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  • I'm about to beat him for the first time today, it'll definitely either be my newly r5 SW or my 4* r4 Cyclops-Blu. I'll have to use my whole team though, so I'll tell you when I do.
  • Of course they don need to follow it religiously, but it would still make sense for Ghost Rider to have incin immunity. To say that the flaming skull should be able to take damage from a burn is stupid. Pretending that asking for a little bit of log…
  • Never mind, I didn't notice a claim button. Anyone else wanna tell me if it's fixed for their game too? I'm assuming so since it seems to be gone for mine, but I thought I should check.
  • Okay, now I have it fixed, but now there's a completed Solo Quest that's not visible that still makes the red notification dot. : (
  • I totally see where people are coming from, 15k units for a 6* Wolverine would be fun and giving the people who like OG champs something they appreciate. I don't see a lot of people buying this, because 15k units is a lot, which is why I personally …
  • Also, obvious thing, but you have to be at least Officer to actually select the buffs; if you're just messing around as a Member, it won't let you choose any of the mods.
  • This is a good idea. I tried writing up something like it before, and I'd suggest it be broken down smaller into "what year was best for [insert class here]" so that it's less general, but overall, this is really fun! Will post my opinion …
  • (Quote) As a mid-tier player, I'm curious a to where you get that idea. Regardless, I don't think it's necessary for Kabam to add in a mid-tier option (as per Hammerbro's argument: "It’s made for end game players. The easy version is just for …
  • Lol, from the Proven side, the 4-star Carnage awakening was pretty enjoyable. Now he's in my top 10. On the other hand, the Legendary crystal from merc hunting gave me 5-star Loki. hrm.
  • Personally, I am Proven and not yet Conqueror, so there is some bias, but if the calendars are gonna be on this New/Proven/UC/Cav divide, then it seems like it only makes sense to have the compensation be the same as well. November calendar is n/p/u…
  • Yeah. My first pull was Beast, then Darkhawk (who I'm not very good with), and then my most recent was Loki. : / I'm 100 away from a new one though, so hopefully this time it'll be someone who's both useful and that I like.
  • I like the idea of a pity system. In another popular gacha game I played, for every 5 pulls you didn't get a 5-star, the featured 5-star drop rates would go up .25% and the non-featured 5-star odds would also go up .25%. When you pulled any 5-star, …
  • (Quote) I mean yes, but if you can get past the odd spacing, the question is a valid one.
  • I thought I'd write a summary for anyone who can't read that mess: Sentry, Daredevil, Deadpool, Magneto, and Gambit are all love throughout Marvel but they're let-downs. And when I mean Marvel, I mean all of Marvel, comics and movies, as evidenced b…
  • I suspect some of this has to do with Mystic Dispersion. Her utility as it is combined with the most powerful class-specific mastery in the game might create a bit of a headache for someone trying to create a challenge for players. Besides, they're …
  • AQ feels more like like a team effort to me. It's complex and balanced, and fun.
  • (Quote) I always knew I was Loki, but this cemented it for me.
    in Meme Thread Comment by AmytG October 23
  • (Quote) So then, do we get to know what Proven gets, or do they get completely shafted? Maybe one of the Ultimate Crystals: 3 star, 20% chance for 4 star? As a proven, I really hope we get some differentiation from the Summoner class.
  • So then, spending units is mandatory? I really hoped that I'd be able to overlevel and not have to blow a bunch of cash on becoming Uncollected...
  • (Quote) yo I hate to be like this (no I don't, sorry), but there are a good deal of free-to-play accounts as far as I'm aware, and the logic that "there are worse ways to spend it, so therefore people should have to pay for it" wouldn't pa…
  • Y'know, I don't think it's possible, but if it is, this would be a cool idea. This might lose Kabam money in that people would actually make educated decisions about what Champions are worth going for and which aren't, but if they cared about player…
  • Sick bro! I only have a Beast, but hopefully I'll have your luck with lineups in the next 5 levels! How'd you manage to get them?
    in IM GASSED Comment by AmytG October 20
  • By contemplating what is a champion, you can finally find a champion.
  • That'd be a chromebook, it doesn't quite realize how much more effective the iOS thing would be and so it instead does its silly little thing.
  • Aha. Thank you. I've seen most of those trinities being flung around and wondered if I was missing any, but I hadn't heard of the Infinity Trinity yet, so I'll add that to my list. Well, it looks like I'll have to keep collecting before I can contin…
  • Did I post this in the wrong section, or has it simply not picked up enough traction to get a response?
  • (Quote) Maybe it's my greenness showing through, but I would argue yes. The original champions are the titans of the comic book meta-verse, in that people who don't even know comics can say "oh yeah, that's Iron Man, that's Captain America, th…