than some other people, boosts still counting down while sitting in those loading screens, and lots of other issues.

    You may be saying, that depends on the device! Well, no, no it doesn't, it happens with iOS & android, on newer & older devices. It happens randomly, and that is a HUGE unfair advantage to those that don't have the issue.
    This one issue only is for ONE, specific part of the game. The loading issues is for MULTIPLE parts of the game.

    This isn't derailing the point in this thread either, I am just saying Kabam has a history here, so everyone needs to wait while they "investigate" this issue and rethink their thought process, and finally fix the problem correctly.
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    Come on Kabam, basically telling everyone honest to be dishonest and telling all the dishonest people to keep on chugging along and you’ll reap all the rewards... you need to reverse this or make it all fair and allow others to use the gem on anyone. Makes no sense to ban others for cheating and reward these guys for not playing fair. MAKE IT RIGHT!
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    zarcorzarcor Posts: 28
    Totally unfair this situation
    Send a ticket to complain and always with some non sense reply
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    UrrymonsterUrrymonster Posts: 69
    edited November 2018
    This is absolutely outrageous, unfair and spits in the face of previous Kabam positioning on exploitation.

    You set the precedent on not tolerating exploitation of bugs, that it resulted in reversals and came with bans. This precedent was set on exploits that didn’t have such a huge impact to the progression on individuals accounts as this.

    Your decision to not reverse the rank ups players made is violating your very own terms of service and as such players will be in a position to demand compensation.

    players feel strongly enough to walk away over this, completely stop spending and you should probably be prepared for some kind of community driven black out of the game.
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    Evil_DevilEvil_Devil Posts: 57
    Kabam Always finds a way to clash with Summoners, 1st the champion danger sense is no longer working so whoever was able to finish uncollected early has benefited from the issue and who hasn't he/she will have to face tougher champion.
    The same thing with gems those who got it first benefit from it and others won't and that in Kabam eyes is FAIR.

    The community wants to have equal standards for everyone and i don't think it's hard to accomplish.
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    So you merged the threads which means you KNOW the community is in that much of a rage to make multiple posts…

    And you basically let us scream among a crowd of people agreeing with each other that you suck

    Bottom line is that back in one of the EQ (I think it was one of the homecoming EQ) you were using the ban hammer with enough might that Pre-12.0 Thor stood there shocked in awe at such unbridled devastation

    This isn’t T1A, T4B, and a few 5*s. This is unlimited ranged T2A, 6-T4C, and way more Basics
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    TMNTTMNT Posts: 2
    Wow, this community is such a bunch of
    never-satisfied, whining, self-entitled cry-babies. It was a bug, got exploited and every complaining about it because they can’t exploit it themselves. Kudos to those that were quick enough to make the most of it. There have been plenty of bugs in the past that summoners benefited from but conveniently forgot to complain about. Life is not always fair sometimes, get over it!
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    2012rdiaz2012rdiaz Posts: 20
    Damm kabam again, just letting top allies and top prestige players that did run it and ranked their desired players and you coming in saying no more for the rest but that ones it did they get to keep it WAY TO GO KABAM, and later at the end of the season you will come up asking for thoughts and saying you want to hear from us, well what about this, stop feeding top allies and top prestige players, you just keep feeding them and not doing anything about, top allies already cheat each season by playing the system, losing in season break to tank down and have easy match ups, they use their own infobot to keep track of each ally champs so each war they they know what they are facing, piloting still exist, so with all that on top they get to keep what they did way to go then WHERE IS THE BALANCE later people will wonder why each end of season more and more people are retiroand selling their account well here is another disadvantage and another reason for many people that will see stronger players even more stronger and quess what you don’t get to do it because you are in the bottom of pile and you are screw is all good I just will leave this one here and will see how you don’t revert any and come up with a excuse
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    BabafrigoBabafrigo Posts: 45
    So we have similiar case and punishment was clear. So what now @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike
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    JaymesVJaymesV Posts: 3
    Guys just look and it like a super secret legends run! Send them some 6* maestros while you’re at it!
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    DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    Contact Bill Rosemann on Twitter if nothing changes
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    Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★

    Plz see the screenshots I posted. The only bugs that go completely unpunished are champion interactions like Drax vs evasion

    In a previous case of event quest rewards being improperly distributed they were mostly “fixing what was wrong” in terms of removing content on in non-abisive cases just hit a reset button on the rewards

    In abusive cases they took resources as punishment or straight BANNED accounts.
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