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    So they finally give us a ton of things we've asked about for Years! But they're going to lock it behind a Subscription Service, are you *redacted* serious... For the millionth time, "Just because you could, doesn't mean you should . . ."

    Now before people start grouping me together with the rest, I completely understand this is Kabam's Main Point of Income and are a For Profit Company. *I have no problem with that*, I even think it's fair for things like the 5 Star Featured Shard Crystal Cost Reduction to be behind a Pay Wall because it's a good value for higher tier players but isn't a massive necessity making it a nice bonus for those that already Spend on the game and want a little extra. What I do have a problem with is locking things behind a Pay Wall that should have been in the Base Game Years Ago, like an Increased Storage Capacity! There is no reason for something that Big, that would effect All Players at Any Level, to be barred unless you pay for a Monthly Subscription Service and is even worse because it's not Permanent!
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    Ultra8529 said:

    What will happen to items in my inventory that exceed the stash limit after I stop purchasing the Sigil?

    Eg, currently I can hold up to 6 T5B. If I get the Sigil it says 25% expansion, so let's say it allows me to hold up to 8 (since 1.25*6 is 7.5).

    Next month I do not renew my subscription to Sigil - I have 8 T5B in stash, but the maximum is 6. Do I continue holding on to 8 in my stash, except that I cannot get any more new ones and they go to the overflow? And overtime as I use up my T5B, my max limit falls back down to 6?

    Assuming this works the same way for potions, revives etc?

    I'm sure the overage will just fall into stash for the start of the 30 day timer for expiration if you don't renew the subscription.
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    Well you know i was thinking of starting new post to ask my question cuz pretty much most of comment gonna unanswered,but still better then removing another thread.
    I would really like to ask kabam why they did not increase those necessary things like energy or inventory.well thats the basic thing in game and now what are you doing is akin to provide someone that basic thing which should be introduced without that offer(i.e. if you would really increase energy or inventory) in exchange for a market or new solo quest,these are things you could said was new so i dont care about them but plz atleast not change necessary basic game system to p2w.its simple telling other players that we will not introduced new lvl limit but if you want featured akin to that just subscribe.
    Plz if you want to offer anything new and want to make it premium do so but not with basic things.kabam always said whenever someone told how ridiculous is the price of new offer by saying offers are not introducedin remind of every player some like some not,maybw you will like our nxt offer but what offer today was not something which should have been something pay to pretty sure majority of players always ask kabam to increase lvl so that energy,inventory etc size could also grow but kabam never did that why?
    Atleast dont bring basic system to the offer solo objective,gold quest or black market can be beneficial to new player who dont have any objection regarding pay up so it does not matter.
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    Raise the level 60 cap and I would definitely subscribe.
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    Even better, give us some of the crazy boosts that the A.I. get, spiked armor....ect.
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    Well my mother tongue is not english so there cpuld be grammatical mistake but thats the gist of only question-
    Is that what playerd get after asking kabam to request about lvl up benefits(energy and inventory limit) atleast from couple of years?
    Its same as saying "players ask us to do something about it so we introduced improve plan but premium and now you are complaining?"
    well i dont really want to pay for something which we are asking for years and is base of system.i would have been shut up like other times when new offer introduces if only those basic things would not have been present like that.(i dont have any complaint regarding anything except benefits which come from lvl up)
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    Ronin916 said:

    Ronin916 said:

    IKON said:

    MoeyTehr said:

    Wow. Even more pay to win options. Congratulations on being so greedy, Kabam.

    This isn't even close to pay to win, this is pay to get a few more benefits than free players do, same as always.
    This is the literal definition of pay to win. Some of these things do provide some form of competitive advantage, and you're paying for them.
    Pay to win? You can also win for free. Spending has been a part of the game as long as I can remember. As long as people can spend, they'll have access to what others don't. That's what they're paying for.
    If people are somehow implying that F2P Players won't be able to progress without spending, that will never happen. Ever. All spending does is save time and accelerate progress. There will always be a place for F2P Players in this game. They go to lengths to make sure of it.
    However, it's not a game where people who don't spend should have everything those that do have. I don't know where this illusion of closing in on the gap came from, but I have to be "that guy". People who don't spend will not catch up to people who spend regularly, and they definitely won't catch up to people who spend insane amounts like COW. That's just not going to happen. People who have money get more. That's true for the game, and life in general.
    What F2P Players CAN do is play for free, grow at their own pace, and still compete in the game. They're never going to be edged out in a way that makes playing obsolete. They just won't be head-to-head with people spending money. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the gap is real with or without this Offer, and what's included here doesn't make a difference for that either way.
    You're absolutely correct. Everything you said confirmed this is a pay to win game. I never said that you cannot play this game, or compete at the highest levels, as a F2P player. This game, by definition, IS a free to play, pay to win game. I don't understand how there's any arguing that
    I mean, it seems logical when I say it, I just think there's a collective fear of the game taking a turn towards pay-only. That's never going to happen from what I can see, and if so, I'll hang my gloves myself. Luckily, it won't.
    The perks in this Offer aren't anything that will make Players who subscribe out of reach in any unreasonable way. I'm just more or less pointing out that trying to compete with people who spend is a chasing game. I can't keep up with someone that has unlimited money to spend. I spend periodically, but the same can be said for people who don't spend compared to those that do. I've said it a long time. Money just saves time. Progress is always possible without spending. Just takes a bit longer.
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