Please be aware, there is a known issue with Saga badging when observing the AW map.
The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Super daily event? Yep, sounds like I've missed some info here then lol
  • Oh I won't be buying anything, that wasn't a "I don't want to be treat the same as cav" type of comment just a genuine amazement that paragon basically means as much as a cav player these days, all that work for nothing lol. I'm more or less retired now anyway but I genuinely didn't think I'd see the day cav and paragon…
  • Cav and paragon are the same now .... wow. That's just crazy
  • Even if it said "hitler" how would that be racist 🤔 he was 1 guy, probably a lot of people playing this game who genuinely have the name.hitler 🤷‍♂️😂
  • If I'm not mistaken he enters the opponents mind at the start of the game for what is essentially a mind fight opposed to a physical in real life fight. I seem to recall this happening in his original xmen runs etc. Again, I could be mistaken, I have slept a lot since the 90s 😂😂
  • If this is the case then don't that kinda defeat the point of changing it to 2 medals 🤷‍♂️. Mind over matter thing 🤔
  • They're the ones either directly or indirectly representing a company (Miike or Wait staff) so it's only natural that the customers complain to the ones that's dealing with them, it's just how things are. I don't believe anybody has ever meant it in a personal way towards said wait staff or even Miike for that matter, it's…
  • My only gripe with BGs atm is that the store is outdated for everyone bar Valiant. Yeah sure, the solo rewards change is nice but ultimately the store is what engages most of us and atm, for me and a lot of pals I play with, the store is putting us off pushing the mode much. Needs updating badly in my eyes
  • Ahhhh, my apologies. I didn't even mean to reply to your message with my reply .... oops 😂😂
  • That's fair I suppose but to be stuck in a quest for days isn't something I like. I did abyss way back when but I think it's more a case of I'm slowly coming to the point of just retiring. Just got no drive for that sort of content plus being in negative units puts me off pushing anything in the game as I have to ensure I…
  • I'm okay with where I am, not complaining about my progression at all. What I will say tho is that since the introduction of the new title the rewards for Paragon have dropped slightly compared to when paragon was the top title, they did the same thing with paragon to TBs too so at least they're consistent in that respect…
  • 4 hours is a very long time to be playing a game for myself mate. It's definitely not a skill issue. It's a time constraint issue thanks for repeating the same thing as everyone else tho, that hymn sheet is making the rounds huh
  • Oh, see now you're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I have patience for the game. Just no patience for endgame content such as necro or abyss. I have act 7 and 8 100% and I am also not saying Valiant needs to more easily accessed. I couldn't get 900k poolies in that event so that's your point of that out the window. I also…
  • I'm not the one saying it should be more accessible tho? I'm simply saying it's not as easy as people are making out. Trying reading next time. I have act 8 100% too so thanks I just don't have time for necro or that type of content in general
  • Assuming one has the time or patience for the end game content ... you forgot to add that in there at the end buddy 👍
  • I don't have any of them champs ranked up beyond r1 aside from Doom so that right there is why I can't do it
  • Easy how bro? You still got to spend a stupid amount of time in 1 single quest to do so, that's hardly easy is it. I got zero interest in these "endgame content/revive fest/time sinking" content. I literally have a life. Also, not complaining about anything Valiant related as they should get the best stuff but it's not as…
  • 8.4 does not ... I'll repeat ... does not award one the resources to complete Valiant, can people stop spreading this poor information. You're forgetting 1 *major* piece of info in that they must also do at least 1 run through necro ... not exactly a walk in the park is it now. So yes there is in fact an excuse to NOT have…
  • Won't get no response off them until Monday, if at all, they don't work weekends
  • They only.updated for Valiant as its the new title and to try get us to think "oh if we want the updated rewards we need to get Valiant" and then push for Valiant. They're just pushing Valiant into our faces
  • Oh I'm not going to be playing the game, nor am I trying to tease anybody about it, I'm trying to say that it's still working on my end should that be of any help to Kabam. Not you
    in Game down? Comment by Mackey May 9
  • Still working for me 😂😂 If it's any help to Kabam, I'm on android, Samsung 24 Ultra fully up to date game and phone 🤷‍♂️
    in Game down? Comment by Mackey May 9
  • Weird that some can still get on fine, I haven't tried to play anything I've just seen this post and then went to log on and it worked, for me anyway
    in Game down? Comment by Mackey May 9
  • I have just managed to log on fine
    in Game down? Comment by Mackey May 9
  • She also gets my vote. Very versatile and still reliable
  • I have this every season, what I use per season tends to be offset by what I gain in rewards. In all honesty I don't see it as an issue tho as I can't use them quick enough for it to even matter anyway 🤷‍♂️
  • What I can't help but wonder now is, how long after 6* released did we start getting r3s 🤔 never really thought about it before this post but less than a year after release we got 7* r3, is that fast? ... I wasn't here back when 6* was released
  • I've seen numerous people speculate that it could be that but never seen anything concrete to say that is the case, now I have so I'm happy lol. I'm not sure about how it works, they didn't really say. Though, they did say that those in red units still have access to the free crystal (legends one I believe) but nothing…
  • Finally got a response off support and they've confirmed it is because of red units, so at least that's cleared up 😅 840k poolies max for me then haha