A Small Giveaway, Merry Christmas!



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    I'd love a Greater Gifting Crystal if I were to win. Just so I can say I've opened one and perhaps get a 4 * awakening gem.
    In-Game Name is MikePendragon.
    Probably the best thing to happen to me in MCOC is having Stark Spidey be my 2nd 4 star champ, he got me through most of the first 4 Acts. Thank you!
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    IGN- ShadowReptile choice: 1 G.G.C. Best thing: pulling a 5 star AA from a featured way back when.
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    FelganosFelganos Posts: 259 ★★
    edited December 2018
    For starters, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, it’s a very kind thing for you to do and even if I don’t win, thank you for the opportunity. My best experience in this game was probably when I was really sleepy and saving for a featured 5 star crystal, I accidentally clicked to buy a 5 star basic. I went crazy thinking how stupid I was, then it stopped on 5 Star Archangel.
    Needless to say, this was awesome and on the off chance that I did win, 10 energy refills to aid me in exploring 5.4 would be nice, IGN: Lujarandlukey98. Thank you, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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    SungjSungj Posts: 2,113 ★★★★★
    IGN: Sungj2001

    My best in-game experience was probably pulling Blade twice in 3 featured crystals back when the old featured crystals were still a thing. A very close second would be pulling Domino then Ghost from back to back as 5 stars.

    A greater gifting crystal would be very nice. It's cool to see someone do this for the community
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    DankestChefDankestChef Posts: 420 ★★★
    IGN: Yando
    Id appreciates if you could gift me a GGC.
    Best thing that happened? pulling a kamala khan from my very first featured.

    Thank you for doing this!
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    King363672King363672 Posts: 403 ★★★
    The best thing happened to me in mcoc is that Gwenpool goes to the movies .
    In that event I got 5 star wasp , killmonger and Ironman infinity warrior .
    It's a Christmas day so I would I like to have a greater gifting crystal .
    Merry Christmas .
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    JellybeanJellybean Posts: 33
    edited December 2018
    IGN: Melonlord

    Preferably 10 refills

    My best mcoc experience.. there's alot but my most recent is after going back an forth last month against Aegon in the Uncollected quest.. i needed a few more shards to get another 6* champ but Aegon was stopping me.. i ended up grinding the arena but i was still gonna fall short then I'd have to wait for the next monthly quest or war rewards to get enough sharde but i wanted it now! A voice just spoke to me and i took on Aegon again.. it was going good but then i got wiped out but i was so close that i kept chipping away.. buffet triggering like crazy lol.. i felt like giving up but i kept at it and my 5* x23 knocked him down with the bleeds then after finally succeeding with numerous attemps, i had enough sharde and.pulled a 6* Domino.. 😍😍😍
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    DragonFire2DragonFire2 Posts: 181
    My IGN is DragonFire2.
    Best memory of MCOC so far would have to be 100% completing act 5 and pulling a tech gem to awaken my Sparky and a generic for Blade.
    I’d love a Greater Gifting Crystal... thanks for doing this!
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    Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 438 ★★★
    edited December 2018

    The new real life friends I have made from my alliance

    The energy refills

    Merry Christmas
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    CoachLedCoachLed Posts: 355 ★★
    Coach Led

    I dropped 9000 units going for Aegon. Needless to say, I didn’t get him. BUT my 30th crystal was a 5* Corvus! Silver lining I guess lol

    Happy Holidays!
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    X_pullX_pull Posts: 10
    The best thing that has happened to me in this game, is all the friends and relationships I have developed over the last three years of playing. They are all across the world, and some will last forever. No crystal opening or duped champs could ever top lasting friendships. What your doing is great, and it shows how we all should be acting in this time of the holidays.
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    Maldroit2Maldroit2 Posts: 739 ★★★
    Star police
    Many great things happened this year including 7 5*, my first completion of act 4, getting a 4* stark spidey, then duping him, a successful alliance, and no tablet overheating. But the best thing was getting my ancient one title.
    I would like a greater gifting crystal.
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    Mitchell35Mitchell35 Posts: 1,897 ★★★★

    Atm the best thing for me is greater gifting crystals (broken record I know 😕)

    Best thing that’s happened to me is first time beating the collector after eating a full special one with him unstoppable with hulk. (Thor rags synergy ftw!!!)

