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2015 rank up gems [Merged Threads]



  • miracle85miracle85 Posts: 13
    What a slap in the face
  • Wonder why you just cant be fair.. it is extremely hard to get high end resources and some of us have uppgraded totally wrong champions with our tier 2 alphas and then you give advantage for some players. I just dont get it, why?
  • razorjack10razorjack10 Posts: 42
    We are trying to catch up with top tier players and try to reduce gap between roster and now this.... to make gap more wider so kabam can grab more money... if this issue is not properly handled i m quitting this game. I play it for fun, not so i get angry everytime kabam screw up things.

    My suggestion for kabam is to make that gem available to 2018 champs.. upcoming champs will not get benefit from these gems. That is fair.
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    So, I just saw Kabam rectified the rank up gem bug and let the people who used them for better champs keep the ranked up champs. As a community please voice your opinions on from which angle is this even fair. Firstly extremely stupid of the guy who reported this. Second, if they've made a booboo let the entire player base have that advantage.

    Extremely Unfair on others and Great Job to those who took advantage.
  • Vale84Vale84 Posts: 308 ★★★
    Absolutely terrible choiche.

    I would guess the number of people getting those gem was still minimal at time, but they have given an extremely unfair advantage to few players.

    Now, most of ppl that at time already 100% the quest or part of it are most likely whales who spent their way through 100%, hence they d still be able to rank up said champions in a matter of couple months.

    Still tho, kabam cant nail a single one right honestly.
  • There is another bug I found we are in alliance war, when we left the boss modok in 30%, after that it shows full health of boss.wtf is happening in the game
  • MahvelMahvel Posts: 67
    I can't help but feel it was intentional anyways. Introduce a "bug" that encourages the whales who are proven to already do whatever they can to gain an advantage to spend to complete. Probably got a good bit of money from this.
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    Still horrible, so unfair!
  • SlickSlick Posts: 137
    This is disappointing to hear
  • RajutedaRajuteda Posts: 565 ★★
    Let's see how much the sales dip on black Friday and cyber monday
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    Mercenary crystal all over again, on a much larger scale.
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    Also, this thread isn't even placed in the general discussion area, so people won't notice it as much.
  • I cannot get my head around Kabams decision on this. Are they purposefully trying to anger their whole player base? I would like a good explanation on their reasoning behind this choice. I think we owed that at the very least!
    Technically speaking these exploiters get to use FOUR rankupgems3-4 on anyone unrestricted(whatever class you get) while the rest of us only get ONE.
    On top of that watch us get 2015 restricted mutant rankupgems3-4 when they were able to rank up Domino, Omega, Emma, AA, Iceman, Sabretooth, while the rest of us are stuck with sub-optimal year 2015 mutant options. Please Kabam, may you please see that it's just not fair.
    If it was a few selection of people then what would be the problem reversing this? and if it was a large selection then by all means take your time kabam, but please do the right thing.
  • joke1004joke1004 Posts: 248 ★★★
    Very unfair ... only because I had no time to explore it in time I can’t R4 my wanted champs .... that’s not how this was intended.
    Punish the irregular rank ups!
  • Wow a new all time low for kascam
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    Fairness in a game is if everyone benefits or no one benefits.
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 325 ★★
    MrMaat wrote: »
    i hope kabam know this thread is not going away.
    i hope they realise not reversing the rankups of those that knowing exploited a bug is very bad and goes against precedents already set.

    "Knowingly exploiting a Bug" it is against the TOS.
    how can kabam allow this?
    espcially with rewards that make such a difference as these do.

    If they cared this post would be in the general section where everyone could see, not in a section where no one goes.
  • AshKingLordAshKingLord Posts: 3
    Great so they get to r4 whoever they want from their roster and we are limited to r4 2015 champs. Where is the fairness in that?
    Just cos they were quicker to finish, they are given an advantage which is unfair. Seems fair to offer same rewards to all. Don’t screw us again pls. Do the right thing!
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    Basically 12 T2 Alphas and T4 basics and T1 alphas plus gold for free to rank up whoever you want. For the rest: "O' we're sorry, too late". Such abuse of power.
  • razorjack10razorjack10 Posts: 42
    Looks like Kabam will never ban or punish players who already took advantage of this glitch because these players are main source of kabam’s income. Period. But they are stating they will not going to reverse this is what makes community angry.

    So either reverse rank ups or give same to others or i m quitting this game. Final. Who is with me ??
  • StvDamitStvDamit Posts: 55
    Is everyone ok with "fixing" the 2015 Rank Up gems?" Or the "bug" about DG against The Champion?

    As part of being fair to the players of the game my opinion is that when something messes up in an update and it gets exploited by some users you have to "suck it up" as a developer team, and leave it there for all, just to be fair.

    Otherwise you're penalize the users that didn't exploit the issue. It's like leaving in a nation with a corrupt government, where the system rewards those who brake the law.
    What exactly are you thinking @Kabam Miike
  • McKay420McKay420 Posts: 1
    SmOkEuDeD wrote: »
    Very unfair to allow the people that used the rank up gems on new champs keep the rank ups and not allow people that complete it later. Need consistency, either rank down the champs that were done that weren't supposed to be or allow everyone to use them in the same manner.

    Lol such a child like mentality, oh they got it so I want it too. It’s life, some people get better **** then others and better deals, it happens, but you can’t expect consistency for everyone it just doesn’t happen. If I bought a car today for $20000 and tomorrow you buy the same car on sale for $15000 am I gonna get my money back? No! Deal with it! Oh mommy that boy got his gem to work, I want mine to work too. Lol if you are a kid, then lesson 1 of life has just started..if not then time to grow up ;)
  • Rhysi0_Rhysi0_ Posts: 18
    Some players have been banned for exploiting glitches in the past remember the beta unit issue...but on this occasion it’s ok...ZERO continuity...know wonder people get so angry
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,371 ★★★★★
    Calling It an exploit doesn't account for people that just played the Quest and used their Items. Not everyone was aware it was intended for 2015 Champs alone. Exploiting something implies knowledge that it's not intended. It's just a tricky situation is all. I get that some people feel it's unfair, but it's equally unfair to try and Derank people who had no knowledge and just used the Items. Nor do I think it would be a feasible solution. It was something that was caught fairly quickly and fixed, so we're not talking a large number of people who used them. I don't see how it's an issue, considering the people capable of earning those shouldn't be short of the Resources to R4 in general. That just leaves people wanting the same freedom, but that's equally not feasible because it would be asking them to reinstate a bug after it's fixed. It's just not an easy situation to address.
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