**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.


  • Yeah I submitted a ticket about the issue. Seems to be an intended thing so I will have to wait until next month to earn a reward.
  • I am assuming he was a part of the story line seen in dialogue, similar to Dark Phoenix, Wolverine Weapon X, X-Force Wolverine, and Jessica Jones. I think that a few of those characters should be playable, but the fact that they have them designed gives me hope that we will get them soon.
  • That is one killer try man. I think you killed it!
  • Experienced the same thing after the Ant-Man fight on the same chapter on the Buffet node. Wasting the time I have on the active boosts that I am using to get through my last path.
  • Nice man! Those are some awesome champs to have at rank 5. i am still working on the resources to get my first rank 5 5*. And nice job on that Immortal Iron Fist!! I still don't have him either.
  • Haven't messed around too much with Synergies but I try to get at least 2 Regen buffs, 2 Power Gain, 2 Fury, and 2 Precision. An extra Regen or Power Gain never hurts.
  • I can't remember how many crystal it took me to get my first duplicate 5* but there was a time that I pulled and duplicated a 5* Bishop within a week.
  • I need a 5* AEgon since I have been holding on to a 5* Skill AG. He would help me out in a lot of stuff I haven't got to yet.
  • Dang I didn't realize it was reduced to 2. I had Act 4 explored in 2016 and the chapter that made me the most angry was the Jane Foster chapter that required ~1400 energy to explore the entire thing. New players have got is a lot easier in this game than the long-time players with the introduction of Summoners Journey…
  • @Lazzy I don't think it that easy my friend
  • Try out as much as you can in Act 5, when you come to place where you can't seem to progress go back to Act 4 and work on 100%. As for ranking up, like above, Medusa, Blade, Ghost, Stark Enhanced Spiey, Emma Frost, Void, and Venom will probably get you the farthest in that content. Good luck in your adventures. Feel free…
  • I have him as a 6* and haven't looked into his signature ability but it is definitely something that I would like to have on mine. Congrats!!
  • Getting really jealous about all of these Dominos, AEgons, Crovus's and Captain America IW. Saving a 5* Skill/Science AG for AEgon and CAIW . I do feel pretty lucky with the 6* VTD I got though.
  • That would be a cool idea. Also, just for the future when suggesting a new champion, it would go farther with KABAM if you thought of some abilities and stuff for the champion so they have something to think about. I hope they take this and maybe make her when the new Deadpool/X-Force movie comes out.
  • Not the best considering I have a 6* Storm and this was a second dupe but some free 6* shards.
  • You are probably well off enough to get the initial clear with that team. Watch Seatin's initial clear, easy path video, helped me out a lot. Good luck in your Act 5 journey.
  • I have a 5* Skill AG I have been saving for AEgon. Can't wait to get that so I can start tackling LOL. Good work.
  • I have a 5* Skill AG I have been saving for AEgon. Can't wait to get that so I can start tackling LOL. Good work.
  • I can see where everybody is coming from and I agree with some comments and disagree with others. First of all, we have all been playing this game for ages and are accustomed to this system of having to get lucky, that is no news to us here. I do remember just a couple months ago when they had the Intel and you were able…
  • I did the same thing. Took like a year long break and jumped back in a few months ago. I would suggest to ease your way back into it and don't stress about getting stuff done. When I got back I focused a lot on finishing up Act 5 and did the Event Quests when I could.
  • Hard to say. Mutant does have champions like Domino, Omega Red and Archangel but other classes, like Tech, have Ghost and Stark Spidey and Cosmic has Corvus and Cull Obsidian.
  • I would say that you have 5 good ones and 3 not so good ones.
  • 5* Void Rank: 4 Level: 55 Signature Level: 80 Attack: [+148] 1,621 Health: [-1500] 27,206 Hero Rating: 9,215 Account is 4 years old with about 3.5 years of active play. Total Number of Champions: 338 and counting Total Base Hero Rating: 472,436 and counting
  • Void and Venom the Duck. I have a duped 5 *Void at 4/55 and he is an absolute beast, does a lot of damage over time and shuts down opponents ability. Venom the Duck takes a few fights to ramp up given you store the right buffs, once you do he tears through defenders.
  • It is unbelievable to me that people are complaining about some rewards being RANDOM as it is for everybody else. Some people get lucky and others don't, it's that simple.
  • Also, I was told Chapter 4 is a lot easier than Chapter 3 and I didn't believe them until I 100% chapter 3 and started 4. If you find yourself struggling with 3 don't be afraid to try 4. The bosses are a little tougher but the nodes and paths aren't as bad.
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  • He was my very first 5* way back in 2016. I got the crystal doing some quests while walking around in Disneyland and opened him up. I was super stoked!
  • Try contacting support and see what the reason was. They might get back to you and be able to unban your account if you really didn't do anything wrong.
  • There should be no fix for this because when they announced these Solo Objectives, they specifically said that you must claim the reward before moving on to the next step in that objective. They are working perfectly as intended and it doesn't take that much time to go claim it. If you are too lazy to go claim your reward…
  • Good work! I only have 2 quests left in that chapter. Question: who was your best option for the stun immune node in 5.4.5?