how to pass this woman ???



  • tired already, just not possible, no strength and nerves, leaked everything that was possible, thanks to the developers, make the game the most interesting with each update
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    it remains to press only the "exit" and forget the story mission (and to give a person who will pass ... so for banyat it was already more than once
  • only wasted resources wasted (
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    Okay can I just say I love the way the numbers work with the Russian language settings... like if I could just get that number display format without having to move to a foreign language, that would be amazing.

    But yeah it's pretty annoying to fight her, and I haven't even gotten up to the Uncollected version! But you just need to figure out how you can best unpause her Invisibility, taking into account the Masochism node. There are a number of content creators who have put out guides for it. I'd personally recommend Seatin's video, but again there are others...
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    Be patient with her. She is totally defensive and just suddenly throws specials at you when force field is on.
    Fight agressively when force field is removed.
    When her shield is down she will turn paused invisible. If you have any chance make her block, try to hit her block to unpause invisibility. Or bait her specials then quickly hit into her after she performs, to make a miss to unpause her invisibility and dash back rapidly.
    Don't heavy her because when she is knocked down she has high chance to be invisible in paused mode, which is the most tricky about her.
    Bleeders and DoTs champs are best choices bc when she is bleeding, her invisibility cannot be paused. Heavy hitters also make fight fast too.
  • My 5* R5 CAIW buried her. Once you get the rhythm down, she's not too bad. Bait the S1, it's easy to evade. Gotta break the Force Field, and then watch out for her Invisible. In between, smash her to bits. Loaded up 5 Kinetic Charges and blasted her with a S2 twice over the course of the match. 2nd one typically puts her out cold. I agree with the many who mentioned Seatin's Guide to Invisible Woman. Helped me understand how she worked and then I slaughtered her.
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    Must gain combat experience
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    Is she stun immune on UC?
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    Is she stun immune on UC?

    No. She has masochism which negates a single debuff and then she goes into cooldown so she's temporarily immune to stun
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    I just had a team of Heimdall 4/40, Void 3/45, Domino 4/55, SL 5/50 and Ægon 5/50. Finished with no items, 1 HP left on Void for my initial clear.
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    I’m unaware of you’re roster but this fight is one that requires a decent amount of skill. It’s a tough fight, probably the hardest of this months EQ uncollected. Don’t get disheartened about it.

    Quake (no parry tactic- gotta be a beast tho)
    Blade spam l1 works
    Corvus with 2+ charges
    Ghost (only l2)
    Hyperion (spam l1)
    Domino (heavys)
    KM (void synergy-heals a lot with bleeds and true strike)
    Omega (suicides make this fast)
    DD (og or Netflix - can hit her when invisible)
    AA (tricky because of masochism but once’s you get a neurotoxin your set)

    If you don’t have the champs above.

    Black panther OG (bleeds - gotta be careful)
    Hawkeye (bleeds of specials with power drain- be careful because you want her to use specials to allow good openings)
    DPX (I know I know just stay with me, she will be bleeding the whole fight and invisibility would then be limited)
    Venom (he bleeds a lot and gets a lot of buffs to help with damage if you don’t have a high ranked one so you can still deal bunch of damage)

    Hope this helps!! I’m sure there are more counters I’m not thinking of but these are what I been that works. Best of luck bud!
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