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  • DMC was one of the first games I played after Roadrash ofcourse with proper animations, story... Really enjoyed it. Not sure if it is very popular in other countries though.
  • Unfazed mastery in addition to what others said. Not many people use this as there are better attack oriented masteries. Anyone facing a boss node with this mastery for first time will definitely have a hard time fighting it without proper counter.
  • You don't need it to be honest since it is a 4 star. I had 100% explored V3 mainly with ghost. Below are the fights where I found ghost problematic 1.1 killmonger (used omega) 1.2 annahilus,electro, nick fury (used omega all of these fights) 3.3 ebony maw (used wasp), sinister used ghost any way long fight tried playing…
  • Both are great. Your choice. But you should make your decision considering below points Sig level of Aegon. He needs high sig. But NF don't need any sig. If you run suicide or not. Aegon is slightly more suicide friendly than NF. I have used both of them in act 6. 5/65 Aegon takes down act 6 bosses in less than 50 hits in…
  • You are partially correct. Omega does make contact with his tentacle attack (medium,heavy, specials) But he takes 100% less damage from physical contact. So if someone does only parry heavy with only medium omega don't takes any damage. That is why he is good against electro, korg.... But since these are contact attacks he…
  • All You Get Is This Lousy Title
  • Got ghost. Super happy. Already have wasp maxed out for her.
  • Meant to vote yes. Sorry about that. Move points from greater strength and possibly even pierce to recovery and if possible 1 in will power. Lots of opportunities to free regen like science doombot in AQ , silver surfer heavy
  • Dr Vooddo and black widow CV satisfies your both criteria having great regen and nullify as well.
  • Probably you are missing a ranked up cap iw from your team. A max 4 star cap iw throws 40-50k sp2, 5 R4 60-65k sp2 and max 5 star 90k sp2 with common mastery set up. If that does not qualify for good damage not sure what does.
    in CAIW Comment by DevilMayCry April 2020
  • I could not use ghost for a long time without wasp. But while doing variant 1 chapter 2 I get accustomed to it. It is difficult but once you mastered it you can land those sp2 without wasp. Also it is only act 6 where you will miss wasp and hood. In AW AQ you can still use your 4 star.
  • Try doing one hit combo with ghost. Since ghost critical cannot be evaded it is the best way to use against evade champs.
  • I think it depends on if you run suicides , use her in AQ and your other options. She does better damage than other immunity champs like Iceman, sentinel or dormammu in her telepath form. But obviously there are better suicide friendly champs than like Omega, ghost and corvus. If I get a mutant R4 to R5 gem from variant I…
  • Emma frost is stun immune in her diamond form. Don't think their are any other who is stun immune Other than that you might not be able to stun them at certain times because of non contact attacks, AAR or some other reason like everyone already said for domino, IMIW, crossbones, black widow
  • Its not exactly guarranteed but his sig ability increases it to a so high that this does not effect him. His sp2 hits pretty hard. Tested my sig 79 rocket. Took 44 hits to take down the taskmaster. No boost full suicide.
  • Rocket Raccoon and gamora have guarantied crits. So they should work. I used wasp and rocket myself. Power burn power sting still works I think but any guarantied crit champs are better.
  • Yes but in Dr Dooms champion spotlight he says he is supposed to be unstoppable. Say for juggernaut if he is unstoppable I throw my unblockable sp2 I hit him thrice and then instantly dash back to phase recoil. For last hit of sp1 and sp2 he is unstoppable and takes less than 5% damage.But Unstoppable and resist are not…
  • I personally used ghost and iceman for the moon knight boss. But probably any evade counter like emma frost or someone else would work. For most path clearing there was nothing annoying. Did most path with ghost, omega , wasp, hood and iceman .
  • @felini8686 I am at 1.6 M score with around 56 matches. I assumed it would be done by 6M for me. Still got to fight Deadpool around 100 matches. 295 M seems a lot though ? Or am I missing anything ? If I have to grind 295 M I will take a pass on deadpool profile pic.
  • It shows current health and stats. But from that it can't be surely concluded if someone died as he/she might have revived. Also somone might use potions without giving kills as OP said. Also if you like you can spectate other BGs as well. When doing the same you can view similar info.
  • No it is not exactly like that. Let's suppose you start with bleed and poison at start of fight due to suicide mastery. Now she starts as blood immune so no bleed damage. But once you do MLLLL combo she shrugs off poison as well.
  • Congrats on finishing. For future reference you can also use emma frost, black widow claire, ghost, aegon at high combo.
  • Solo events and arena are best places two stack up on revive or unit in my opinion. Stack up some potions as well if you need them while going to collector. Level Up- Level up 4 star level up cost to milestone acheived is best IMO Arena Use - Do areanas that day Hero Use- Again arena or RTTL Completion Solo event - This is…
  • I generally run 3 points in MD when I am not running suicides. But when I run suicides I can't afford any point on MD. Not even sure if it is also possible to run both at same time. But definitely worth it if you aren't running suicides in my opinion. Vooddo goes to back to back sp1 back to back against opponents like…
  • Cap IW is the perfect blend of damage and utility in my opinion. Reason being when you build the team around him, not even synergies just classes his utility goes so diverse as other mentioned. And when used as a standalone champion he does great damage. I say go for Cap IW because he is good counter to 6.2 champion as…
  • LoL. Yes it is pretty tricky to activate as well.
  • The first two medium of ghost with suicide and full synergy is 10k + 10k = 20k. You can even do up to three medium before bleed/poison fury expires. Nonetheless fight ends in 2-5 hits.
  • Sentinel is worth the rank up as Variant 3 will give more rank up resource. But take cap iw to rank 4 once you have the resource as well. He is a good damage dealer when unduped but when duped and very high sig he is one of the most diverse champ with armour break, petrify shrugging debuff and other abilities with the…