Greater Last Stand Crystal results



  • SkkcSkkc Posts: 90
    These are embarrassing rewards for end game and intermediate players.

    End game is the BIGGEST event in MCU and these rewards are a big slap across our faces.
  • Ultimatesaber32Ultimatesaber32 Posts: 728 ★★
    Bought another 5. Got a full tier 2 alpha, a tier one alpha and T4BC shards
  • MbizzMbizz Posts: 215 ★★

    Really wish they would get rid of the 4* sig stones and make them exclusively in the mid-tier last stand crystal. Essentially useless for some of us at this point in the game.
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,272 ★★★
    edited April 28
    I haven't been keeping record of it all, but I remember getting 1,000 4* shards, +5 sig stones, 50k gold, and just pulled 54k T4 basic frags from two crystals which was pretty cool actually.

    I will say though, as a player nearing endgame content, these crystals don't seem to offer much for this tier of player unless you get EXTREMELY lucky.. So kinda whack tbh
  • KalechiKalechi Posts: 11
    I opened over 10 greater last stand crystals and received NOTHING but sig stones, gold and a health boost.

    Absolutely nothing related to end game content, no t5b shards, t2a shards no 5 star or 6 star shards or anything useful.

    Just despicable.
  • RapRap Posts: 2,493 ★★★
    I actually got better stuff from the lowest least i collected a few quest boosts! A couple 10 percent to all and a 20 percent to health...but mostly...they have sucked!
  • RapRap Posts: 2,493 ★★★
    And can we please talk about ya get squat at the end of waiting three weeks to complete a path with your stone and the cheap bums can't even give us more shards for these crummy crystals???? Jeez !kabam! Be ashamed! Be very ashamed of this event!
  • RapRap Posts: 2,493 ★★★
    Every one of those paths should have been treated like a quest with rewards at the end.
  • bob59300bob59300 Posts: 16
    if you have a good OG cap, you can do most of the path with him. No really need to wait the end to 100% it
  • RogerRabsRogerRabs Posts: 274 ★★★
    I just spun 6 crystals after finished the nerfed epic. Might as well have not done the event.

    5* Sig Stones x2
    10k Gold
    27k T4B
    4* Sig stones x2

    This is in addition to about 7 other ones I've popped thus far, not a single T2A/T5B/AG pull yet.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 2,071 ★★★★
    edited May 9
    Ten greater last stand crystals:

    And no, there wasn't anything else hiding to the right!

    It's free stuff, I suppose; and all gained through 'normal' play, no revives or Energy bought yet. Mind you, haven't taken on UC Thanos yet!
  • Thekiller8967Thekiller8967 Posts: 141
    I got a decent chunk of t5bc so I can't conplain
  • Player1994Player1994 Posts: 527 ★★
    at least you got 5*s sigs i got 4*s sigs and 10k gold everytime lol
  • HoliolioHoliolio Posts: 14
    ItsDamien said:

    Only one I've opened gave me 10k gold. Right between a 5* Skill Awakening, and a 5* Mystic Awakening. I nearly cried :(

    I got a gold too. But then I got five star shards. So it gets better. I keep dreaming of an Awakening gem but will probably never get.
  • MbizzMbizz Posts: 215 ★★

    I count my lucky stars I was fortunate enough to land an AG, that doesn’t make me feel any better about how big of a miss these “rewards” were for this once in a lifetime event.
  • BFritzeBFritze Posts: 35
    This just reiterates the issue of 3-Star Awakening Gems lacking the ability to be used as a mere +1 Signature Stones in the event the Summoner has all 3-Star Champions of the given Class awakened already.

  • I got a 5 star skill awakening gem from 11 Crystals.

  • Then I got blade from my very next 5 star crystal.
  • MedinaKhanMedinaKhan Posts: 151
    4 star sig stones were a slap in the face for this crystal
  • MedinaKhanMedinaKhan Posts: 151
    BFritze said:

    This just reiterates the issue of 3-Star Awakening Gems lacking the ability to be used as a mere +1 Signature Stones in the event the Summoner has all 3-Star Champions of the given Class awakened already.

    They add new champs all the time, so you should get to use the ag eventually.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 6,152 ★★★★★

  • Thekiller8967Thekiller8967 Posts: 141
    edited May 12
    At first I was little salty on how bad these rewards are but then I realized just how many of these crystals I can get from the quest that you use the stones. Just 100% up to heroic very easily and hopefully you get something useful. So far I've gotten, t4bc frags x2, t4cc (science which I'm maxed on already), 10k gold, cosmic and tech 5* sig stone. All of that is kinda meh but I did manage to pull 1k 5* shards and 4500 t5bc frags. So for the tiny amount of work I put in I'd say it was well worth it.
  • RichardCraniumRichardCranium Posts: 94
    Trash trash and more trash. Nothing but the best from lovely rng based rewards 🤦‍♂️
  • StainsStains Posts: 14
    4-star sig stones, 4* shards, 100 units, 5* shards, 5* sig stones all once. And SIX 10k gold IN A ROW. That's when I gave up on the event. Absolute waste of time. Why on earth didn't Kabam use the same system we had with the Intel. These crystals are pathetic.
  • Ctleath_013Ctleath_013 Posts: 418 ★★
    Just a bunch of sig stones and gold for me. :'(
  • Mdawood41Mdawood41 Posts: 12
    All I’ve been getting lately is 4 star sig stones. What happened to these pulls. These are garbage rewards for having to spend this amount of resources
  • FlintTheSavageFlintTheSavage Posts: 44

    Got myself a 5* mutant stone
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 369 ★★
    edited May 23
    I opened 29 of these in one shot. Figured I had a decent chance at a little t5b, wasn't holding my breath for an AG. Instead got utter and complete garbage. Nothing I could use at my lvl and stuff I already had on overflow.

    This is the absolutely last time I get suckered by these types of events. Too hard and too much work for basically non-rewards. I'll stick to the ones that reward per run or have a currency system. These gems and RNG rewards can get stuffed.

    Edit: Yeah... I'm still salty. Every time I see this thread I get salty all over again. Hopefully, I won't see it anymore.
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