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  • On a side note though... I would like to see another bracket added besides going straight to veteran. An account under a year can't hold any weight against guys that have 2 or 3 years in the game. Even if that bracket was only for the basic champ and a basic 5 star champ.
  • The way I look at it, I'm not 5 star, and barely 4 star featured material yet. You need to have a larger roster, have 5 stars, and have some guys ranked up to hold your streak. Keep grinding basic arena, 3 star arena, and even the other 2 star arena. Once you start maxing 2 and 3 stars, every dupe will give you more shards…
  • You don't need him duped for that. 5 kinetic charges, charge heavy for fury, and then L2 will get that easy on a crit even with a 4 star.
  • I have a new account as of April. So far I have beaten the Collector, 100% Act 1-3, 87% Act 4, 1 path left in RTTL, beat this months uncollected, and have got every basic champ since I started (every featured too until I got in veteran bracket). You need to build a roster, get in a good alliance, and just get good in the…
  • This happened to me in the 4 star basic arena. I had my PI over 4500 but still got a death match. I think they changed the dynamics and didn't tell us.
  • You can't. They happen at random. You have to complete one to move on to the next. Practice intercepting. You'll be alright.
  • Yeah kind of what I was thinking. It’s a pretty new account so I wasn’t thinking I’d make 100% this go around. I got One path finished at least with an all L team. Basically degenerate everyone with cable lol. Thanks for the advice.
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  • Oh so you don’t degenerate off of your own health? I guess that’s where I was confused. I can manage it fine. I just thought it was busted since I was degening 500 hp a tic and they degenerate only like 160.
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  • hahaha yes. Naked Wolvie is Weapon-X. He had a lot of unblockable and did a berserker damage or something if I remember right. It was pretty cool. I want to say it was the first Master EQ they released.
  • Blade triggering bleed on ranged attacks cracks me up. I hope it’s true about AA too. That’d be just another plus.
  • Yeah I remember that. There’s been a few NPCs I wish we could get now that you mention that. Weapon X being the big one.
  • Man where’s Dorky Diggity Dave at on this? All these guys make great videos and are fun to watch, but I feel Seatin and Tripple D are at the top.
  • That kind of sucks. For me at least lol
  • Not that I know of. The only thing related to Netflix is the Netflix Daredevil character I think.
  • What is up with arenas? I get it. I grind for them like most of us. I have a new account now so I have the luxury of only putting up 1.7 mil for Domino, but on my old account I was grinding my ass off for a basic champ and still barely getting it. With mods, bots, and every other cheat out there, not to mention whales that…
  • There is a really weird thing with this game. You really have to grind it out and put everything you have into it, or you fall behind. Games like Call of Duty or any other game really, you don't have to have the "best" team, you just need to be good. This game isn't that, but it should be. There is too clear of a line on…
  • Don't waste your units.
  • Such a toss up. They all suck in their own right. A few are at least poison immune so that can maybe count for something? HB has to be one of the worst. IP at least gets regen if duped, Ant Man can glance and poison so that's cool I guess.
  • I would as long as you can get his sig up there. If not, I would hold off. Might pull a Domino or some **** and hate yourself for it later lol.
  • It's because of Mordo. Not because Blade isn't working. Passive: •Mordo's astral from grants him immunity to passive Ability Accuracy reduction effects. •Every 8 seconds, Mordo gets one bar of Power over 5 seconds. While the Power Gain is active, opponents can interrupt it by landing a hit on Mordo. So even if Blade is…
  • I spin all crystals except 3 stars. I like the let down.
  • While it would be nice, it really only matters to a very small percentage of who they aim in this game. A new player comes and goes, but once you hit level 60, you don't have XP anymore and that feature would become useless. If they ever ranked people past 60 I can see them adding this feature, but until then I think your…
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  • I don't even level up 3 stars anymore. There will be a point in time where I will, but after you get a good amount of 4 stars there is no point unless you super grind basic arenas. 2 stars are pointless though.
  • I would be okay with a max 4 star converting to a r1 5 star awakened to level 1. There would be problems with what to do if you already have it as a 5 star though. From a technical side for Kabam at least.
  • I have him at 4/40 sig 20 right now. He is awesome, but not worth a generic stone. Class for sure, but depending on your roster, I'd hold that generic stone for someone like Voodoo or Starlord who need to be awakened to be worth having. His sig ability doesn't do too much, but helps a little to get more charges or shrug…
  • Dude I’m dying over this. Hahaha. I’m pretty sure around v11 there was that giant comma overhaul where they added commas to everything and now I know why they did it. Hahahahaha
  • It’s crunch time for a lot of people with dungeons and the event quest coming to an end.
  • True point. That would be miserable swiping down a bunch to try and hold a heavy lol
  • Could it be that the other people are in a lower bracket than you? They have like 45 days after their account starts and they are in the beginner bracket. 30 days after that they are in the intermediate bracket. and then they are in the veteran bracket. I am in the beginner bracket or intermediate bracket now (just ending…
  • Under Visions sig ability is the binary code 0100111101010000 which translates to OP.