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    Contest of Champions Suggestion - Speedball


    Bio -
    Robbie Baldwin is just a normal teenager from Springdale, Connecticut who works as a part-time lab assistant at Hammond Research Laboratory. One day a lab accident causes unknown energy to bombard Robbie’s body, granting him the amazing abilities of Speedball! Still getting the hang of his newfound powers and with little fighting experience, it’s up to Night Thrasher to mold this kid into a New Warrior!

    Tags -
    #Defensive:Guard #NewWarrior #Hero #Size:M

    Class -
    Speedball’s powers originate from a laboratory experiment gone wrong, as such he should be classed as a Science Champion.

    Unique Abilities -

    Kinetic Invulnerability Charges -
    Speedball gains Kinetic Invulnerability Charges when blocking enemy attacks. Charges can be stacked without limit, but each charge lasts only 7 seconds before expiration. Charges are consumed when struck and when performing certain attacks. Damage-over-time effects can still be applied while Speedball has active Kinetic Invulnerability Charges. Kinetic Invulnerability Charges offer no protection from damaging debuffs. True Strike & True Damage override Kinetic Invulnerability Charges, offering Speedball no defensive advantage. Speedball does not gain power whenever gaining or consuming Kinetic Energy Charges. If a Kinetic Energy Charge expires, Speedball instantly gains 1% of his max power meter - power gained this way is immune to Ability Accuracy Modification and the effects of Power Lock, Fate Seal, & Damnation.
    Gaining Charges -
    Blocking Basic Attacks - gain 1 charge
    Parry Basic Attack - gain 10 charges
    Blocking Special Attacks - gain 5 charges
    Parry Special Attacks - gain 15 charges
    Consuming Charges When Struck -
    Basic Attacks -
    Consume 1 charge and take 0 damage from the attack
    Heavy Attacks -
    Consume all charges and take 0 damage from the attack, Speedball is still knocked down (unless Resist Mastery prevents this)
    Special Attacks -
    Consume all charges on first hit, and then gain Emergency Shield passive buff that lasts for 10 seconds. Emergency Shield allows Speedball to take -50% reduced damage from Special Attacks. While Emergency Shield is active, Speedball cannot gain Kinetic Invulnerability Charges from any source.
    Consuming Charges Offensively -
    Striking Enemies with Medium Dash Attack -
    Consume 1 charge to deal an additional +20% damage as direct energy damage
    Heavy Attack -
    Activating a heavy attack instantly removes all Kinetic Invulnerability Charges and converts them into Energy Damage Charges that last for as long as the heavy attack is held. If the heavy attack is held for less than 1 second, Energy Damage charges deal an additional +5% damage as direct energy damage per charge. If the heavy attack is held for 1 - 2 seconds, Energy Damage charges deal an additional +10% damage as direct energy damage per charge. If the heavy attack is held for 2 - 3 seconds, Energy Damage charges deal an additional +15% damage as direct energy damage per charge. If the heavy attack is held for 3 or more seconds, Energy Damage charges deal their maximum amount of damage - an additional +20% damage as direct energy damage per charge. Energy Damage Charges expire at the end of the heavy attack.

    Passive Energy Resistance & Power Gain -
    Having been bombarded with energy from an unknown source, Speedball naturally has a +60% resistance to energy attacks and energy-based damaging debuffs. Speedball also gains a passive power gain buff whenever an energy-based damaging debuff is placed on him.

    Attacks & Animations -

    Basic & Heavy Attack Animations -
    Dashing -
    When dashing forward or backwards, Speedball is followed by a trail of his signature yellow Kinetic Energy Bubbles.
    Heavy Attack -
    Speedball’s heavy attack is almost identical to Red Skull’s however the blue energy of the Cosmic Cube is replaced with Speedball’s signature yellow Kinetic Energy Bubbles.

    Special 1 - “Bubble Boy” -
    Speedball punches the ground with incredible force, generating a Kinetic Energy Bubble around him that damages and knocks back anyone who touches it. This field nullifies Unstoppable buffs if contact is made. This attack also grants Speedball 10 Kinetic Invulnerability Charges.

