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**Arcade is being extra tricky with his Murder Box...**
It appears Arcade has been non-cooperative in his approach to this month's side quest and presented his clues in a nonsensical order. Lucky you, Summoners, we have our best and brightest on the case and those clues should now be a lot more straightforward. While messing around in Arcade's files we came across a phrase, highlighted and bolded, with sparkles and pointy arrows: "the abode for the dead" ... Maybe that will help you along the way!

Avengers, Assemble! "Quest for the Stones" and "Save the Battlerealm" Events are coming!

MCOC TeamMCOC Team Posts: 530
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Greetings Summoners,

A new Event is Coming to The Contest! This will be a 6 Week long Event featuring TWO new quests for Summoners to explore.

Starting April 24th at 10:00 AM PDT, and running until June 5th at 10:00 AM PDT, Two unique Events will be available for you: LAST STAND: QUEST FOR THE STONES and LAST STAND: SAVE THE BATTLEREALM.

QUEST FOR THE STONES starts with one Quest Available at the beginning of the Event. Each Quest in this Set will reward you with an Infinity Stone that will enhance a specific Avenger in your roster, giving them powerful new abilities to use in the LAST STAND Quests.

Each week, a new Quest and Infinity Stone will become available. Below is a list of the release order of the stones and which Avengers they apply to:


Beating each week will award you with a 3-Star version of that week’s Champion (2-star for Beginner difficulty). Additionally, each week the Featured and Grandmaster Featured Hero Crystal for the associated Avenger will be available in the Special tab of the Crystal Vault.

Stones will enhance ANY Rarity of the Avenger you have. For example, if you had the rewarded 3-Star Hawkeye but have already acquired a 4-Star Hawkeye, both would receive Enhancements in the LAST STAND Quests. These stones boost specific heroes.The Power Stone enhances any rarity of Hulk, but won’t boost Red Hulk or Hulk (Ragnarok).

SAVE THE BATTLEREALM is a single Quest designed to push your newly empowered Avenger to their limits. There are six paths in this Quest, one with each Infinity Stone in mind.

This quest is not limited to Avengers Champions, but others will face a considerably tougher Challenge.

Grand rewards await the Summoners who collect all six Stones and complete each path of this Quest for the Completion Rewards. Complete Quests to receive Last Stand Crystal Shards.
Use these shards to purchase different tiers of Last Stand Crystals located in the Special tab of the Crystal Vault.

Please note: These Crystal Contents are subject to change prior to the launch of the event.


Below are the Completion rewards for each quest, Quest for the Stones has 4 Paths for difficulty while Save the Battlerealm has 6 Paths (One for each Stone)

Please note: These Rewards are subject to change prior to the launch of the event.


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    RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 4,507 ★★★★★

    Maybe I mis something but no 6* shards this month? I only need 200 for a new 6* but...
    Also if you don't have this specific heroes or have only a 4* r4 version you don't have any chance for epic in Save the battelrealm.
    I honestly don't understand who takes this decision but almost 10 members of our aliance retired this month (and they were playing for more then 3-4 years). Is realy hard to convince them not to retire with game evolving in this direction

    Im short 95 gonna have to do completion for chapter 1 next wednesday lol
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    Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 653 ★★★★
    It says Infinity Crystal shards but is that supposed to be Last Stand shards?
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    Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Is this the event quest or a side event
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    Ace_QuillAce_Quill Posts: 57
    So are there 3 event quests coming? This is an extremely confusing post. If these are the monthly EQ for the next 6 weeks the rewards are a massive step backwards unless there is no RNG in the greater infinity crystals and you get to pick the rewards.
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    Ace_QuillAce_Quill Posts: 57
    Just did the math. You can get 30 of the greater infinity crystals from that content alone. Just depends on the drop rates of if that is worthwhile or not.
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    FallencircusFallencircus Posts: 339 ★★★
    I will admit I am a bit confused on the rewards, what is the total amount we would receive for exploring each difficulty?
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    PleasureDomePleasureDome Posts: 93
    @Kabam Miike can you clarify if the rewards for each tier of crystal can only be obtained once receiving the quantity listed, or will the rewards listed be the available items anytime you purchase said crystal? For example, if I get the Greater Last Stand Crystal do I have a chance to get 10 5* awakening gems over the course of 6 weeks, or would I be able to purchase a 5* Crystal only once?

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    SiliyoSiliyo Posts: 1,416 ★★★★★
    Will the boosted Avengers be able to use their new strength in the Event Quest?
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    AgentRocker2112AgentRocker2112 Posts: 28
    Wish the percentage chance of each reward was posted. You get multiple crystals to open if you do all difficulties. May have a chance at the 5 star awakening gem, although it's a class. Not bad if you pull several of them. Really wish the T1A cats and the boosts weren't in there though, post above is right, that will feel like you got shafted. If you open 20 crystals at once though, odds are something good will come out.
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    Maazlogan2321Maazlogan2321 Posts: 34
    I dont understand the rewards for the last stand crystal... atleast there should be drop rates for them or they should have mentioned what we will get by one of those crystals...
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