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Green Goblin 17.1M and missed out



  • Are users able to delete a post? I thought we could only edit? The last post here (not mine) disappeared.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 2,811 ★★★★
    How about both of you drop it? Like, right now? I think that's a pretty good idea.
    How about you not "Mom" for us? I think that's a pretty good idea. ;)

    What's funny is it stops once people stop talking about it or drop the BS and put forth an actual argument rather than a personal attack that all but demands refutation. But y'all keep wanting to talk about about. So yeah...
  • DhennyzDhennyz Posts: 22
    Wow 17mil?

    I'll probably get to that next year when I build up my roster. That is if I still have the time, energy and passion to play the game.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 2,811 ★★★★
    chunkyb wrote: »
    Are users able to delete a post? I thought we could only edit? The last post here (not mine) disappeared.

    In my experience If you try to edit it twice in a short period of time it gets flagged for moderation and will be held in limbo until approved. There are likely also other reasons for flagging a post for moderation like posting too many times within x minutes.
  • Seems very weird
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,044 ★★★★★
    Because you wasted all that time and units on a garbage champ, and it still wasn't good enough.
  • As Starra stated....with running suicides and boosts coupled with using an Iphone 6+S, my load times are minimal and most fights last 10-15 secs (series lasting 45-60 secs) so that 31 hr projected time is farce for players such as myself and Starra;)

    That aside I'll be the first to say I actually do enjoy grinding arena. Yes it get's tiresome at times but most things done repetitively will have those same moments.

    And again....I didn't grind for him other than the sole reasons for wanting him in my roster and he looks badass...not for his Prestige (mine's already close to 5,700), not for utility, certainly not for anything synergy based.

    Some here may not get why grinders do it, think it's crazy, pointless....or just plain stupid. Which is fine....but to come here and knocking those people for doing it just seems pointless and borderline rude....
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 20,483 ★★★★★
    He was high because of his Prestige.
  • CorpsmanCorpsman Posts: 54
    So disappointed in his power burn on l1, it is really weak. He's not really good at anything in particular.
  • What I find funny is that the people who usually win the top champs are those who already have a lot of 4* and are really not in need of them anymore and the ones who need the 4 stars for their roster don't have the roster to ensure getting it.

    Interesting you put it that way. As an arena grinder myself (but not a top featured grinder) I think I "need" the biggest, strongest roster possible. So for me, I "need" every champ that comes along. Or to be more accurate, I want whichever ones I can possibly get.

    I suspect that is an attitude shared by many grinders. And it is probably a contributing factor to their overall success. You see them as not needing those champions. I see them as using champions they wanted to get other champions they wanted in an upward beneficial feedback loop.
  • DiegoVDiegoV Posts: 38
    @Kabam Miike arenas needs changes

    no life, no work no money...
  • TrapTrap Posts: 95
    Yeah I missed out by 1 fight 11k any of my 4* r5 would od did the job & it turns out he was rubbish lucky cause I was going to awakening him and throw 80 sigs into him but I'll just wait till stark spidy becomes a basic and get him :) blessing in disguise
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