    Special 2 - “Bounce Back” -
    Speedball focuses his abilities and launches 3 clusters of unstable Kinetic Energy Bubbles towards his opponent. This attack deals True Damage and each cluster places an Armor Break debuff on the opponent upon impact.

    Special 3 - “Pinball Wizard” -
    Speedball bounces all over the arena with incredible speed. As he passes by over and again in a blur, he leaves behind his signature kinetic bubble trail. After he’s filled the area around his opponent with kinetic bubbles, Speedball delivers a massive uppercut to his opponent, sending them reeling. Speedball then snaps, detonating his kinetic bubbles with explosive force, and covering the screen in a flash of white. This attack places a “Disorient” debuff on the opponent for 10 seconds.

    Signature Ability -

    Off the Wall -
    When awakened, and only while Kinetic Invulnerability Charges are active, whenever Speedball would normally be pinned against a wall, he instead bounces off the wall with explosive force interrupting his opponent’s combo and launching his opponent across the arena. This counterattack consumes all Kinetic Invulnerability Charges, deals direct energy damage based on Signature Ability Level, and purifies all active debuffs on Speedball. This counterattack cannot be blocked, evaded, or made to fail due to Ability Accuracy Modification.

    Synergies -

    “Mentor” - (Night Thrasher & Speedball)
    Night Thrasher -
    Gains a 50% chance to evade projectiles.
    Speedball -
    Dash attacks inflict armor break when hitting the opponent’s block.

    “First Team Up” - (Spider-man [Classic] & Daredevil [Classic] & Speedball)
    Spider-man (Classic) & Daredevil (Classic) -
    Passive eades also places an “Enervate” debuff on the opponent, preventing them from gaining power when struck for 5 seconds.
    Speedball -
    Opponents’ basic attacks have a 75% chance to “miss” while Speedball is holding his heavy attack.

    “Unstoppable Forces” - (Juggernaut & Unstoppable Colossus & Rhino & Speedball)
    Juggernaut & Unstoppable Colossus -
    Activating an Unstoppable buff also activates a passive Physical Resistance buff that lasts the duration of the fight. These Physical Resistance buffs can be stacked without limit, but can be removed when hit by an opponent’s heavy attack.
    Rhino -
    Dash attacks inflict a short bleed debuff on opponents. This bleed cannot stack.
    Speedball -
    Starts each fight with 5 Kinetic Invulnerability Charges ready.

    “Teammates” - (Night Thrasher & Darkhawk & Speedball)
    All Champions -
    All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance
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    Technovore, mandarin, living laser, namor
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    I am personally excited about fantastic 4 and there villains ... one in particular is galactus. Now we see how large you can go with a centinela I think he would be great in the game
  • Boz1Boz1 Posts: 2
    Also I think it would be awesome if you added sugar bear from dead pool 2... and are you ever going to buff the iron man team... they pretty much do the same thing ... since I've been playing forever I know they were part of the first year but we've come so far so let's go back to the first year champs and make some adjustments like you just did to Gamora
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    Star-Lady: Tech
  • lqd1lqd1 Posts: 38
    Jubilee (vampire): Mystic
  • Roguefrogger13Roguefrogger13 Posts: 289
    lqd1 said:

    Jubilee (vampire): Mystic

    She's back to being a mutant now. Thank God, it was fun but not the best idea to go through with for as long as they did. 🙄
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    When Avengers : Endgame comes out, I'd love to see these characters added in the game.
    1. Professor Hulk
    2. Ronin
    3. Thor (Endgame)
    4. Thanos (Endgame)
    5. War Machine (Endgame)
    6. Black Widow (Endgame)
    7. Chitauri/Outrider minions (in place of sentinels)
    I hope at least some of these are added if not all.
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    According to a ranking of thousands of Summoner votes, Summoners' most desired champs include the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, as well as Dr. Doom (#1), Apocalypse (#2), Mysterio (#3), Galactus (#4), Quicksilver (#7), Nova (#8), Adam Warlock (#9), and Valkyrie (#10).

    Disagree with these rankings?