    By the way man, you’re awesome for doing this. Merry Christmas!!!! 🎁🎄
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    VulcanMVulcanM Posts: 664 ★★
    interesting idea. figured i wont win, but why not enter i guess
    my ign is Chickenplayer53
    those refils would be nice, considering i havnt 100% act 4
    and my best memory was becoming uncollected or getting my 5* ghost rider
    and congrats to whoever wins this
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    Merry Christmas
    Username's awsomediabrine
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    jeffgmngjeffgmng Posts: 115

    Best thing happened to me in mcoc is when i pulled a 5* blade from basic crystal. He’s actually my 2nd god tier 5* pull in my mcoc career and i was really jumping out of joy when i pulled him lol
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    InfinityheartInfinityheart Posts: 6
    edited December 2018
    IGN: Infinityheart
    Item: GGC
    Best Moment: I couldn’t decide for which 4* dungeon crystal to buy because I wanted both Corvus and Magik (since I didn’t have either) and then I popped a 5* crystal and got a Magik so I went for the Genesis crystal not expecting much and got a 4* Corvus :smile::smile::smile:

    Thx for the generosity and Merry Christmas to all
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    Ign is Blonde Ginger and I’d prefer the greater gifting crystal if I were to win. You say best but can’t decide. Luckiest pull would be pulling 5* gold pool in less than 20 of the pools gold crystals and my favorite thing done in game is soloing act 5 ultron first try with my 5* Medusa
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    BananaGrantBananaGrant Posts: 95
    Could you send one to my bud?
    His IGN is Pizzainguana
    Hopefully this is fine :)
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    Jenk6225Jenk6225 Posts: 32
    Item: GGC
    Best Moment: Duping my 5* Starlord on my 5th 5* opening.
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    ArkhamButcherArkhamButcher Posts: 129
    I'd like a GGC
    My best Mcoc moment was duping my Archangel from a featured.The only 5* I still use
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    OpEnWoUnDOpEnWoUnD Posts: 6
    Merry Christmas! I have made really good friends In this game and met some amazing people, most of them younger than me, found an ally that respects everyone and help each other grow.
    ign: OpEnWoUnD
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    DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    IGN - DTMelodicMetal
    Item - GGC
    Best thing to happen to me in MCOC - Being part of an alliance that earns enough 5* signature stone crystals to build a top 100 prestige account without ever sharing my account information to earn AQ/AW/end-game content rewards from piloting
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    auticusauticus Posts: 11
    Would like the greater gifting crystal if I win please.
    My favourite moment is when I pulled my first two four stars from phcs one right after another (iron man, then when I could contain myself about two minutes later, a doctor strange) this was back in the earlier days, when shard Crystals didn't exist and the only way to get a 4* was pot luck, arena or spending.
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    Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 2,439 ★★★★★
    My IGN is NeyHeyNey and I would like 10 energy refills.

    The best thing to happen to me this year is to be able to get my friends and some of my family to join the contest this year. My friends and I have gone through the thick and thin of the contest. One other big accomplishment that I am SOOOOO happy about is taking down a FREAKIN STUN IMMUNE NIGHTCRAWLER in this months Chilled Challenge without using a single revive. (Side note: GwenPool using her special one incinerate is really helpful in the Chilled Challenges. Also getting her from a PHC was extremely great. And I also got GoldPool from 10 crystals.) Those are probably the greatest things that have happened to me in 2018 and when I really look back at it and ignore my 4* duped Spider-Gwen, I believe that I have had a pretty exciting year. Even though I may not get the reward, I am still happy to “flex” on others with my luck. Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Can’t wait for Silver Surfer in 2019 BTW.
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    WhathappenedWhathappened Posts: 747 ★★★
    I'm not going to participate but very nice idea considering the day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.
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    ThebgjThebgj Posts: 635 ★★
    edited December 2018
    IGN- thebgj

    Gift- GGC

    Best thing that has happened-

    Best thing IN game...I’m sure it’ll be beatin content or champ that was really wanted. So to answer, I’ll say that it was getting a 5* madusa.

    Something better was realizing that this game is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. I spent a lot of time fighting that feeling and trying to quit and always came back. It Was great to just say out loud that I LOVE MCOC!
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    iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,252 ★★★★
    edited December 2018

    100% Chapter 1 of the Champions Clash
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    SnaapjackSnaapjack Posts: 30
    I finally beat uncollected. Yay! :)
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