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  • I sometimes wish Kabam could bring back the old 3* & 4* arenas. It was far, far fewer fights to grind for all milestones in both arenas, especially when using boosts.
  • If you joined your alliance after the Banquet event started, and you saw a clock or timer in the second picture, you were supposed to wait till that clock ran out. Your individual points will not count if you bought crystals before this clock ran out.
  • And the award for Most Ridiculous Suggestion of the Year goes to *envelope please*…
  • Their accounts, they can do what they want.
  • This post has really bad timing.
  • Stick with the closer date i.e. the 6 days.
  • It is fair, otherwise we could have a repeat of a situation one year where an alliance loaded up alt accounts into the alliance, donated stuff worth thousands of points, then removed the accounts to make room for other alt accounts to donate more stuff. Rinsing and repeating said process over and over, thereby artificially…
  • By reading the in game message when it was posted? Sorry for not being helpful, but this was made crystal clear in the message sent. So this is on you. It is the first time this is being done however, so you could try sending a ticket and hope for the best.
  • Ok Karatemike gotcha!
  • Callouts like these have been documented in this existing thread. Maybe they were already listed.
  • Yeah. Check the post about November’s events, under Platinum Plated Events.
  • As soon as you started naming Corvus, Ghost and Donino as “Old Gods”, that’s where you lost me. If you’re gonna create a thread about “The Old Gods”, then you needed to do your research and speak about the actual Old Gods. The ones who got nerfed with the infamous Patch 12.0. They were: 1. Thor 2. Scarlet Witch 3. Star…
  • Bought the Romance Awakening Gem specifically for Hercules even though I didn’t have him, and thank goodness he was selectable from July 4th unit offers. Otherwise I’d have no Herc as RNG is hardly ever kind to me. So that’s a no to the question lol. OP if you don’t have Kitty Pride, save the gem as it also works on her.
  • After you got the answer from the second post of this thread (i.e. you’re not Paragon), the repeated questions became annoyances. You got your answer, you’re the one to chill out now.
  • I think I wasted energy (and probably kinked my neck a little) turning my head sideways to watch the image.
  • Look at the top of the page 🙄
  • I-Doom DIM (Doom Iron Man) InIM Best version of Iron Man in game Lots of possibilities. Can’t say which name will stick as yet.
  • This rank up may still be one of the best gambles in the game, by the looks of the buff details.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but units are supposed to increase when grinding arena, no? :#
  • I can recall one “whale” last year who racked up enough r4 material from GGCs to have at least FIVE r4 6*s in no time. When the materials to have that many r4’s weren’t in game as yet and before rank rewards came out, which gave top-ranked players a r3-r4 gem after the Event ended. You would think said whale would place…
  • Got to final milestone in 6* arena this morning, though I started late having been on vacation last week from Monday to Friday. Got a 6* KP, so I’d say the last-minute grind was worth it for me.
  • A screenshot, or at least the name of the offer you’re deriding, would place some context on this post.
    in Joke offer Comment by Addyos August 2022
  • You say you don’t have meaningful content to use those boosts, but do you grind arenas regularly? Makes the arena grind hella quicker when you pop those green boosts. You could also use the expiring energy refills to farm some Lv1 revives to exchange for Lv2 & Lv3 revives when the Trade-in store becomes active. You can…
  • How is Mr. F a beast with suicides? I have him unawakened at r2 6* with a science AG, and I can’t pull the trigger to awaken & rank him up as yet. Even though I really enjoy playing with him so much, as I run suicides and after 1-2 fights he loses so much health from them. Do you run the NF/DPX synergy when using him or…
  • If Petty was a forum member. Might have to nickname this guy Tom from now on.
  • It does. Lol. It still receives the latest iOS updates, updated to 15.5, though I don’t think it will get any more updates when iOS 16 is rolled out. It still plays the game, but gets terribly laggy in a short space of time. So I usually just use it to auto fight quests on my side accounts. In front of a fan.
  • The game size is listed as 1.6GB on the App Store, but on my IPhone SE2 it shows as taking up 2.5 GB of space. I normally have to uninstall & reinstall the app on my iPhone 6s+ due to space constraints, but I simply update the app on my other phone. So OP simply try uninstalling & reinstalling and see if that works.
  • Send a ticket to Support. Saw someone else here saying that they got the rewards retroactively after writing to Support.
  • What I think is more moronic is the sense of entitlement I see from players, who think they should be given more loyalty just because they choose to play war competitively. A game mode with punishing nodes that extracts a heavy price when you mess up and, in my opinion, is not vital for in-game progression. You want to…