    While we're at it, the lowest ranked champ requests are #391 Powell McTeague (Avengers 1959), #392 Haechi (New Warriors), #393 Bushmaster (Quincy McIver, Serpent Society), #394 Sharp (AKA "Shogun" from Wolverine comics), #395 Synch (Generation X), #396 Mister M (from The 198 in District X comics), #397 ForgetMeNot (X-Force), #398 Bloodscream (1990s enemy of Wolverine) #399 Shatter (from TV's The Gifted), and in dead last, #400 Kluh (when Hulk "hulks out" further).


    If you've voted before, please vote again. The rankings change; new champs have been added.

    Please add your favorite future champ if you can't find them on the list.

    Please tell your alliance or Line chat about the list. The more votes the merrier.


    Your suggestions have been suggested before. But your favorite may need your vote:


    Great ideas! Forge is currently ranked #107 and could use some love.
    LzumA said:

    Thor (Sturmbrecher)

    Ja! Thor (Sturmbrecher) ist derzeit auf Platz 87 (entschuldigt sich für Google Deutsch) Translation: Yeah! Thor (Stormbreaker) is ranked #87.
    Settimo said:

    Contest of Champions Suggestion - Speedball

    I so agree. Would love to see Speedball in the game. He's ranked #179 right now. He's a goofy character, so if you love him, you gotta show it.

    Technovore, mandarin, living laser, namor

    Mandarin (ranked #49), Living Laser (#166), and Namor (#22) are all receiving votes. You can add Technovore to the list.
    lqd1 said:

    Jubilee (vampire): Mystic

    Jubilee (vampire or otherwise) is ranked #73 and needs all the votes she can get, since she has some haters.
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    Shocker would be kinda cool and he'd have a synergy with Vulture
  • ZaptosdakingZaptosdaking Posts: 67
    I wonder what champs would be god tier if Kabam made it
  • ZaptosdakingZaptosdaking Posts: 67
    Phill Culson
  • BlackFreQuencyBlackFreQuency Posts: 91
    we need more symbiotes in the game...
    Anti Venom
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    There are a few fan-favorite favorite characters that I think should have access in all content. Number one,Wolverine we need a six star version, even if you have to make adjustments to him.

    two is Spider-Man Classic. We need that got to be a bit better character, maybe if we tweak his armor breaks to be permanent and if he only evades on hits.

    These are fans favorites and should be an absolute Staple in any Marvel game and all content.
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    Adam Warlock would be nice, but I don’t really know how he would work. A bit too powerful probably. Also I would like to see Ronin when Endgame come out.
  • HammerManHammerMan Posts: 12
    X-Force X-23 and Wolverine.
    X-Force X-23 would, at least, be "another" female character.
    We need more female characters.

    Rachel Summers
    Misty Knight
    Black Cat
    Jessica Jones
    Squirrel Girl
    Invisible Woman
    Kitty Pryde
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★

    Adam Warlock would be nice, but I don’t really know how he would work. A bit too powerful probably. Also I would like to see Ronin when Endgame come out.

    Adam warlock will probably come with gotg 3
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    Class Mutant

    Signature ability speedster: whenever Quicksilver evades an attack he has a 50% chance to inflict stun for 1 second
    Evade: Quicksilver has a 50 % chance to evade incoming attacks
    Perfect block: whenever Quicksilver perfectly times a block he inflicts a armor break debuff lasting 2.5 seconds.
    Armor break: Quicksilver gains an armor up buff every 3 seconds, armor up caps at 5
    Heavy attacks: when landing an heavy attack Quicksilver inflicts 2 stagger passives

    Special 1: Quicksilver kicks his opponet several times at lightning speed: 50% chance to inflict stun lasting 2 seconds
    Special 2: Quicksilver hits his opponets several times at fast speeds: 100 % chance to inflict armor shatter lasting 6 seconds 50% chance to stack up to 5 exaust debuffs lasting 3 seconds
    Special 3: Quicksilver activates slow motion before beating his opponet around
    100% chance to inflict stun lasting 3 seconds, 100 % chance to inflict armor shatter lasting 10 seconds
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    Sheck Wes
    Sig ability: Mo Bamba
    Instantly regenerate 65% max health when hit.

