Can we get a MAGNETO buff?



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    Agreed. It’s time for Magneto to reach his full potential. Make an

    Every mutant on the planet was going to be Masacared by Apocalypse.. then Magneto single handily ripped him apart. Literally.

    Surviveing the holocost, Magneto despises Red Skull. Even Red-Skulls entire army and band of S-Men could not stop Magneto from destroying him as well.

    His ability is unrivaled. Thor’s hammer, a weapon capable of bending space-time and warping reality itself, with no other being in the universe capable of weilding.. Magneto stops this hammer in its tracks. Owns it.

    Think Galactics- Destroyer of Worlds with heralds of Cosmic Power a match for Magneto. Think twice. Magneto owns them all.

    Dr. Doom once took out every Avenger without breaking a sweat. Wait. What’s that? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nooo! It’s tha’ MAGNETO! Come to wreck ya! Bye DOOM! See ya!

    What’s that? Can he manipulate the iron in blood and gain a psyonic link to control even Professor X’s brain? WHILE connected Cerebro?? Yes he can. And has.

    He nearly melted his brain when he restored the central nervous system of THE CELESTIAL.

    No one can stop Magneto. Fix him or remake a new one. He deserves a lil spotlight and synergy with SWitch.
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    DrZola wrote: »
    No, no, no...please do not make a new one, no matter how much $$$ it may bring in. Those of us who own the Red and Sleeveless/SOGO versions have suffered long enough to be able to enjoy him in his full glory.

    But...If you do make a real Magneto, have the decency to call the old ones “Magneto Drones” because they certainly aren’t the real Master of Magnetism.

    Dr. Zola


    ...and Fourteenthed!
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    Go team magneto! Lets get it done mate!
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    Please please please improve him. I got a useless 2015 mutant gem. Literally no one worth using it on so it will gather dust until either the older champs are reworked or you bring Wolverine to the 5 star pool and I magically pull him and dupe him. Lol
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    A couple of versions of Magneto buffs were suggested in this thread:

    My thoughts were that he could receive any (or even all) of the following improvements; in line with his comic book abilities:

    Special attacks:
    Improved bleed damage by around 50%, plus better chance to proc (60-70%)
    (MMN only) Special-3 causes metal opponents to become immediately magnetised.

    When magnetised, opponents suffer the following effects (rating for M/MMN):
    Reduced Ability Accuracy (-45/70%)
    Reduced critical rating (-250/350)
    Vulnerability to special attacks (+10%/+20% damage)
    Magneto gains 20%/30% perfect block against magnetised opponents.

    Passive effect (Could be added to his Sig):
    When blocking, Magneto has a 30% chance to deflect all projectile attacks, +30% (flat increase) against magnetised opponents.
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    No buffs through synergy ... he needs a proper rework
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    He is super lame and deserves some love. Fix his movements too, he looks like a flaming ballerina.
  • Fourteenth
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    You all forget they already nerfed him when they removed the second bleed from the back hand slap of his L1.

    Still the most confusing move they have made in this game to me. He was already trash at that point and then they actually needed him.
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    No buffs through synergy ... he needs a proper rework

    So the leader of the Mutant Brotherhood shouldn’t have good synergy with them?

    Well a proper buff for magneto is more important for him
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    More synergies are fine .. i mean look at spidey and venom ... and Magneto is one of the leaders of a whole group of characters ...

    But the intrinsic character has to change ...

    And it will be good for the overall game to have a game icon not suck ... that thing sells!
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    i personally think magento is never getting buffed but thats my opinion
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    Nojokejaym wrote: »
    i personally think magento is never getting buffed but thats my opinion

    Are you on pessimist node?
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    Nojokejaym wrote: »
    i personally think magento is never getting buffed but thats my opinion

    Are you on pessimist node?

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    EvilAsh wrote: »
    Comic book power has nothing to do with how powerful a game champ is.

    Blade, iceman, AA sl, ironman, gp, etc... are all bums in the marvel universe. So many of the most powerful champs in comics are meh in the game. It's all about whichever champs the dev team likes the most.

    Mags is awesome in the comics, but the game is the game. Id like my junk mags to be better, but he is one of the only champs with basic attacks being energy attacks and anyone that has ro fight korg probably sees his value there at least

    Yea... take on a Korg in any high tier war ... then come back and say that ...
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  • Magneto did get a recent buff. He’s called Korg 😂
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    I think Magneto needs a buff really bad
  • Hey guys, I completely understand your desire to see Magneto become more powerful. However, there's an active thread HERE, where others are discussing how they would like to see Champions in The Contest improved.

    If you haven't already, please take a moment to share your feedback and improvement suggestions for Magneto in that discussion. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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