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    Things that should have been implemented aren't the same as things that are wanted. I can understand the request for Inventory increases. Mind you, I'm not too keen on being so selective that Resources are sat on for years and years. However, I get where people are coming from on that. Why it's included in this Offer is unclear to me. Perhaps so that the Items aren't expiring that people are subscribing for.
    Gold and Energy aren't topics I really agree that are due for "quality of life". Gold is a Resource that's available in the game. Scores of people have it and manage it, and spend it within their means. The constant request for Gold is blind to spending habits. The issue comes up constantly, and people keep saying the system needs changed, but they don't look at the fact that they spend until they don't have any. It's a Bottleneck Resource. It's meant to limit you because higher Champs and higher Rarities take more. That's by design. You're supposed to take longer to Rank higher Champs. If everyone in the entire system had no Gold, I might see credence. Many people do. It's available.
    Energy is another topic that isn't really a necessity to increase. EQ takes a significant amount of Energy, and the Quest is available all month. I have yet to see one that couldn't be done within a month. The Energy cost is part of what's required to earn Resources, and we have all month to do it.
    So the only argument I see with that respect is Inventory. I don't necessarily agree that quality of life involves other aspects.

    For the most part I agree, I'm skint but I've ranked up a lot recently - ya boy been lucky - Energy itself isn't necessarily a QoL issue, I think it's more that Kabam are releasing more side quests to their monthlies - Rifts/Class Trips - all of which, at least above Heroic, pretty much require a refill to do one line in. I'm pretty greasy but without spending units on refills it's going to be tight to get through everything this month.
    Separation of F2P and P2P isn't an issue, it's pretty stark anyway. It's the stash that irks me the most.
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    @GroundedWisdom what about the f2p players though? I’m a cavalier and I could really use the gold

    There's Gold in the game to be earned. You don't need to spend to do that. They've been giving Gold in Offers for years. This isn't any different.
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    This doesn't seem like a bad deal. Being F2P is a choice. Don't complain about your choices. Kabam is a business.

    That said could you add more to the black iso market thing. Like a way to sell T4CC. Also maybe add more ways to exchange inventory items for gold crystals. Also you should increase the number of shards you get for the 4 star crystal shard exchange. If i can trade 2000 3 star shard for a 1000 4 star shards we should be able to trade 2000 4 star shards for 5000 5 star shards making both exchanges for half of the next crystal up. The current exchange rate makes it barley worth th conversion since i very well could dupe a max sig 4 star and get 550 5 star shards plus a ton of iso.
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    Earlier you said that it’s because they have more champs to rank, now you’re saying that there’s other gold to be earned. Seems to be contradictory to the fact that there are also f2p cavaliers who could use it

    Your argument was Cavalier Players get an extra 125k. It stands to reason that they have more to Rank. Let's be honest here. 125k isn't going to make much difference to Ranking Champs that high.
    The argument that F2P Players could use it is moot because any F2P Player could use what someone buys.
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    I think this is a solid buy for $10, if it get's more expensive than that with no upgrade to what you get then opt out. This along with the units daily card is a solid $20 a month.

    FTP players if you don't want to spend that's on you. Not on Kabam to bridge that gap for you because you have some badge of honour about not spending on a game. Fact is they have to pay for servers, workers, benefits, office spaces and other amenities.

    No them, no game.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 31,761 ★★★★★

    @GroundedWisdom I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree. Some of that stuff should be given to everyone. I don’t complain when good offers that only whales can get comes out, but this just seems a little unfair. Also 125k a week is a huge difference, considering how much 6* level up and rank up costs are

    I get that you disagree. No worries. I respect that. I just don't share the same perspective. As I said, Inventory I get. The rest is freely available for anyone in the game. Even Energy, just slower. 125k Gold doesn't make much difference when people are spending faster than they're making it.
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    I mean at least some of these benefits/ quality of life changes should be in the GAME like the gold quest and even raise the level cap and give people more capacity on their catalyst's. These would be acceptable and if you needed a subscription based model you can rent players things like an extra mastery page or something.
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    Sorry but f2p players will just have to deal. You either spend money, put time in, or both. Those that do neither grow the slowest.. those that put time in grow without a wallet... those that spend grow without as much effort but their losing their hard (or easy) earned cash... and those who do both grow the fastest. I’m not going to buy this, but it’s also not going to hold me back. Need gold? Arena is free... too many t4cc for your inventory? Stop opening crystals. This will def manor it easier for those who buy but by no means is this “crippling” f2p players. Give me a break, this is so dramatic. Hate responses coming I’m certain. FYI I’m not a spender... I’ve done over 200,000 arena fights and sitting on over 30 mil gold and get over 4000 5* shards a week just from arena. You can navigate around all of this... frustration? I understand... I do... I agree inventory increase should happen for everyone. Making a huge deal saying this will end f2p players and destroy the game? Come on.... come on.

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    Catherine said:

    being cavalier gives you acess to every level in black iso store or all of them.. so on for uncollected. do they get uncollected and everything below that?

    Only the current level.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 31,761 ★★★★★
    Catherine said:

    being cavalier gives you acess to every level in black iso store or all of them.. so on for uncollected. do they get uncollected and everything below that?

    Only the current level.
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    My ability to say no to this deal will be reduced by 45% due to the black-iso market.

  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 31,761 ★★★★★
    Catherine said:

    if a mod can answer this that woukd be great

    Will Cav players get to do the trade ups from all levels? Get two featured 5* crystals and trade 4* shards for 5* shards at both prices?

    Unfortunately not. Those will upgrade as you go up in Progression levels.
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