    Passive: Yeah Sheck Wes and I’m getting really rich

    If you win the fight your gold is multiplied by 2. If you lose, it’s multiplied by 5.

    Sp1: I be ballin
    Sheck Wes T poses on his opponent.

    Grants full debuff immunity. Places a 50% petrify debuff on the opponent.

    Sp2: bamba
    The full mo bamba music video plays from start to finish, this Attack cannot be interrupted, and the fight cannot be paused until the entire video is watched.

    Sheck Wes Instantly loses 69.69% max health, gains an armor break, exhaustion, and slow debuff.

    Sp3: I got isoooo
    Sheck Wes hears SICKO MODE playing off in the distance. As he goes to investigate, he finds that the collector and grandmaster were listening to the song. He proceeds to kill them both, and take the iso sphere. Maestro and Carnia attempt to stop Sheck Wes but they are instantly trapped inside of T2CC crystals. Sheck Wes then crushes the iso sphere in the palm of his hand and then hurls the broken pieces at the opponent.


    (Sheck Wes, Blade, Domino, Ghost, Gwenpool, Stark Spidey)

    Sheck Wes- all light attacks are replaced with IMIW’s heavy Attack animation.
    Blade- Danger sense activates all the time.
    Domino- domino always becomes of the superior class.
    Ghost- ghost is always phasing, and all specials are replaced with spider gwen’s old sp1.
    Gwenpool- Gwenpool grows to the size of sentinel.
    Stark Spidey- all special attacks are replaced with triple backflips and t poses.

    (Sheck Wes, Travis Scott, Gambit)

    Sheck Wes- does quadruple backflip
    Travis Scott- dies.
    Gambit- becomes literally unkillable.
  • Hi !
    I'm looking at Iron Man 2 and I think that Ivan Vanko should be a good addition to MCOC.
    He is a vilain and posess a pair of electric-based whips which use Stark technologie.

    Those could do "shocks" effects.

    He is a scientist but could be Tech as Iron Man too.

    I hope, one day, I will see him in MCOC :)

    Best regards,

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    MCOC name: Trooper 118(or Void Trooper)
    Class: Cosmic
    Offensive, Raw damage(all abilities and times are based upon a 5/50 awakened 4 star champion with no masteries)

    Bio:Ex military special operative that was suspended and stranded in the void for decades after a disastrous Space exploration program gone wrong. Being able to accept the power of an infinite nothingness that he had just barely survived in,gives Trooper 118(or Void Trooper) a surprisingly strong will and immense power. But he’s just a merc that could care less about power and potential. Who needs strength when you’re filthy rich from killing things all day,right?

    Character Model: All black military fatigues, bulletproof vest, face and head are just black flames on something reminiscent of a human head( Not like Ghost Rider!). Size(m), black military beret on head, black cargo pants; A knife similar to Nick Fury’s and engulfed in a black glow.

    Health: 14,674
    Attack: 1392
    Rank: 5/5
    Level: 50/50

    Abilities: Invisibility,bleed,fatigue,exhaustion,energy feedback,incinerate immune,poison immune,coldsnap immune,incinerate,health reversal,and vacuum charge

    Signature Ability: Infinite potential (level 99)

    Trooper 118 has a change at gaining a bar of power back after activating a special attack. Additionally, if the opponent is a hero or cosmic, power burn all of the opponents current power and convert each bar into a Vacuum charge

    Heavy attack: Trooper 118 takes out and arms a falshbang grenade(animation similar to Spider-man Stark enhanced)

    When charging a heavy attack(all debuffs stack) for 0.5 seconds and releasing,inflict a fatigue debuff lasting 5 seconds. When charging for 1.5 seconds,inflict an exhaustion debuff on the opponent lasting 5 seconds.When charging a heavy attack for 2.5 seconds,gain a vacuum charge.

    Vacuum charge(passive): Every 15 seconds gain a vacuum charge that stacks with a max cap of three passive vacuum charges per fight. Vacuum charges are consumed when using a third special attack.(additional charges can be stacked from signature ability)

    Special attack 1: Trooper 118 punches his opponent once with both arms, then hits his opponent with a knee while simultaneously pulling out a void charged bowie knife,stabbing his opponent once and kicking them away.

    This attack does energy damage based upon opponent power meter and Trooper 118’s current health.

    Physical attacks are 40% more effective if the opponent is L or XL in size.

    Every ending medium atack has a chance to place a permanent bleed that deals 96 damage a second. Debuff is removed when Trooper 118 gets parried or is hit by a special attack.

    If the opponent is not a robot or of the Mystic class, this attack inflicts a bleed doing 989 damage over 6 seconds

    Special attack 2: Trooper 118 shows his opponent what the vacuum of empty space can really do. Trooper 118 punches the opponent away in a frenzie and then teleports to his opponent and releases a torrent of Void Flame(much like Ghost Rider’s flame)

    This attack inflicts a random debuff(Bleed,Incinerate,or Health Reversal).

    Damaging debuffs inflicted by this attack both deal 2158 damage over 7 seconds.

    Special attack 3: Trooper 118 performs a routine kill. Trooper 118 fires 5 shots from his pistol, swaps magazines, and fires three powerful Void shots. Then, he throws a flashbang grenade at the opponent; as the camera shifts to Trooper 118, he pulls out two “smoke grenades” and as he pulls the pins, the flashbang goes off. The fight resumes as normal and Trooper 118 has an invisibility buff that lasts 10 seconds.( this entire animation lasts 8 seconds)

    This attack consumes each Vacuum charge and deals an additional amount of energy damage based on amount of charges(7 charges is the maximum and deals an additional 7421 damage plus base attack damage)

    When invisible(like the Hood or DarkHawk after his special 2) opponent has a 65% chance to miss an attack and take 344.7 energy damage for every miss.


    Power of Nothingness
    Void: Placing a debuff passively takes 1.5 seconds less as well as increased damage from debuffs.

    Trooper 118: +350 damage on every damaged based attack

    Unique Synergy! Does not stack.

    Hands off! (Ghost,Hood,Darkhawk,Wasp: + 7% damage)

    (Trooper 118): instead of dealing damage, when the opponent misses Trooper,they gain an exhaustion debuff as well as receive a stun at the end of Trooper 118’s invisibility phase(seconds stunned correlates to amount of debuffs on the opponent and a base stun duration of 3.5 seconds)

    Untold Strength (Red hulk,Hyperion,Deadpool OG)

    Red hulk(consume no heat charges when activating special two and do 1.5x more damage based on heat charges. Additionally at 10 heat charges,gain a True strike that is removed when struck or is stolen)

    Hyperion(Special 1 incinerate debuff has a 100% chance to activate at least 3 times and duration is extended by 2 seconds.)

    Trooper 118 and Deadpool( 100% chance to heal to 25% health when they would of been knocked out)

    This is my two months of ideas and thoughts. This is not a character in the marvel universe and I personally think it would be a great addition. Please consider adding!
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    edited March 2019

    Hi !
    I'm looking at Iron Man 2 and I think that Ivan Vanko should be a good addition to MCOC.
    He is a vilain and posess a pair of electric-based whips which use Stark technologie.

    Those could do "shocks" effects.

    He is a scientist but could be Tech as Iron Man too.

    I hope, one day, I will see him in MCOC :)

    Best regards,

    Yes add whiplash good idea, but here is a look I like better

  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★

    Hi !
    I'm looking at Iron Man 2 and I think that Ivan Vanko should be a good addition to MCOC.
    He is a vilain and posess a pair of electric-based whips which use Stark technologie.

    Those could do "shocks" effects.

    He is a scientist but could be Tech as Iron Man too.

    I hope, one day, I will see him in MCOC :)

    Best regards,

    Yes add whiplash good idea, but here is a look I like better

  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    edited March 2019
    TheBeFruit 76 I think adding whiplash would be a great idea, here is a look I like better though

  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    Here is a look I like better
  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 1,008 ★★★
    edited March 2019

    Here is a look I like better
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